8/26/17 - Terry again set fast time at Clarksville Speedway with a lap of 12.84 seconds; a half a second faster than the second place qualifier. Terry then won his heat by a full straight away over Clayton Miller. Terry took the win in the feature, leading all twenty laps.

8/12/17 - Terry set fast time at Clarksville with a lap 2 tenths faster than Tanner English and Caleb Ashby. Terry was on the pole in the first heat. Unfortunately, in turn one on the first lap, the #33 pushed high up the track, permitting Richard Frost and John Minon to go by. Terry got back by Minon on the last lap and finished second. In the $1,500 to win MARS East 30 lap feature, Frost took the lead with followed by Tanner, Ashby, and Terry. They ran in this order much of the race on a muddy track with limited passing until finally Frost made a bobble and Tanner and Ashby got by. At the finish it was Tanner, Ashby, Frost, and Terry.

7/29/17 - As a test session to see if the previous ignition problems had been corrected, the team went to Clarksville for a regular program. There Terry turned in fast time and won his heat. In the feature Terry took the win with a 3/4 track lead.

7/21/17 - Due to improper track preperation, hot laps did not begin until after 11 p.m. As a result heat races were omited and the MARS event went with only qualifying and a feature. Terry qualified 4th. In the feature, Terry was running second late in race, when a caution came out. Terry lost ground on the restart and finished fourth. Though finishing fourth, the car had a loss of power. Therefore the decison was made to skip the MARS race at Camden the next night.

7/15/17 – Another MARS event, another second place for Terry behind Tanner English. This makes the seventh time this year Terry has finished second behind Tanner in a MARS East event. Terry also had a second to Rodney Sanders in a MARS East/West event. On the year, Terry has 8 seconds in 11 races, but no wins.

7/8/17 - Terry finished second in the MARS East race at Clarksville Speedway. Terry qualified second fast behind Tanner English. Terry won his heat over Caleb Ashby. In the feature Terry started outside of Tanner on the front row and finished behind winner Tanner and ahead of Ashby.

7/1/17 - Terry qualified 13th out of 26 late models at the $5,000 to win MARS event at Brownstown Speedway. Starting 5th in the first heat, Terry passed a couple of cars to finish third. Terry started 7th in the feature and moved up to 5th before getting passed on the last lap by Jason Jameson to finish 6th. Top four were Delvin Gilpin, Michael Chilton, Tanner English, and Cody Manhoney.

6/26/17 - The team was hoping for a win or a top five finish in the Summer Nationals event at Clarksville Speedway on Monday night, but left disappointed. The draw put Terry in a tough group for qualifying and his heat. Terry qualified fourth behind Billy Moyer, Tanner English, and Billy Moyer, Jr. Tanner won the heat with Terry finishing fourth behind the Moyers. Terry started 11th in the 40 lap feature. On a lap 33 restart Terry was in 8th and appeared to have a good shot at moving up to 7th. However, an over anxious David Seibers, who was in 9th, started before anyone else and ran over Terry's left rear tire and cut it down. That ended Terry's night.

6/17/17 - Once again Terry finished second to Tanner English on the MARS tour. There were 29 late models at Duck River Speedway for the $3,000 to win MARS East race. Terry qualifed third behind Tanner and Jay Scott. Terry finished second to Riley Hickman in the third heat. This positioned Terry to start sixth in the feature. Terry worked his way up and was running third at the checkers behing David Seibers and Tanner. Seibers was 18 pounds light at the scales and was disqualified. So once again Tanner and Terry finished first and second.

5/28/17 - Same old story - Tanner wins, Terry finishes second at Windy Hollow Speedway in the MARS Dirt Car event. In the six races Terry has entered this year, he has finished second five times, four of them to Tanner English. At Windy Hollow Terry qualified third behind Caleb Ashby and Tanner, with Jared Bailey fourth. Terry started outside of Ashby in heat one and took the win. In heat two Bailey took the lead at the start and won over Tanner. Terry started on the pole in the feature but got a bad start and wound up third on lap one. Terry soon got back by Bailey, but could not run down Tanner.

5/26/17 - At the $3,000 to win MARS East event at Ponderosa Speedway Terry qualified ninth. Thus he started heat one in the fifth spot. Terry made it up to third, where he finished behind Tanner English and Jason Jamison. Terry again started fifth in the 35 lap feature. He was running fourth at the halfway point. With 11 laps to go Terry started third on the restart. The #33 came alive on the high side and took the lead over Tanner and Chris Combs. For the remainder of the race Terry and Tanner ran side by side with Terry leading laps 25 through 31, but Tanner inched head for the final four laps.

5/6/17 - Terry set fast time and won his heat in another MARS East race at Clarksville Speedway. Terry started outside of John Minon in the feature. Terry took the lead on the original start. Official called for a restart. On the second try Minon appeared to jump the start, but the green stayed out. Terry came out third on this start. He and Tanner English got by Minon, with Tanner taking the win with Terry finishing second.

4/15/17 - Terry set fast time at the MARS East race at Winchester Speedway. He then proceeded to win his heat race. Next came the draw among heat winners to determine his starting position in the feature. Terry didn't win that. Tanner English drew the pole and Terry drew outside front row. Tanner took the lead when the green flag waved and Terry fell into second. The 35 lap feature ran caution free with Tanner and Terry finishing first and second. There were 20 late models competing.

3/4/17 - The results on night two of the MARS Series season opener was not as productive for Terry as night one. Terry was last to go out for qualifying and turned in the 6th fast time of group two. The track was much slower than night one. Fast time in the group went to Rodney Sanders at 13.478. Terry's lap was a 13.734. Terry started third in his heat. After getting sandwiched on the start, Terry lost ground and finished sixth. Terry was unable to advance in his consi and had to rely on a provisional for the 35 lap feature. Terry started 21st in the feature and finished 15th. The track was pretty much one groove on the bottom and any passing was hard to come by. Night two again attracted 40 late models.

