10/19/03, Bardstown, KY - Randle started the Open Wheel Modified portion of the Dirt Track World Championship on the pole for the feature event. Randle ran strong in the top three until lap 32 when he fell out with mechanical problems.


10/11/03, Rossburg, OH - Randle qualified the #33 Burr Motorsports Ford Late Model 19th out of 73 Late Models at Eldora Speedway on Saturday. Randle would start 3rd in the 2nd heat. The top three would transfer to the feature event. Randle was running 3rd behind Kevin Weaver and Daryl Lanigan on the white flag lap when the #8 car got into the rear of Randle's car going down the front straight and turned Randle into the wall. The frame was bent and the rear end was cracked. This put an end to the weekend and the season for Randle and the team.


10/04/03, Clarksville, TN - There was good news and bad news for Randle and the team at Clarksville Speedway Saturday night. First for the good news, Clarksville Speedway announced that Randle was voted by the fans as the Most Popular Driver in the Late Model division for 2003. Randle's brother, Mike was voted Most Popular Driver in the Open Wheel Modified division for 2003. In racing action, the first Late Model event of the evening was the makeup feature from the previous week. Randle started fourth behind Chuck Proctor and Tony Albright and outside of Gary Frost. Randle had no problem moving to third at the start. He had a comfortable distance between himself and Frost who ran fourth. Randle could run with Albright and could catch back up with him whenever any distance came between them. He wasn't however able to get around him. The top five at the finish were Proctor, Albright, Randle, Frost, and Carnell Parker. There was an anxious moment in the first feature when a lapped car would cause Albright to spin in front of Randle and another lapped car. The three would wind up stacked side by side and backed in towards the wall in turn one. There was no serious damage and both Albright and Randle would return to second and third on the restart. After that was qualifying for the nights regular events. The top five were Albright - 13.535, Proctor - 13.565, Randle - 13.613, Parker - 13.662, and Richard Frost - 13.667. In the dash, Randle would be starting third. Now for the bad news, the #33 machine made one lap before the start and dumped water on the track. A new fan and radiator had been installed this week and somehow the fan had gotten into the new radiator and destroyed it. Spares were installed for the feature where Randle would still be starting 6th. Once again, as Randle was warming up on the parade laps, water was dumped on the track. Again the fan had gotten into the radiator. It turned out that the hub that holds the fan on the water pump shaft had come off. Apparently, that is what had allowed the fan to get into the radiator the first time. That ended the night for the #33.


9/27/03, Clarksville, TN - The #33 Burr Motorsports Ford appeared to be a little loose in turn two in qualifying. This resulted in Randle qualifying third Saturday night. The top six all broke the 13 second mark. They would be Chuck Proctor (12.517), Tony Albright (12.645), Randle (12.704), Gary Frost (12.738), Mike Chandler (12.842), and Carnell Parker (12.927). Proctor and Randle would line up inside of Albright and Frost in the quick six with Chandler and Parker on the back row. The inside was not the place to be in the dash. Albright would jump ahead of Proctor and Frost would jump ahead of Randle at the start. The car would get a little too crossed up in turn two on a couple of occasions. This would prevent him from having any opportunity to challange Frost for third. Proctor would have no luck with Albright either. The finish was Albright, Proctor, Frost, Randle, Chandler, and Parker. In hot laps it appeared that Randle and the crew had made improvements. Randle was turning laps comparable to Proctor and Albright. Randle would also appear to be better off starting outside of row two rather than inside. As the Late Models pulled onto the track for the feature event, the rains came. A short but heavy rain forced postponement of the feature until next week, when Clarksville will be running double features.


9/20/03, Clarksville, TN - The track was slick in qualifying and pretty much stayed that way all night long. Fast time went to Gary Frost with a 12.992. Following Frost were Tony Albright (13.109), Jason Estes (13.379), Randle (13.409), Gary Johnson (13.467), Bryan Singleton (13.738), Carnell Parker (13.806), and rounding out the top 8 Mike Chandler (13.814). Randle started the quick six dash in fourth behind Frost and Albright and outside of Estes. Randle would quickly begin challenging Frost for second. He would continue to do so for the entire race, but could not complete the pass. Randle finished third behind Albright and Frost. The feature line up would be Albright, Frost, Randle, Johnson, Singleton, Estes, Parker, and Chandler. Albright jumped to the lead from his outside front row starting position. Frost and Randle fell in behind him. Randle appeared to be faster than Frost, but was having difficulty finding away around him. Finally, Randle was able to make something work on the low side and passed Frost at the mid-way point. Randle continued to stay low trying to make a run at Albright but soon he experienced problems trying to get forward bite off the corners. Frost then moved back to second. Randle took the #33 Ford back to the high side and caught back up with Frost, but could not make another pass. The finish would be Albright, Frost, Randle, Johnson, Estes, Parker, and Singleton.



9/14/03, Clarksville, TN - Randle and the Burr Motorsports team returned to Clarksville Speedway for the second time in 24 hours on Sunday afternoon. It proved to be a good day as Randle qualified second, won the quick six dash and then won the feature. Albright set fast time with a 13.70. Randle was a tick slower at 13.73. Qualifying second was actually an advantage as this allowed Randle to start the Ofria powered Rayburn on the outside of the front row. Randle took advantage of the situation and went on to the win. This gave him his choice of starting position in the feature. Randle would again take the outside with Albright on the inside. Randle was able to get a comfortable lead over Albright and cruise to his fifth Late Model feature win of the year. Albright would finish second. Rod Reed, Gary Frost, and Mike Chandler would round out the top five. Jimmy Burwell ran at Clarksville again on Sunday, but couldn't crack the top five.