3/3/17 - With 40 late models on hand for the opening night of the MARS Series season, Terry set second fast overall time in qualifying with a lap of 12.795. Fast time went to Kent Robinson with a lap of 12.532. Third was Rodney Sanders at 12.812. Terry started on the pole of heat two and went unchallanged in winning over Tanner English and Josh Putnam. Terry started third in the 30 lap feature and ran in that spot until a lap 15 restart when he was able to get by Tony Jackson, Jr. and take over second. Terry finished in second as he was never able to challange eventual winner Rodney Sanders.

3/3/17 - Terry English and the Burr Motorsports team will kickoff the 2017 season tonight at the MARS double header at Clarksville Speedway. Friday night is $3,000 to win and Saturday night is $5,000 to win.

11/5/16 - Terry finished third behind Tanner English and Clayton Miller in the $1,500 to win feature at Clarksville Speedway.

10/29/16 - Terry was the victim of someone else's over-agressive driving on the first lap and was eliminated from the $3,000 to win race at Clarksville Speedway.

10/15/16 - Terry got caught up in a wreck in the last chance race and failed to make the show for the $13,000 to win Deep Fried 75 at Duck River Raceway. Billy Moyer won and Tanner English finished second.

10/9/16 - Terry and Tanner went to Owensboro, KY for the $2,500 to win late model special at Windy Hollow Speedway. Tanner took the win and Terry finished fourth. Top five were Tanner, Devin Gilpin, Levi Ashby, Terry, and Caleb Ashby.

9/4/16 - The Blue Collar tour completed its three day run at Duck River Raceway Sunday night. Terry qualified 7th among the 20 late models competing. There were no heat races, so Terry started 7th in the 35 lap $2,500 to win feature. Early in the race Terry had to pass Scott Cook several times as Cook would get ahead on the double file restarts. Finally Terry got past Cook and made his way up to fifth, where he finished. The top six were Todd Morrow, Tanner English (who might have gotten the win with a few more laps), David Seibert, Caleb Ashby, Terry, and Josh Putnam. Terry finished second to Ashby in final points on the Blue Collar tour.

9/3/16 - At Clarksville on night two of the Blue Collar tour Terry was fastest in hot laps, set overall fast time among 15 late models with a lap of 12.440 seconds, and won his heat race easily over Charles Zimmerman. In the feature Terry started on the pole with Caleb Ashby on the outside. With a berm on the top, a rarity at Clarksville, Ashby shot into the lead at the start. Terry fell in behind and the two moved away from the remainder of the field except when the numerous caution flags flew. Terry mounted a couple of challenges, dropping below Ashby midway throught the race, but was unable to get by. With seven laps to go in the 35 lap feature, Terry again dropped to the inside of Asbhy in turn four. This time Terry was able to stay along side Ashby all the way around the track and completed the pass off turn four. Terry then held on for the remaining laps and took the $2,500 win.

9/2/16 - Donald McIntosh set fast time in night one of the 3-day Blue Collar Nationals at Crossville Speedway with a time of 13.237. Second fast was Cory Hedgecock at 13.471. After that there were a bunch of guys with 13.5's and 13.6's. Terry was in that group with the eighth overall fast time (13.686) of the 20 late models on hand. With no heat races, Terry started eighth and gradually made his way forward in the 35 lap feature to a fifth place finish. Terry was battling for foutht with McIntosh over the last few laps. On the white flag lap Terry was inches ahead at the flag stand, but on the final lap McIntosh inched ahead at the finish line.

8/6/16 - Terry qualified third at Clarksville behind Tanner English and Caleb Ashby. Terry started outside Tanner in the first heat. They raced side-by-side for several laps before Tanner slipped into the lead and took the win with Terry second. Terry started and finished third in the $1,200 to win feature. Tanner took the win over Ashby.

7/23/16 - Ponderosa Speedway in Junction City, KY hosted the $3,000 to win Ultimate/Battle of the Bluegrass Series race with 22 late models participating. Terry qualified third in his group and finished third behind winner Cody Mahoney and Tanner English. Terry started eighth in the 35 lap feature. He made it up to fifth at one point but with a number of cautions and double file restarts, he finished sixth.

7/9/16 - Terry took the win at Clarksville Speedway over Caleb Ashby. Ashby was slightly quicker in qualifying, but Terry took the lead on lap one and extended it to a half lap victory at the finish. Chris Shelton finished third in the three car field.

7/3/16 - Terry finished second to Caleb Ashby at the $3,000 to win special at Duck River Raceway. Terry lamented his tire choice after the race. He felt like a softer tire would have given him a chance at the win. Terry started the night by qualifying second in his group to David Seibers. This placed him fourth in the starting lineup for the quick six dash. Terry finished third in the dash behind Josh Putnam and Seibers and started third in the feature. The top five at the finish of the 40 lap feature were Ashby, Terry, Putnam, Jay Brinkley, and Dylan Ames. The late model feature was over before 11 p.m.

6/28/16 - The Burr Motorsports team had a good run at the Summer Nationals race at Clarksville Speedway on Tuesday night. Terry qualified fourth overall with a lap of 12.711 behind fast qualifier Tanner English (12.514), Bob Gardner (12.591), and Bobby Pierce (12.688). In the heat Terry moved ahead of Gardner on lap one and held him off the rest of the way for the win. In the redraw of heat winners Terry drew a third place starting spot inside of Tanner and behind pole sitter Ryan Unzicker and Summer Nationals points leader Pierce. When a caution came out Terry and Tanner were running side-by-side, but the nose of Tanner's #96 was inches ahead, relegating Terry to fourth. Tanner and Terry would both get past Pierce to run second and third where they eventually finished.

6/25/16 - Terry qualified third in his group and fourth overall at the Ironman Classic at Richmond Raceway. He started and finished second in his heat to Jackie Boggs. Terry started the feature in fifth. The double file restarts were unkind as Terry on several occasions did not get the preferred groove and lost postions. Midway throught the 60 lap feature a number of flat tires moved Terry up to fourth. However, on the restart Terry too had a flat tire and parked it. He was credited with a 17th place finish. The top five were Zach Dohm, Greg Johnson, Donald McIntosh, Jackie Boggs, and Jason Jameson. There were 35 late models on hand for the $10,050 win Ironman Classic.

6/19/16 - Terry finished second in the feature at Clarksville Speedway Sunday night. Terry qualified third with a lap of 12.623. The top two qualifiers were Caleb Ashby (12.356) and Jacob Minon (12.548). Terry started second in the first heat beside Ashby who took the win with Terry finishing second. Terry started third in the feature. He made his way by Minon, but couldn't get by Ashby.

5/28/16 - The #33 team visited North Mississippi Speedway for the $3,000 to win special show. There Terry qualified third in his group. This put him starting sixth in the dash. Terry moved up to fourth in the dash which gave him the outside of row two for the start of the feature event. Terry took third in the feature, finishing behind Bo Shirley and Tanner English. There were 25 late models on hand.

5/7/16 - The Burr Motorsports team broke out the new car for the $1,500 to win special at Clarksville Speedeway. Terry qualified third. He started and finished second to Caleb Ashby, who was also bringing out a new car, in his heat race. Terry started third in the feature and again finished second to Ashby. Following Terry was Tanner English, Clayton Miller, and Richard Frost.

4/4/16 - New Rocket coming soon.

9/6/15 - Duck River Raceway was the destination for the Burr Motorsports team on Labor Day weekend for the $3,500 to win Sam Pugh Memorial.  There Terry broke an axle at the start of hot laps.  After replacing the broken axle, Terry qualified 12th among the 24 entrants for the event.  With no heat races on the schedule, Terry started 12th in the feature.  The car was good but not great as Terry gradually made his way up to 6th.  At that point the right rear hub and drive flange broke, dropping Terry from the feature.  He officially finished 12th in the final rundown.  The 40 lap feature was won by Riley Hickman with Tanner English finishing 2nd. 

8/29/15 - In the third consecutive night of racing, Terry finished 9th in the $5,000 to win SAS race.

8/28/15 - Terry competed in the first of two nights of Southern Allstar Series racing at Kentucky Lake Motor Speedway.  Terry started 21st and finished 12th in the $4,000 to win event.

8/27/15 - After a few weeks off the team returned to action on Thursday night at Paducah International Speedway for the $5,000 to win MARS sanctioned World 50.  Terry started 14th in the feature and finished 2nd.

7/25/15 - Terry had motor problems and dropped out of the $2,000 to win race at Camden Speedway.

7/18/15 - A trip to Duck River Speedway for a $1,500 to win event yielded a third place finish.

7/11/15 - Terry took third in the feature at Kentucky Lake Motor Speedway.

7/5/15 - While in Indiana, the team entered the Summer Nationals event at Tri-State Speedway in Haubstadt.  The track was sucking cars into the outside wall during qualifying and Terry was no exception.  His qualifying time was not a good one as he was 7th in his group of eight.  He finished sixth with only the top four advancing to the feature.  In the B main Terry started 7th and finished 4th, one spot away from a transfer to the feature.

7/4/15 - Burr Motorsports celebrated the 4th of July at the Freedom 40 at Brownstown Speedway in Brownstown, Illinois.  There Terry finished fourth in his heat.  He started 11th in the feature and was on the move as he made his way up to fourth and looked like he had a good shot at a top three finish before the right front tire gave out.  After that, he lost the fourth spot to Cody Mahoney and finished fifth.  The top three were Dustin Linville, Scott James, and Brandon Kinzer.  There were 24 late models on hand for the $5,000 to win event.

6/25/15 - There were 40 late models on hand for the $5,000 to win Summer Nationals at Clarksville Speedway.  Terry landed in a tough qualifying group.  His qualifying time would have been on the pole in two of the four groups and third in another.  However, in his own group his time was only good for seventh.  In his heat Terry moved up a couple of spots and finished fifth.  Only the top for went to the feature.  Terry started on the pole of the B main.  Terry immediately took command of the 12 lap B main and cruised to a win.  This had Terry starting the feature in the 17th starting position.  Terry got spun out in turn one on lap 29 of the 40 lap event bringing out the only caution of the race.  Terry finished 15th.. 

6/13/15 - Terry qualified 2nd quick at Clarksville Speedway.  He started on the pole in heat two, but John Minon got the jump at the start and had taken the lead by the time they got to the flag stand.  Terry was faster, but could never complete the pass.  Thus Terry started fourth in the feature.  Terry survived contact from Don Young on lap one and caught back up with Minon.  By the time Terry got by him, Caleb Ashby and Richard Frost had a significant lead.  Terry made up some of that distance, but not enough, and he had to settle for a third place finish behind Frost and Ashby.

6/6/15 - After qualifying fourth, Terry started fourth in the feature and went on to pick up win number six on the season.  Terry finished ahead of Levi Kissinger, Jarryd Holshouser, Brad Mitchell, Lee Williams, Tim Brown, Dylan Thompson, and Todd Hall.