9/13/03, Clarksville, TN - In qualifying at Clarksville Saturday night, Chuck Proctor set fast time with a 12.657. Second was Tony Albright with a 12.767. Randle qualified third with a 12.805. Rounding out the top five were Mike Chandler (13.241) and Jimmy Burwell (13.506). The quick six lineup would be Proctor, Albright, Randle, Chandler, Burwell, and Brian Singleton. Albright would beat Proctor into turn one on the start and would be able to hold him off to take the win. Randle followed closely in third with Burwell fourth, Chandler fifth, and Singleton sixth. Randle would turn laps similar to Proctor in hot laps, but would be starting the feature in third. The line up for the feature would have Albright inside front row with Proctor outside. Randle would start inside Burwell, followed by Chandler, Singleton, Rod Reed, and Richard Frost. The start of the feature was wild as cars would be three and four abreast going for the lead on the first lap. Albright would lead Proctor entering turn one with Randle right behind. Proctor would make a hole where there was none and force his way between Albright and Randle. In the process he would cut Albright's left rear tire, which would show up momentarily. Albright would still be leading entering turn three with Randle and Proctor side-by-side. Proctor would again cut off Randle in the corner. Upon exiting turn four, Albright's deflating tire would begin to show up. Albright would exit on the high side and Proctor, Randle, and Burwell would be in this order, but three abreast as they went under Albright. Albright's tire went down and he spun in turn one. They would lineup single file for the restart with Albright changing tires and starting on the tail. Randle was hanging close to Proctor until lapped cars would slow him up. Randle appeared to be running about the same speed as Proctor, but that prevented him from making up lost ground. The race would continue without a caution and Proctor took the win. Randle finished second for the third straight time at Clarksville. Third was Burwell. Fourth went to Chandler and Albright made it back up to fifth. Weather permitting, Randle will give it another shot at Clarksville on Sunday.



9/06/03, Clarksville, TN - There were 17 Late Models at Clarksville Saturday night. Randle set fast time on a very fast track with a 12.508. He was followed by Chuck Proctor with a 12.513, Tony Albright with a 12.568, Carnell Parker with a 12.752, and Ralph Wiles with a 13.048. Randle started on the inside of the front row of the quick six, with Proctor on the outside. Proctor would take the lead at the start and Randle was not able challange. Likewise, Randle went unchallanged in the second spot. Third would go to Parker. Fourth and fifth were Gary Frost and Wiles. Albright would drop out. Proctor would elect to start the feature on the outside of the front row with Randle on the inside. They would run side-by-side on the first lap with Proctor having a slight advantage. Randle would jump to the lead exiting turn two on lap two. Randle would keep the red #33 in the lead for the next seven laps. However, the car would then slide high coming out of turn four and Proctor would make the pass for the lead. Proctor would finish with a several car length lead over Randle who in turn had a similar lead over Albright. Fourth and fifth went to Mike Chandler and Wiles.



8/31/03, Haubstadt, IN - Randle missed making the six fastest cars for the dash by two one-hundredths of a second at Tri-State Speedway's Challange of Champions race on Sunday night. The Burr Motorsports #33 Ford wound up qualifying eighth among 29 UMP Late Models at the event that also featured winged sprint cars and a field of 56 modifieds. Randle started the second heat race on the outside of the front row. Randle took the lead at the start and was running unchallanged until a a cut right rear tire with two laps to go sent him out of the race. Had it not been for this misfortune, Randle would have had an eighth place starting spot in the feature. Instead, he had to go to the consi where only the top two would transfer to the 30 lap feature. Jimmy Burwell went on to win the second heat ahead of Mike Hammrle. In the consi, Randle would start fifth behind Jaryd Holshouser, Dave Eaves, Bruce Unterbrink, and Kyle Bex. Randle was running fourth early in the race when Holshouser lost a drive shaft and was hit from behind by Unterbrink and Eaves. Randle had to duck low to try and avoid the collision, but the right rear made hard contact with the pile up. Randle did not come to a stop on the track and restarted in the lead. He was able to take the victory in the consi despite damage to the rear end that include a bent J-bar, J-bar bracket, and swing arm. After making repairs, Randle would start the feature in 19th. Randle had moved up to 15th when he moved to the high side. At this point Randle hit some ruts and the car became very erratic. The thoughts were that it was perhaps a bent shock or a malfunction of the patched up rear suspension. At that point Randle called it a night and would be credited with a 17th place finish. Kevin Claycomb had led the feature early, but was passed by Rodney Melvin who held off a hard charging Billy Faust at the finish line for the win. The rest of the top ten would be Burwell, Claycomb, Bill Milikan, Jason Setser, Frankie Martin, Rylan Dagg, Steve Karnes, and Dave Eaves.