5/24/15 - It was an all English front row for the start of the $3,500 to win Topless Memorial Day Special at Duck River Raceway.  Tanner had set fast time at 12.58 seconds and Terry qualified second with a lap of 12.60.  Tanner and Terry ran first and second for the first 29 laps of the 40 lap feature.  Eventually Brad Skinner made his way past both to take the lead and the win.  Terry made it by Tanner to finish second followed by Tanner, Riley Hickman, Jay Scott, Jay Brinkley, Caleb Ashby and Josh Putnam in the top eight.  There were 27 late models on hand.  After a lengthy rain delay, the feature finished around 3 a.m.

5/23/15 - Terry set fast time at Kentucky Lake Motor Speedway.  He started the feature from the pole and took the lead at the start.  After an early challenge from Tim Brown, Terry cruised to victory.

5/9/15 - The team picked up win number four on the year at Clarksville Speedway.  After qualifying third fast, Terry took the win in heat one over Caleb Ashby.  In the feature Terry lead the whole way while holding off several challenges by Ashby.  At the finish it was Terry, Ashby, Jason Riggs, Richard Frost, and Larry Greer.

5/2/15 - Terry qualified 11th in his 15 car group at the $10,000 to win Lucas Oil Series event at Paducah International Raceway.  He started 6th in his heat and finished 6th.  Only the top four transferred to the feature.  Terry then started 3rd in a B main with the top three transferring.  Terry ran third for several laps while the leader pulled away.  Terry then moved up the track and made the pass for second.  Terry was 2 tenths of a second faster than the leader and looked very likely to when the B main when a caution came out.  Unfortunately, Terry's right rear tire went flat while under caution and he headed to the pits.  Terry did get one of two provisional starting spots for the fastest qualifiers that had not raced their way into the feature.  Terry started 24th.  He passed three cars but was lapped by the top two cars.  When a caution came out Terry and the other lapped cars had to start at the rear, thus putting them a lap down to everyone on the lead lap.  Terry decided it wasn't worth staying out and pulled to the infield.  He officially finished 23rd.

4/25/15 - The streak of four straight wins (the last race last year and the first three races this year) came to an end Saturday night.  Terry qualified second to Caleb Ashby at Clarksville Speedway.  Terry won the second heat.  In the feature Terry started on the outside of Ashby and finished second.

 4/18/15 - Terry and the team went to Clarksville Speedway and earned their third win in three starts on the season.  Terry qualified third behind Larry Greer and Caleb Ashby.  In heat one Terry quickly took the lead over Greer and cruised to the win.  Terry started on the pole in the feature and once again quickly took a led he would never relinquish.  At the finish it was Terry, Ashby, Chris Shelton, Charles Zimmerman, and Don Young in the top five.

4/11/15 - The Burr Motorsports team picked up win number two at Kentucky Lake Motors Speedway in Calvert City.  Terry qualified third and got a break when Tanner English had a tire go down on the pace lap.  Terry moved up to the pole position and took the lead at the start and led the whole way to pick up the feature win.

3/21/15 - Terry English and Burr Motorsports started the 2015 racing season with a $5,000 win at Clarksville Speedway's Toilet Bowl Classic.  The team débuted a new Revelution chassis in taking the win.  Terry qualified sixth among the 18 late models on hand for the event.  In the dash Terry moved up one spot to finish fifth.  Starting fifth in the feature, inside of sixth starting Rodney Melvin, Terry quickly moved underneath Josh Putnam and into third.  On the second lap pole-sitter Tanner English spun in turn two causing a pileup.  Tanner had to restart in the rear and Michael Chilton retired from the event.  Putnam was placed back ahead of Putnam and Clayton Miller was in the lead.  On the restart Terry made it by Putnam into second before Putnam had to pit to change a flat tire.  As Terry was racing Miller for the lead, Miller retired to the pits.  From that point Terry had to hold off Melvin for a number of laps before he began to put a little distance between the two.  At the finish it was Terry, Melvin, Caleb Ashby, Chris Shelton, and Putnam rounding out the top five.

11/12/14 - The Burr Motorsports team's season is over for 2014.  See you in 2015.

11/1/14 - Terry qualified 2nd at Clarksville Speedway to Freddie Carpenter of Parkersburg, West Virginia.  Terry then took the win in the dash.  In the $1,500 to win feature event Terry took the win over Tanner English and Caleb Ashby.  There was a good field of 20 late models on hand.

10/25/14 - Terry set fast time at Clarksville Speedway, but finished second in both the dash and the feature.  Charles Zimmerman took the feature win.

10/18/14 - After a three week layoff Terry set fast time and won the dash convincingly.  However, in the feature he finished second to Tanner English.

9/27/14 - Terry had an unproductive night at Tri-State Speedway in Haubstadt Indiana where he finished 10th in the $2,000 to win event.

9/20/14 - Terry qualified 10th out of 25 late models at KLMS.  He started third in the third heat and finished second to Dane Dacus.  In the $3,000 to win 35 lap feature Terry started seventh.  He had passed Tanner English for fifth and appeared headed to pass Dacus for fourth. However, a caution came out and a tire apparently sealed over and Terry fell back to finish sixth.

8/23/14 - Paducah International Raceway hosted the UMP/MARS sanctioned World 50 on Friday night.  Terry had the second fast time in qualifying.  Unfortunately, the team didn't check the fuel before qualifying.  Terry was 10 lbs. light at the scales.  This relegated Terry to a sixth place starting spot in his heat where he finished third to Jason Feger and Brian Shirley.  Terry started seventh in his heat but had overheating problems in the feature and pulled out while running seventh.

8/9/14 - The Burr Motorsports team returned to Clarksville Speedway for the first time in some time for a $1,500 to win special.  Terry set fast time, won his heat, and won the feature.  But it wasn't as easy as it sounds.  In the feature Terry was running second to Caleb Ashby when the 89 car veered up the track between turns three and four and slammed Terry's left front wheel.  The spindle was bent along with both the inside and outside of the left front wheel.  The tire was losing air.  Despite this problem Terry caught back up with Ashby and was racing side by side for the lead when Ashby slowed on the front stretch with apparent motor problems.  Terry took the lead from that point and held on to get the win.

8/2/14 - The team competed in the $3,000 to win event at a track in Hohenwald Tennessee.  Terry qualified 11th out of 24 late models.  Terry started and finished 3rd.  Terry was 11th on the starting grid for the 40 lap feature event.  Much like he had done at Duck River a couple of nights before, he worked the inside line and gradually picked cars off one at a time until he had worked his way up to 4th when a caution came out with three laps to go.  At that point it was Dane Dacus, Riley Hickman, Tanner English, and Terry.  During the lengthy delay to set the field for the restart Tanner's right rear tire was going down.  To keep the pressure up, Tanner pulled head of the field and sped up while waiting for the line up to be set.  In an unprecedented move, track officials disqualified him.  He stayed on the track and took the checkers in 3rd, but to no avail.  Terry officially was awarded third.

7/31/14 - Terry took the Burr Motorsports #96 to Duck River Speedway for $3,500 to win Southern Nationals on Thursday night.  There was a stout field of 36 late models on hand.  Terry qualified 11th.  He started fifth and finished 2nd in his heat.  Thus he started 11th in the 35 lap feature.  Terry worked the inside line and gradually picked cars off one by one including a last lap pass of Josh Putnam to finish 5th.  The top seven were Mike Marlar, Tanner English, Dane Dacus, Eric Jacobson, Terry, Putnam, and Chris Madden.

7/24/14 - Motor still not ready.  Plan now is to be ready for the Thursday night Southern Nationals race at Duck River on July 31.

7/17/14 - The motor starting smoking at KLMS on July 5.  Parts are on back order.  The team hopes to be back in action on July 26.

7/5/14 - Terry qualified fourth at Kentucky Lake Motor Speedway for the $3,000 to win special.  He then finished second to Tanner English in his heat.  Terry started the 35 lap feature in fourth but quickly got by Tanner and Kevin Cole to assume second place behind Billy Moyer, Jr.  Moyer pulled out to a comfortable lead similar to the lead Terry had over Tanner and Cole.  Terry finished second to Moyer. 

Due to some smoke coming from the motor, the team scrapped plans to attend the Summer Nationals race at Haubstadt Indiana on Sunday.

6/28/14 - Back at Kentucky Lake Motor Speedway Terry qualified fourth.  With no heat races Terry started fourth in the feature.   He was able to make his way past Randy Sellers, but couldn't get by Jarrod Holshouser.  Terry finished third with Tanner English taking the win.

6/26/14 - Despite an ominous forecast and dark clouds on the horizon, the Summer Nationals race at Clayhill Speedway in Atwood, Tennessee was completed as planned.  There Terry qualified fourth in his group and finished fourth in his heat behind Timothy Culp, Billy Moyer, Jr., and Ryan Unzicker.  Terry started and finished 11th in the $5,000 to win feature event.

6/25/14 - In the UMP Summer Nationals race at Clarksville Speedway Terry qualified fourth in the second of three late model groups.  In his heat he went from fourth to second behind Summer Nationals points leader Ryan Unzicker.  Terry started fifth in the 40 lap feature and ran in that position most of the race.  During a caution with 15 laps to go track officials inexplicably moved the tires marking the infield boundary out and took away Terry's line.  The car was not as good after that and Terry was passed by Bobby Pierce and then on the last lap at the finish line by Brian Shirley.  Terry finished seventh.

6/22/14 - In a rare Sunday night event at Clarksville Speedway, Terry set fast time, finished second to Caleb Ashby in his heat, and went from third to first to win the feature event.

6/21/14 - After a couple of weeks off Terry and the Burr Motorsports team were back in action at Kentucky Lake Motor Speedway.  Terry finished third to winner Billy Moyer, Jr. and second place finisher Tanner English in the $3,000 to win event.

5/31/14 - In the feature at KLMS Terry started third, moved past Jason McBride on a restart and finished second to Tanner English.  Terry qualified third and there were no heat races for the late models.

5/25/14 - Terry set overall fast time among 34 cars at the $5,000 to win Spring Nationals event Duck River.  This put Terry directly to the front row outside of the 50 lap feature.  Terry lead Mike Marlar for 49 and 3/4 laps.  There was contact in turn three and again down the straight away.  Terry finished second.  Video at   

5/24/14 - The qualifying run was a little off at KLMS.  Terry qualified fifth.  He somehow started fourth in the second heat.  He finished second.  In the feature Terry started fourth and finished third.  Tanner took the win.

5/17/14 - Good night for the team.  Tried some new stuff.  It worked!  Took the win over Jason McBride at Kentucky Lake Motor Speedway.  Qualified second quick.  Won heat race.

5/10/14 - Bad night for the team.  Tried some new stuff.  Didn't work!  Finished fourth at Kentucky Lake Motor Speedway.

5/3/14 - The Lucas Oil Late Model Series visited Paducah International Raceway with a $10,000 to win 50 lap feature.  There were 31 late models entered.  Terry qualified 10th out of 16 competitors in group B.  He was one of seven drivers turning a lap in the 16.1 to 16.3 second range in group B.  Terry started fifth in his heat race and finished sixth.  The finish in the heat was Jimmy Mars, Earl Pearson, Jr., Bobby Pierce, Randy Korte, Dennis Erb, Jr., Terry, Brandon Sheppard, and Eric Hickerson.  With only four cars advancing to the feature from the heat, Terry started the B-main in fourth.  Erb took the lead in the B-main while Terry, Jared Landers, and Sheppard battled for the last two transfer spots. At one point Terry was back to fifth, but after a lot of exciting racing Terry finished in the coveted third spot behind Landers. 