8/29/03 - Randle qualified third fast among 20 UMP Late Models at Western Kentucky Speedway Friday night. The top six were Terry English, Kevin Claycomb, Randle, Brian Maynard, Billy Faust, and Jaryd Holshouser. Other noteables in the field were Rodney Melvin, Tony Albright, Steve Shepard, Mark Faust, and Donnie Tudor. The first two rows were inverted for the quick six, puting Randle on the pole inside of Maynard. They were followed by English, Claycomb, B. Faust, and Holshouser. Maynard took the lead entering turn one. Randle fell in behind. In turn three English would pull to the inside of Randle. They battled for second briefly, but English moved to second and Claycomb followed, dropping Randle to fourth. Randle moved to the high side, but there was nothing there. This allowed Faust to move by on the inside and Randle fell to fifth where he finished. The finish of the dash and start of the feature was English, Maynard, Claycomb, B. Faust, Randle, and Holshouser. At the start of the feature, Randle briefly raced with Holshouser for the fifth position. Once if front of him, Randle would begin working on Billy Faust. They would battle for several laps and both would run down and pass Maynard who fell back several positions. This put Randle in fourth. Randle was now working mostly in the high groove, but could also run pretty well on the inside. After working for several laps, Randle moved around Faust to take over third. He then began gaining on Claycomb who was running second. Randle was able to catch Claycomb and appeared to be headed for second when a caution came out. On the restart B. Faust made a move to regain third. Randle then had to work for several laps to retake the third spot. After that they were working a lot of lapped traffic and Randle was not able to challange Claycomb again. The finish would be English, Claycomb, Randle, Mark Faust, Billy Faust, and Rodney Melvin. Randle also brought his Open Wheel Modified. In it he set fast time, finished third in his heat, and finished second to Jimmy Westerfield in the feature.



8/23/03 - Randle started the night at Clarksville by settng fast time in his #182 Open Wheel Modified. He then hopped into his #33 UMP Late Model and qualified 2nd. He was 1/100 of a second behind Tony Albright. Randle went on to finish 2nd in his Open Wheel dash, but he had a spin in the feature and did not rejoin the race. In the Burr Motorsports Late Model Randle started the quick six dash outside of Albright followed by Mike Chandler, Gary Frost, Richard Frost, and Carnell Parker. Albright would get a jump on the start and would enter turn one inside of Randle and with a nose in front. Albright would slide high between turns one and two and pinch Randle against the wall causing him to brake. Several cars would then get out of shape and Chandler would stop sideways on the back stretch causing a complete restart. Randle would then pull ahead of Albright on the start and take the lead. However, entering turn three a weld would break on the left rear suspension causing Randle to coast to a stop and be towed to the pits. The crew would again have to reconfigure the suspension as they had done last week. Randle would then begin the feature in sixth place. On the start Randle would move past Richard Frost to take fifth and would also pass Parker for the first of six times during the race. Randle would get held up behind Chandler a couple of times and Parker would move back around. After Parker and Randle had both gotten around Chandler, Randle would repeatedly pass Parker, but each time a caution would come out and Randle would be moved back behind Parker as they reverted to the last completed lap. On one occasion it appeared that they had completed a lap and Randle should have been able to stay in third place in front of Parker, but the track officials ruled otherwise. A review of the tape appeared to show Randle passing the flag stand twice before the caution was thrown. Nevertheless, Randle would again have to work his way around Parker. Randle also had to pass Gary Frost on three occasions before he would get to keep it. Again, each time a caution would come out after Randle had made the pass. By the time Randle had made all of these repeated passes, there were no laps left to challenge Albright for the lead and Randle would have to settle for second. It appeared quite likely that Randle would have had a dash and feature win had the suspension component not broken. It also appeared that he would have still had a shot at the feature win if not for the apparent scoring error earlier in the feature race. Overall, it was a great job on Randle's part to bring the #33 Ford home in second.



8/16/03 - There was some great racing at Clarksville Speedway Saturday night. Randle and Tony Albright had some great side by side racing before Randle finally took the lead for good and pulled away for a convincing win. The night started with Randle and the crew having to overcome some adversity. In opeining hot laps, the left rear suspension broke on Randle's #33 Ford. The team made repairs, but because of the damage had to race with a different configuration of suspension components than they wanted. The repairs were made just in time for qualifying. Randle proceeded to set fast time for the night with a 12.749. He did this despite running on seven cylinders due to what turned out to be another valve train problem. He was followed by Albright with a 12.805, Mike Chandler with a 12.894, and Ralph Wiles with a 12.973. Repairs were made to the motor and Randle started the quick six dash on the inside front row with Albright outside. The second row was Chandler and Wiles. The third row was Gary Frost and Richard Frost. Albright had the better set up and took the win with Randle second. Third through sixth were Wiles, Chandler, R. Frost, and G. Frost. In the feature Albright would start from the outside with Randle below. Albright would jump to the lead with Randle tucked in behind. Randle would begin working on the inside of Albright. He would repeatedly pull even with Albright and they would run side by side. On lap four Randle would make the pass and assume the lead. A caution flag would wave however for a spin on the back stretch by Daryl Brown. They would have to go back to the last completed lap and Albright would be moved back in front of Randle. On the restart Randle would again look to the inside of Albright's #1. This time though Albright was determined not to be passed on the inside. Randle would then move to the outside. He was able to get up beside Albright and they would race side by side again for several laps. Finally, Randle would move ahead of Albright exiting turn two. Randle would then move back to the bottom in turn three and begin to quickly move away. On lap seventeen another caution would come out when Randle had a half a track lead. This would put Albright back on Randle's bumper. However, when the green came back out, Randle again pulled away. Randle brought the Full Throttle, Dunn Trucking, Tommy's Automotive Ford to the checkers with a straight away advantage over Albright. Gary Frost would take third, followed by Chandler and Shawn Granderson.