In the feature, Terry started in the 22nd spot and had made his way up to 12th at one point before having to pull in due to an overheating problem.  Terry was credited with 16th in the final running order.

4/26/14 - Terry qualified 4th overall and 2nd in his group at the $10,000 to win show at Kentucky Lake Motor Speedway.  Terry started second in his heat to Billy Moyer, Jr. and finished 3rd.  In the feature Terry was able to advance from his 8th starting spot to finish 6th.

4/19/14 - Terry put the Revelution Chassis, O'Fria Racing Engine, Burr Motorsports Ford in victory lane at Kentucky Lake Motor Speedway with a convincing win Saturday night.  A pill draw determined the starting positions in the heats.  Terry started heat two on the outside of the front row.  From there Terry took the lead from Tim Brown at the start and rolled to the win over Brown, Jason McBride, and Kevin Cole.  In the feature Terry again started on the outside of the first row, this time along side Dillon White.  These two were followed by Tanner English, Brown, Chris Shelton, and McBride.  Terry immediately took the lead from the start.  Brown moved between Tanner and White going down the back stretch on lap one to take second.  Terry extended his lead from this point.  Tanner eventually go back by Brown to finish second, trailing Terry by a straightaway.  Jason McBride finished third.

4/12/14 - Terry and the team were on hand for the first race at Kentucky Lake Motor Speedway in several years.  Terry qualified second to Tanner English.  They both won their heat races and as a result started on the front row of the feature.  Tanner was on the inside and was able to take the lead.  Terry was close for a brief time before losing a little speed on the top.  He was never able to close the distance and finished second.  Clayton Miller was third, Tim Brown was fourth and Jason McBride finished fifth.

4/5/14 - The Burr Motorsports team headed to Duck River Raceway.  On the way to the track Terry became ill.  He hot lapped and then qualified sixth.  Terry then participated in the hot laps before the feature.  At that point he was turning the fastest time of anyone.  However, Terry didn't feel like he could complete the 25 lap feature.  He elected to start in the rear and make a lap to collect start money.  Meanwhile, Tanner went on to win the feature.

3/22/14 - Terry qualified fourth at Clarksville Speedway.  He started outside of Jason McBride in the second heat.  Terry took the lead on lap one and cruised to the win over Chris Shelton and McBride.  In the feature Terry started on the front row outside of Richard Frost.  The two raced side-by-side for several laps before Frost took the lead.  From that point Frost, Terry, and McBride all raced for the lead until Terry's tires appeared to give up and Terry faded to third.  Frost took the win over McBride.

3/15/14 - As a makeup for the previous week's MARS race that was stopped by rain, Clarksville Speedway ran a 30 lap feature that paid the other half of the posted $5,000 to win purse plus an extra $200 per position.  The lineup was set based on the running order at lap five of the previous race, before the rain affected the running order.  As a number of racers did not return, Terry started in fourth place.  Terry was running in fourth and trying to get around Caleb Ashby when Ashby retired with motor problems.  Ryan Unzicker pulled out to a comfortable lead over Riley Hickman and Terry.  Terry stayed with Hickman and was able to pull up beside him at the finish, but was a nose short and finished third.

In the night's regular 20 lap feature, Terry qualified fourth among 14 cars.  He started second to Richard Frost in the second heat and immediately moved to the lead and took the win with a straightaway lead.  Terry then started the feature on the front row outside of eventual winner Unzicker.  For the first couple of laps Terry ran beside Unzicker.  Unzicker then pulled away.  Terry then went unchallenged by Riley Hickman, except for a couple of laps midway through the race.  A caution came out and after the restart Terry again put distance between himself and Hickman.  At the finish it was Unzicker, Terry, Hickman, Jason Riggs, and Chris Shelton in the top five.

3/8/14 - Back at Clarksville for the $5,000 to win portion of the two-day MARS event, Terry again qualified third in his group.  Terry again finished third.  Tonight he was in group one and that allowed him to start the feature in ninth.  It was sprinkling rain as the feature got underway.  Terry was running well until the rain intensified.  Several cars started sliding around and slowing on the track.  Terry was one of those.  The race was red flagged on lap nine, but not before Terry and some others had lost positions on the track.

In an unusual, and perhaps unprecedented, move, the track officials announced despite the scrambled running order caused by the unraceable track surface, that the race, at 9 laps and well short of halfway, would be declared over with the payout cut in half.  Another race was scheduled for March 15 to finish the remaining 31 laps of the originally scheduled 40 lap race.  The other half of the purse will then be paid to those returning for the event.

3/7/14 - Terry qualified third quick in the fourth group at Clarksville Speedway.  Terry started and finished third in his heat.  Terry then started the $3,000 to win MARS feature in 12th.  Terry got around Dewayne Kiefer, Eric Cooley, and Tanner English and lost a spot to Ryan Unzicker to finish 10th in the feature that was shortened from 30 to 20 laps because of the late start time.  Terry had passed several others and might have been able to finish several spots higher, but he tried the high side towards the end of the race and lost a few spots.


11/2/13 - Qualifying for Terry didn't turn out so well at Clarksville Speedway.  Terry had the ninth best time.  The $1,500 to win event featured a quick six dash and two heats.  Terry started second in heat one and took the win over Richard Frost.  Terry then started seventh in the feature and made his way up to third, where he finished.  Terry was able to pressure second place finisher Jason Riggs a few times, but couldn't make a pass.  Tanner English lead from start to finish.

10/26/13 - Terry set fast time at Clarksville.  But in his heat, Clayton Miller was too strong and Terry finished second.  Terry started the feature in third and dropped to fourth in the early stages.  Terry then moved to the high side and quickly moved into second.  He then tracked down race leader Miller and appeared to be on the verge of taking the lead when a lapped car spun in front of them.  Miller and Terry were both able to avoid the spinning car.  On the restart Miller jumped to the top and took away Terry's preferred line.  Terry went on to finish second.

10/19/13 - Terry qualified second to son Tanner in time trials at Clarksville Speedway.  Terry then started on the pole of heat two.  In the heat Terry was unable to keep pace with Caleb Ashby and finished second.  Terry then started the feature in fourth.  From there Terry slid back to a seventh place finish.  It looks like it could take a night or two to get the new REVELution chasis dialed in at Clarksville.

10/16/13 - Terry English and Burr Motorsports will début a new REVELution chassis at Clarksville Speedway on Saturday October 19.  The new car will sport the number 96.

8/23/13 - A violent flip on lap one of the first heat ended Terry's night.  Terry had the third fast time among 25 late models at the World 50 at Paducah International Raceway.  On lap one of the heat Tony Jackson, Jr. spun in turn two and came down into the right side of Terry's #33.  Terry then went airborne and came down hard.  The body was mangled, as was most everything on the rear: suspension components, suspension mounting points on the chassis, the rear end, etc.

8/17/13 - The team headed to Lake Cumberland Speedway for the $3,000 to win Harold Hargrove Memorial.  Terry started and finished second  to Dustin Neat in the third heat.  In the feature Terry started 6th and quickly moved up to 4th.  Terry was running a low line on the track as the leaders were working the top.  Terry moved into contention for the lead as he caught the leaders and looked to have a good chance of continuing to advance when the rain ended the feature on lap 23 of 40.  At the finish it was Dustin Neat, Tommy Bailey, Tim Tungate, Terry, and Steve Elliot in the top five.  There were 18 late models on hand.

7/27/13 - In qualifying at Clarksville Speedway, Terry was second quick to son Tanner English.  Both Tanner and Terry won their heat races.  Tanner started the feature on the pole with Terry on the outside.  Terry took the lead early and held on for the win despite some pressure from Tanner in the closing laps.  The two were followed by Caleb Ashby, Chris Shelton, and Carnell Parker in the field of 15 late models.

7/20/13 - Terry set fast time at Clarksville Speedway and won the dash by a wide margin.  The team tried a different setup in the feature that didn't work out.  Terry ran second to Clayton Miller the entire race until heading to the flag stand on the last lap where Chris Shelton nosed ahead to take over second.  Terry finished third ahead of Tanner English and Caleb Ashby.

7/5/13 - The Burr Motorsports team's Summer Nationals run came to an end on Friday at Fayette County Speedway in Brownstown, Illinois.  Terry qualified fourth in the third group and finished fourth in his heat behind Bobby Pierce, Kevin Weaver, and Randy Korte.  Terry then started the feature in 15th.  On lap two, Mark Voigt tangled with another car and flipped and came down on the right side of Terry's #33 doing extensive damage.  That ended the team's Summer Nationals plans one day early.

7/4/13 - On the 4th of July Terry had a disappointing 8th fast time in the third group at LaSalle, Illinois.  The third group was stacked with such names as Sheppard, Unzicker, Pierce, Birkhofer, and Spatola.  The berm in turn three was a killer for many teams in qualifying.  Few cars were able to make two laps without major problems.  Ray Guss, Jr. got the worst of it as his car flipped and sustained major damage.  Terry started the heat in 8th and finished 7th.  Terry then started the B main in 11th and finished 7th.  Terry received a UMP provisional and started the feature in 20th and had a good run moving up to finish 14th in a race with only one caution.

7/3/13 - Day two of the Illinois Summer Nationals tour found the team in Jacksonville, Illinois.  There Terry qualified third in the third group.  In his heat Frank Heckenast, Jr. started on the outside of Terry and got the jump at the start to put Terry in the fourth spot.  Terry also was unable to hold off Mark Burgtorf and fell to fifth.  Terry then began the B main in third and moved into the lead where he ran until the final corner when Tyler Reddick got by to take the win.  By virtue of his second place finish Terry started the feature in 18th.  Terry moved up to a 13th place finish.

7/2/13 - Terry got a good start to the week with the second fast time in group three in the Summer Nationals event at Quincy Raceway in Quincy, Illinois.  Terry had some problems with the car in the heat and fell back to a fifth place finish, just missing a transfer spot.  This put Terry needing to advance one position to get a transfer spot in the B main.  This didn't happen though as Terry lost a power steering hose and fell out.

6/28/13 - Terry turned the second fastest overall time among the 33 late models in qualifying at the $10,000 to win Summer Nationals event at Paducah, Kentucky.  Billy Moyer was also in the second group with Terry and turned the overall fast time.  Terry started second in his heat.  Moyer and third starting Kent Robinson got the jump on the start and pulled ahead of Terry.  Terry then had his work cut out for him to try and regain second.  He accomplished that task with a move underneath Robinson in turn three on the last lap.

Some tweaks to the setup for the feature failed to have the desired results and Terry slide back from his sixth starting spot to tenth.  Terry fought off a challenge from Don O'Neal mid race to finish tenth.

Terry will be competing in the #96 at the Summer Nationals events at Pevely, Missouri on Saturday and at Lincoln, Illinois on Sunday.  On Tuesday plans are for Terry to get back in the seat of the #33 and continue the remainder of the week with the Summer Nationals in Illinois at Quincy, Jacksonville, LaSalle, Brownstown, and Highland.

6/27/13 - Terry gets a seventh place finish in the #96 car at the Summer Nationals event in Atwood, Tennessee.