8/9/03 - The first order of business Saturday night at Clarksville Speedway was the rain delayed feature from the previous week. Randle would start the feature in sixth place behind Chuck Proctor, Gary Frost, Brian Singleton, Ralph Wiles, and Gary Johnson. Randle would quickly move up to fourth behind Wiles. He would then pick Wiles and Frost off one by one until he was running second. He would then slowly gain on Proctor until he was close enough to challange for the lead. However, laps would run out and he would have to settle for second. Next would be qualifying for this week's races. Randle would qualify the #33 Ford in second position behind Wiles and ahead of Proctor who qualified third. The quick six lineup would be Wiles, Randle, Proctor, Eddie Pace subbing for Tony Albright in the #1 car, Richard Frost, and Mike Chandler. Wiles would make a quick move from the low side to the high side in turns one and two. Randle took advantage of the situation and moved under him to take the lead. Randle would then run uncontested until Proctor moved past Wiles to take second. Randle and Proctor would run nose to tail with Proctor occasionally trying to move along side on the bottom. Randle proved too strong and would take the win. The top six lineup for the second feature of the night would be Randle, electing the inside, Proctor, Wiles, Chandler, Pace, and Richard Frost. Randle took the lead at the start, but Proctor was able to take it to the inside of Randle in turn four and would be in the lead after one lap. The track was dryer than it had been all year and Proctor's Masterbilt was really hooked up. Randle was good in one and two, but couldn't do much in three and four. Proctor finished with a straightaway lead, and Randle had about the same advantage over Chandler who finished third. Fourth and fifth were Pace and Wiles.



8/8/03 - There were 31 UMP Late Models at Paducah International Raceway Friday night for the 2003 World 50. Randle took the #33 Full Throttle, Dunn Trucking, Tommy's Auto Machine Ford Taurus out for hot laps and the motor suffered another push rod failure. This week on the opposite side of the motor. The crew made repairs, but not in time for Randle to take his place in line for qualifying. This resulted in Randle being forced to qualify last and in him only receiving one qualifying lap. The result was an 18th qualifying time. This placed Randle in the fourth place starting position in the third heat. The front row consisted of Brian Shirley and Jeremy Williams. Inside of Randle was Tony Albright. The fourth row was Joe Morris and Dennis Setser. Fifth row was Rylan Dagg and the 98 car. Randle quickly moved to 3rd on the start and pressured Shirley and Williams for the lead in the early laps. The top four advancing to the World 50 event were Williams, Shirley, Randle, and Dagg. Randle would start 15th in the feature. The starting lineup would be Don O'Neal, Terry English, Billy Drake, Billy Moyer, Randy Sellars, Ray Cook, Randy Korte, Mike Jewell, Williams, Phil Walker, Rodney Melvin, Shirley, Tim Brown, Billy Faust, Randle, Gary Keeling, Kevin Claycomb, Dagg, Greg Johnson, Kevin Weaver, Chad Zobrist, and Billy Milikan. After four unsuccessful attempts to start the race, the race was started single file. Randle moved to the outside and began moving toward the front. He passed several cars before running upon Walker who was also running the high side. Randle then lost some of the positions he had gained. Walker eventually spun in turn two and was sent to the rear. On the restart Randle again moved to the high side and began to move up. Randle would consistently put the #33 up on the cushion with sparks flying as he would rub the outside retaining wall with the tip of the right rear quarter panel. Randle would get an awsome bite off of turn two and would fly down the back straight. Often he would have to lift to avoid cars moving up from the inside groove as they exited turn two. Randle eventually finished 10th. He appeared to be as fast as the next three or four cars ahead of him. Considering the start to the night, Randle and the team were pleased with a top ten finish. The top ten were O'Neal, English, Drake, Weaver, Moyer, Williams, Cook, Sellars, Faust, and Randle. Randle also competed in his #182 Open Wheel Modified. In it he set fast time and finished second in his heat and in the feature event. See www.racingcorner.com for full results.



8/2/03 - Rains during the week and on Saturday left a very wet track at Clarksville on Saturday night. After extended track packing qualifying was held. Fast time went to Justin Rapp with Chuck Proctor 2nd. Gary Frost was 3rd, Ralph Wiles was 4th, and Randle was 5th. Sixth went to Brian Singleton. Randle developed a miss in the engine early in the quick six and dropped out. The finish was Proctor, Rapp, Frost, Wiles, and Singleton. In the pits it was discovered that Randle had lost a push rod. Repairs were made and Randle was set to start 6th in the feature when the rains came. They will run double features at Clarksville next Saturday.



8/1/03 - Randle takes heat and feature wins in his #182 Open Wheel Modified at Paducah on Friday night. See www.racingcorner.com for details.



7/15/03 - It appears that delays in getting engine parts will postpone the return of the Burr Motorsports team until at least the weekend of July 26. Look for more updates next week.



7/5/03 - With the #33 Late Model sidelined while awaiting parts to repair a blown engine, Randle wins the $1,000 to win special for Open Wheel Modifieds at Soggy Bottom Speedway. The team hopes to have the Late Model repaired in time for the July 19 races at Clarksville Speedway. Parts are not expected to be available in time for the July 12 weekend.


7/2/03 - Randle qualified the #33 Burr Motorsports Ford third fastest at the UMP Summer Nationals event at Clarksville Speedway Wednesday night. The top 15 out of 26 cars were Billy Moyer (12.475), Don O’Neal (12.492), Randle (12.629), Billy Drake (12.720), Dennis Erb (12.731), Terry English (12.768), Shannon Babb (12.818), Tony Albright (12.848), Duke Whiseant (12.872), Jeep Van Wormer (12.962), Kevin Weaver (12.983), Justin Rapp (13.048), Mike Chandler (13.072), Wendell Wallace (13.113), and Chuck Proctor (13.116). The top six drew for position in the dash. Randle would start sixth outside of Moyer. The front row would be O’Neal and Erb. Second row would be English and Drake. Filling out the field would be Babb, Weaver, and Albright. In the early going Randle would have to get on the brakes to avoid running over Moyer. Babb would take advantage of the situation and move under Randle to take over sixth. Randle ran several laps trying to regain the coveted sixth position to be locked into a top six starting spot in the feature, but to no avail. Shortly thereafter, a rod would break in the motor and would quickly end the planned four day Summer Nationals tour for the team. O’Neal would take the dash and the 40 lap feature event.


6/28/03 - Saturday night at Clarksville Speedway Randle set fast time, won the quick six dash, and won the feature! The great night of racing started when Randle qualified a half a second faster than any other Late Model on the high banked quarter mile at Clarksville, Tennessee. Randle turned a fast lap of 12.754 to start on the pole of the quick six. Second fast time went to Justin Rapp with a 13.238, followed by Mike Chandler with a 13.328, and Gary Frost with a 13.491. Rapp would start outside of Randle in the dash. Second row would be Tony Albright and Frost. On the tail would be David Miller. Chandler experienced problems and was unable to make the call for the dash. Randle had a little trouble getting off turn two on the first lap and was bunched up with Rapp and Albright. However, on the second lap Randle had it running smoothly and he was not challenged again and he would take the win. The first six in the feature lineup would be Randle on the inside of Albright on row one, Frost and Rapp on row two, and Miller and Chandler on row three. Randle would hold to the inside into turn one on lap one with Albright on the outside. Exiting two Randle would have the lead with Albright and Frost a close second and third. Frost would take the second position from Albright but would not hold it long as Albright and Frost would make contact in between turns one and two and both would nearly spin and wind up running through the infield. This would give Randle a large lead that would remain for the entire race. After having a complete restart early, the 20 lap feature would be run caution free. Randle would battle lapped cars the whole race, but with the big lead he could be somewhat cautious. At the end he had lapped all but Albright, Frost, Richard Frost, and Chandler and was running behind Chandler at the checkers. Next up will be the UMP Summer Nationals $6,000 to win race at Clarksville on Wednesday night, July 2.


6/21/03 - On Saturday night, Randle and the team went to Soggy Bottom Speedway near Morgantown, Kentucky to compete in the $3,000 to win Battle of the Bluegrass (BOB) sanctioned event. In hot laps Randle turned a 15.28 lap that was significantly faster than any of the other front runners that were clocked and that would have been good enough for second place in qualifying. However, the #33 Burr Motorsports Ford was very tight in the corners. Adjustments were made before qualifying, but no improvement occurred. Conversely, the problem was worse and Randle’s qualifying time was significantly slower than he hot lapped. This placed him 15th overall. The team would continue to work on the handling during the night, but without success. Randle would start 8th in his heat and would spend the race trying to get around the BOB regular front runner Jesse James Lay. Randle would have no luck in making the pass and finished 8th. The top eight at the finish would be Dustin Neat, Aaron Hatton, Michael Chilton, Scott James, Whitney McQuery, Chuck Proctor, Lay, and Randle. Randle would start the feature in 15th. Randle pitted a couple of times under caution to repair some front in damage and to replace a tire. This put him back to 17th. Randle was able to pass a couple of cars, which coupled with attrition, put him up to 13th. However, at this point it appeared he was not going to make any further progress and he decide to pull off. The team would be credited with a 15th place finish. Aaron Hatton would take the win over Mike Marlar and Scott James.


6/20/03 - Randle qualified ninth at Paducah on Friday night. He started fifth in his heat and finished there behind Randy Sellars, Bill Millikan, Joe Morris, and Kyle Monroe. In the feature Randle started tenth. He made his way up to fifth and had his sight set on Rod Reed for fourth place when a cut right rear tire on lap 17 forced him from the race. He would be credited with a thirteenth place finish. The win would go to Sellars followed by Jeremy Williams, Millikan, and Reed.


6/15/03 - Randle was in victory lane at Windy Hollow Speedway in Owensboro, Kentucky on Sunday night. After winning the Late Model feature at Clarksville Speedway Saturday night, Randle took his #182 Open Wheel Modified to the special $1,000 to win race on Sunday and scored his second win of the weekend.