6/26/13 - Terry set fast time in a loaded group that included eventual race winner Brandon Sheppard, Bobby Pierce, Shannon Babb, and Dennis Erb among others at the Summer Nationals at Clarksville Speedway.  Terry then started on the pole of his heat where Sheppard got away with jumping the start.  Terry was then running second on lap two when Erb drives through the back of Terry's #33 and sends Terry spinning to the infield.  Under ordinary circumstances Terry would have gotten his spot back and Erb would have been sent to the rear.  But, under Summer Nationals rules, if you come to a stop you are sent to the rear.  So Terry was forced to join Erb in the rear of the field.  On the first lap of the restart Terry is running right behind Babb on the back stretch when Babb gets out of the gas to pull into the infield.  Terry has to brake hard to avoid slamming into Babb.  This lets Erb get by.  Terry eventually catches back up with the field and passes Steven Ashby.  He then passes Jason McBride in turn three on the last lap but the car gets a little high coming off turn four and McBride noses ahead at the finish line to regain fifth.

Terry's sixth place finish puts him in eight place in the starting lineup of the 12 lap B-main.  Only the top two advance to the feature.  Terry makes it to fourth but McBride is hugging the bottom so Terry has to go to the top to have a chance to advance.  This opens the door for Caleb Ashby who moves under Terry to take fourth.  That wrapped up the night for the Burr Motorsports team.

The team will head to Paducah on Friday for the $10,000 to win Summer Nationals event.

6/15/13 - Terry set fast time, won his heat, and won the feature Saturday at Clarksville Speedway.  Carnell Parker was second quick in qualifying, won his heat, and trailed Terry by a straightaway at the finish.  Others in the top five were Chris Shelton, Clayton Miller, and Caleb Ashby.  Only ten late models were on hand.

6/2/13 - Clarksville Speedway raced on Sunday to make up for Saturday's rainout.  Terry was glad they did as he scored a convincing win on Sunday night.  Terry began the night with the second fast time of the twelve late models in qualifying.  Fast time went to Chris Shelton.  Terry then started on the pole and won his heat race over Jeff Watson and Caleb Ashby.  In the feature Terry started on the outside of row one.  Clayton Miller started on the pole by virtue of his heat win.  Terry quickly made it by Miller and pulled away for the win.

5/26/13 - After an absence of two weeks, the Burr Motorsports team was back in action on Sunday at Duck River Speedway with a $3,000 to win 40 lap event.  There were 28 late models on hand.  The top ten qualifiers overall were Riley Hickman (12.606), Josh Putnam (12.632), Mark Fields (12.645), Caleb Ashby (12.754), Scott Cook (12.757), Terry English (12.808), Dillon White (12.828), Brad Skinner (12.887), Jon Miller (12.952), and Dylan Ames (13.081).  Though Terry was sixth quick overall, he was only third in his group.  This resulted in Terry starting the feature in ninth place.  Terry was running strong in the feature and managed to pass five cars and appeared poised to pass more but ran out of laps.  The top five at the finish were Riley Hickman, Mark Fields, Scott Cook, Terry, and Dillon White.

5/11/13 - Terry headed to Tennessee National Raceway for the $2,000 to win event.  Terry and the crew thought they had a good lap in qualifying, but was credited with a ninth quick time.  Therefore Terry started ninth in the feature.  At the start he dropped to tenth.  From there Terry was able to make his way up to a seventh place finish.

4/20/13 - In a change of plans the Burr Motorsports team headed to Duck River on Saturday.  The decision paid off with a win for Terry and the team.  Terry qualified second to son Tanner English to start the night.  Terry won an exciting feature over Daniel Miller, Scott Cook, David Seibers, and Tanner.  There were 13 late models competing.

4/13/13 - Terry qualified second among 13 late models at Tennessee National Raceway.  However, fast qualifier Randy Todd failed to go to the scales after qualifying and was put to the rear.  This resulted in Terry starting the 25 lap feature on the pole inside of Mark Fields.  In the feature Fields was too fast and took the win.  Terry finished second followed by Carnell Parker and Levi Ashby.

4/6/13 - Two weeks earlier Terry set fast time at Clarksville only to be rained out before the  heat races.  This time Terry again set fast time, but was able to use this one to start on the pole of the dash and take the win over Caleb Ashby, Tanner English, Carnell Parker, Clayton Miller, and Dustin Butler.  In the feature Terry took the lead and drove to an uncontested victory in the Burr Motorsports #33.  This was Terry's second win of the weekend as he drove the #96 to victory at Paducah on Friday.

3/23/13 - Terry qualified on the pole at Clarksville Saturday night, but the rain came and the program was washed out.

3/9/13 - Terry qualified 6th fastest overall, but only 4th in his group.  This had him starting 4th in his heat.  He was able to get by Carnell Parker to gain a spot, but also lost a spot to David Turner to finish 4th.  This resulted in Terry starting the $5,000 to win feature in 13th place.  Terry made some progress but the track became pretty much one grove and Terry finished 10th.

3/8/13 - Terry started the 2013 season with a 5th place finish in day one of the "Toilet Bowl Classic" at Clarksville Speedway.  Terry qualified second in his group behind Brandon Sheppard.  In the heat Terry quickly got ahead of Sheppard and lead for the first part of the race before Caleb Ashby took the lead.  Ashby took the win and Terry finished second.  Terry started the 30 lap $3,000 to win feature in sixth and quickly took over fifth.  Terry was then trying to get around defending MARS champion Jesse Stovall on the outside when Dustin Walker went by on the inside.  Terry eventually worked by Stovall to regain fifth but could gain no more ground.  At the finish it was Walker Arthur, Brian Shirley, Caleb Ashby, Dustin Walker, Terry, David Turner, Stovall, Tony Jackson, Jr., Dennis Erb, Jr., and Justin Wells in the top ten.  There were 43 late models competing at the event.  See for story and photos.

2/23/13 - The 2013 season will soon be starting for Terry and the Burr Motorsports team.