6/14/03 - Randle and the crew did some reengineering on the rear suspension of their #33 Rayburn chassis during the week. They were confident that the changes would be beneficial, but the proof would be on the track. And it didn’t take long to see that the changes took them in the right direction. Randle promptly set fast time as the thunder of the UMP Late Models was rolling at Clarksville Saturday night. Five cars would turn sub-thirteen second laps in qualifying led by Randle with a 12.547. Second would be Gary Frost (12.551) followed by Chuck Proctor (12.685), Tony Albright (12.747), and Mike Chandler (12.835). They would start straight up in the quick six dash with Randle on the front row inside of Frost. It was still too early in the evening for the inside groove. Frost would take the lead and hold it to the checkered flag. Frost would get crossed up a couple of times in turn two, but Randle was unable to take advantage of the miscues on the low side. Following Frost and Randle would be Chandler, Proctor, Albright, and Justin Rapp. That’s the way they would line up for the feature except that Albright would not be able to compete as he broke an axle in hot laps shortly before the feature. Frost would elect to start on the outside. That decision looked like a good one as he jumped to the lead on the start. However, the handling problems that Frost experienced in the dash would continue in the feature. This time Randle and Proctor were both able to take advantage of the situation and move around Frost. Randle would have a sizable lead until a caution would fly for a spin by Rapp. A battle for the lead would then develop between Randle and Proctor. Randle was stronger in turns three and four and Proctor was better in one and two. Proctor was able to pull to the inside of Randle’s Ford powered Late Model repeatedly in turn two but was unable to pass. However, lapped traffic would soon have a major impact on the race. Randle and Proctor came upon two slower cars running side by side. Unfortunately, the one in front of Randle slowed allowing Proctor to move past for the lead. Randle then became the pursuer and would have to hunt for a way around Proctor. Lapped traffic would quickly play a role again. This time a lapped car would impede Proctor, allowing Randle to dive underneath him exiting turn two and retake the lead. At this point Randle would move to a lower groove on the track and would be noticeably faster. Proctor was not able to catch back up with Randle. Randle would motor on to a feature win.


6/07/03 - Randle qualified third at Clarksville Saturday night. Fast time went to Tony Albright with a very fast 12.481. Chuck Proctor was second with a 12.591. Randle turned a 12.621. Fourth was Gary Frost with a 12.648, followed by Justin Rapp with a 12.823 and Shawn Granderson with a 13.160. There were 17 late models on hand. The quick six line up was Albright and Proctor on the front row, Randle and Frost on the second, and Rapp and Granderson on the third. The outside groove was the place to be during the quick six. All cars starting on the outside advanced one position. The finish was Proctor, Albright, Frost, Randle, Granderson, and Rapp. As a result Randle would begin the feature in fourth spot. At the start Randle was able to move up to third ahead of Frost and behind Albright and Proctor. It was a very tight battle early on as they would be three wide for the lead at one point in turn two. Proctor kept working the inside of Albright and was able to make the pass for the lead. As they worked lapped traffic the top three would get spread out. However, a caution with three laps to go would bunch them back up. At that point Randle was able to put pressure on Albright. Randle took the Burr Motorsports Ford to the outside of Ablright coming off turn two, but was squeezed towards the wall and had to lift. Randle made a couple of more attempts to get around Albright coming off of turn four but could not make the pass. The finish would be Proctor, Albright, Randle, Frost, Mike Chandler, and Rapp. In the Open Wheel Modified, Randle set fast time and was leading the feature when his #182 would jump the cushion between turns three and four and hit the retaining wall with the right rear tire. This would cause damage to the rear end and force Randle from the race.


5/31/03 - Dissatisfied with the handling in recent outings, the Burr Motorsports team made some major changes to chassis setup of the #33 Ford Late Model. Those changes appeared to pay off as Randle again set fast time at Clarksville. He would also set fast time in his #182 Open Wheel Modified. In the quick six for the Late Models Tony Albright had the preferred outside front row starting position and used it to take the win with Randle finishing second. In the feature Ablright would select the outside starting position again. This time Randle was able to get the jump on him from the inside on the start. However, not everyone completed a lap and a restart would be necessary. Randle again would get the jump and move into the lead. However, another restart would be required. Because of multiple restarts, the race would be started in single file with Randle behind Albright. This time Randle would have to take the Full Throttle, Tommy's Auto Machine, Dunn Trucking Ford to the outside to get around Albright. Randle was up to the task and had the lead by the end of the first lap. Randle would have a four to five car length lead with eight laps to go when the left axle tube would break. This caused the axle, brake rotor, caliper, etc. to break as well. For the third time this year Randle would be leading the feature and headed for a sure win when some mechanical failure would force him from the race. Randle also experienced some problems in the Open Wheel feature and had to settle for a disappointing 4th place finish


5/25/03 - On Sunday Randle took his Open Wheel Modified to Vermilion County Speedway for the $5,000 to win David Richardson Memorial. There he quailified 18th out of over 120 cars. There were 15 or 16 cars in each heat. The top two from each heat went to the main event. Randle won his heat and started 7th in the feature. He was able to take his #182 Sweeney Logging modified as high as second where he ran for many laps. Randle challenged for the lead a couple of times until his tires gave up. He was able to hang on for a strong 3rd place finish. At the finish it was Jim Leka, Denny Swartz, Randle, Danny Swartz, and Jimmy Owens.


5/24/03 - Randle was second quick in qualifying Saturday at Clarksville with a time of 12.826. Tony Albright set fast time with a 12.699. Others in the top six were Mike Chandler - 13.070, Chris Cook - 13.406, Justin Rapp - 13.673, and David Miller - 13.932. Randle started the quick six outside front row with Albright on the pole. Chandler started on the inside of the second row with Cook on the outside. The inside was the place to be as Chandler was able to pass Randle on the inside for second. Randle was able to move to the inside and chase Chandler for the second spot. Towards the end of the race Randle was able to get under Chandler coming down the front stretch and beat him into turn one. However, contact was made between Randle's right rear and Chandler's left front. This dropped both to the rear where Chandler would finish 5th and Randle 6th. Albright would cruise to victory. The top six in the feature lineup would be Albright, Cook, Rapp, Miller, Chandler and Randle. Randle and Chandler were faster than Rapp and Miller but were hung up behind them for several laps. By the time they got around them Chandler was ahead of Randle. They would both begin catching Cook who was in 2nd behind Albright. Cook's car would prove to be very wide, but Chandler would eventually overtake him for second. The #33 Ford did not have enought bite on the low side, and Randle would have to settle for 4th. At least both Randle and the car finished in one piece.


5/23/03 - At Paducah Friday night, Randle qualified right behind UMP national champion Terry English. Unfortunately, English qualified 12th and Randle 13th. There were 23 Late Models on hand. Fast time went to Randy Sellars. Randle started 7th in the first heat behind Sellers, Joe Morris, Rod Reed, Jaryd Holshouser, Lee Thomason, and Brian Maynard. Randle finished 5th trailing Sellers, Thomason, Morris, and Jeremy Williams. Randle would start 9th in the feature. Sellers, Randy Korte, English, Morris, Phil Walker, Williams and Eddie Pace would make up the top eight at the start. Randle would get by Pace, but later would have to check up to avoid Walker and would be dropped back to 10th. Shortly thereafter a rock would enter the cockpit and strike Randle in the face shield with such force that Randle suffered a nasty cut and significant swelling above the eye. Randle was running the top of the track between turns three and four when struck. This caused him to hit the wall. The car suffered only minor damage, however Randle had to be attended to by the paramedics and was unable to continue. Randle's injury is not thought to be serious. --- In his open wheel modified, Randle set fast time. He had a comfortable lead in the first heat when engine problems would force him to exit. All-in-all, not a very good night at the races.


5/17/03 - Despite the predictions of a 70% change of rain, the rolling thunder of the UMP Late Models was heard at Clarksvills Speedway Saturday night. The track was smooth and fast. Five Late Models turned times of under 13 seconds. Randle was the fastest of the bunch turning a blistering 12.518 seconds. That is the fastest qualifying time of the year so far at Clarksville. Tony Albright was second with a 12.542. He was followed by Rod Reed (12.660), Gary Frost (12.788), and Bronson Berry (12.789). Randle started the quick six dash on the pole with Albright outside. Albright would beat Randle into turn one and assume the lead. The setup would prove not to be what it needed to be and both Frost and Berry would get underneath Randle and move him back to fourth. Finishing behind Randle would be Reed and Richard Frost. The first six in the feature lineup would be Albright, G. Frost, Berry, Randle, Reed, R. Frost. Randle would move up to third on the first lap. However, Berry would make a move on the inside and retake third. Both Berry and Randle would move below Frost to take second and third. Randle would keep working on Berry and would soon move past him into second. At this point the mission was to overtake Albright. Randle would make some gains, but Albright would then make up any lost ground. Albright would take the win and Randle would finish second. Third would be Berry, fourth, G. Frost, fifth R. Frost, and sixth would be Gary Johnson.


5/16/03 - Tires, tires, tires, my kingdom for some tires! That could have well been heard around the Burr Motorsports trailer Friday night at McCoy Motor Speedway. While practically everyone else was running D21s, Randle was using LM20s. Tony Albright was also on LM20s and neither of them made the feature event. Randle and the team were planning to run at Paducah, but when that show was rained out they decided to make a run at McCoy. They knew they would be at a disadvantage on tires, but didn't want to put a lot of money in tires they might not run again this year. Randle qualified 13th among the 29 fast Late Models on hand for the Battle of the Bluegrass 40 lap feature paying $3,000 to win. Randle started fifth in his heat and had moved up into the 4th place transfer spot but his tires went away as the race went on. He finished seventh. Randle would start the A consi in eight, needing to move up to fourth to make the feature. He would make it up to sixth, but that would be it. The next stop will be Clarksville on Saturday.


5/10/03 - The Burr Motorsports team made its first visit to Mt. Vernon, Illinois on Saturday night. No hot lap sessions were held. Randle's first laps would be in qualifying. Undetered, Randle qualified second fastest in a field of 22 strong Late Models. Fast time went to Rodney Melvin. Third was Joe Morris followed by Bill Milikin, Terry English, Bobby Melvin and the number 78 of Cole (Martin?). Other noteables in the field of 22 included Jimmy Burwell, Gary Keeling, and Mike Hammerle. They started the quick six straight up. Randle was running second until the #33 Ford pushed out between turns three and four. This let Joe Morris and Terry English slide underneath. The finish would be R. Melvin, Morris, English, Randle, #78, and Milikin. That's the way they would line up for the 25 lap feature. At the start of the feature the #78 would be able to get underneath Randle to take over fourth. However, Randle quickly made the pass to retake fourth. Morris would inherit the lead when Rodney Melvin retired from the race. Randle was running with Morris and English in third but was eventulally passed by Bobby Melvin and had to settle for a fourth place finish. It appeared that English had made the winning pass on Morris on the white flag lap. However, per the score board and the official ruling, the flagman put out the white flag one lap too late. Therefore the victory was given to Morris.


5/03/03 - Randle qualified second fastest at Clarksville Speedway Saturday night. Fast time went to Gary Frost with a 12.875 followed by Randle with a 12.991, Mike Chandler with a 13.347, Shawn Ganderson with a 13.443, Tony Albright with a 13.531, and Chris Cook with a 13.628. The quick six started straight up with Randle on the outside of Frost on the front row. Randle would take the lead at the start and never be challanged. Frost would take second followed by Chandler, Albright, Cook, and Ganderson. Randle elected to start on the outside of the front row in the feature. Frost would be on the inside. Row two would be Chandler and Albright. Row three would be Cook and Ganderson. Randle would again jump to the lead at the start. Each lap Randle would gradually extend his lead. Frost, Chandler, and Cook would be running behind Randle. Albright experienced mechanical difficulties in the first few laps and retired for the evening. Randle's only concern would appear to be lapped traffic, which he was skillfully moving through. Then, on lap nine of the twenty lap feature, Randle's #33 machine acquired a severe vibration that forced him to leave the track. It would be the second time this year that Randle would be leading the feature and apparently headed for a win when he would have to exit with mechanical failure. The apparent sure feature win was lost due to a broken u-joint. Randle also dropped out of the open wheel feature with a broken a-frame. It appears that Randle and the Burr Motorsports team will not be competing at Clarksville Speedway next Saturday as sprint cars will be running at Clarksville and management has announced that the purse for late models next week will be cut in half. Check the "Schedule" section in the next few days for where Randle will be running.


4/26/03 - Randle qualified fourth at Clarksville Saturday night. Fast time went to Gary Frost followed by Tony Albright and Mike Chandler. Randle started the quick six in the second row outside of Chandler. Frost and Albright were on the front row. Chandler held on to the third spot at the start. Randle spends several laps working to make the pass for third. Finally, he completes the pass of Chandler on the low side in turn one. By this time it is too late to challange Albright or Frost. Albright would take the win. In the feature Albright elected to start on the outside of the front row with Frost on the inside. Randle would start inside of Chandler. Randle would be running third on lap two when contact from Chandler between turns one and two would result in Randle spinning to the infield. On the restart Chandler would be sent to the rear of the field. Randle would be running on the rear bumpers of Albright and Frost who were battling for the lead. Unfortunately the brake line to the left front wheel would break resulting in Randle having no front brakes and deminished rear brakes. He was able to hang on to third and to even challenge Albright for second on several occasions. But without the brakes he was at a serious disadvantage. Randle would bring the #33 Ford home in third place. In his #182 Open Wheel Modified Randle had a great night. He set fast time, won the quick six and the feature!


4/19/03 - Randle set fast time at Clarksville Saturday night. He turned a 12.782 and was the only car under 13 seconds. He was followed by Larry Joe Seay, Tony Albright, Gary Frost, and Chris Cook. Randle then won the quick six over Albright, Frost, Cook, Seay, and the #14 (Marlin?). In the feature, Randle put the #33 Ford Late Model in the lead at the start and appeared to be headed for his second victory of the year until mechanical failure forced him to leave the track. Randle thought the right front had gone flat. The problem however was that the right front brake was locking up. Randle was credited with a tenth place finish. There were 21 Late Models on hand. Randle experienced more heart break in the Open Wheel $2,000 to win feature. He led much of the way in a tight battle with Ricky Arms and Mike Marlar. Contact from a lapped car caused Randle to spin on the last lap. No caution was thrown and Randle was robbed of a second place finish.


4/12/03 - Randle qualified the Full Throttle, Tommy's Auto Machine, Dunn Trucking Dirt Late Model in 2nd position at Clarksville Speedway Saturday night. Fast time went to Gary Frost. Third fast was Tony Albright. He was followed by Chuck Proctor, Bronson Berry, and Rod Reed. They would start the quick six straight up. Albright would pick up his first feature win of the year. He would be followed by Frost, Proctor, Berry, and Reed.


4/11/03 - Randle qualified 23rd among 37 fast UMP Late Models from Kentucky, Tennessee, Indiana, Illinois, and Missouri at the UMP Challange Series event in Paducah, KY. Randle started 7th in the second heat. Only the top four would make the feature. Others would have to compete in a 12 lap consilation race. Randle worked his way up to the much wanted 4th spot to transfer to the 30 lap feature event. He was challanging Rodney Melvin for 3rd in the final laps. First and second in the heat would be Brian Maynard and Joe Morris. Randle would start the #33 Ford in 17th position in the feature. He would move to the high side and begin moving past competitors ond-by-one until he came upon Jeremy Williams who was also running the high side. Randle would have to let up coming out of the corners to avoid running into Williams. Randle would take the #33 to the inside to attempt to get around Williams, but it would not hook up down low. He would have to move back to the outside and would again be stuck behind Williams. On several occasions Randle would move past the 8th place finishing #27 of Melvin, but with the high side blocked he could not hold the position. With three laps to go Randle could feel the right rear tire going down. This would cost him several positions at the finish as the tire was completely flat as he exited the track. The race was won by Randy Korte over Terry English. For complete results see www.racingcorner.com/race_results/pir%2004-11-2003.htm.


4/05/03 - It was another cold night at Clarksville Speedway as the first ever UMP Challenge Series event would take place. There were approximately 30 Late Models on hand for the event. Fast time would go to Terry English with a 13.253. He would be followed by Brett Seivert, Kevin Weaver, Randy Korte, Justin Algier. Randle would be the fastest Clarksville regular with an eighth fast time. The six fastest plus three provisionals would start the dash. Tony Albright and Chuck Proctor would get two of the provisional spots based upon last year's points. English would take the $300 winner's money for the dash. He would be followed by Brian Shirley, Albright, Weaver, Korte, Algier, Proctor, Hillard Miller, and Seivert. The last three finishers would have to run in the first three heats. Randle would start on the front row of heat one outside of Proctor. Randle would jump to the lead on lap one and never be challenged. He would be followed by Proctor, Cody Hupp, Eric Smith, Rylan Dagg, and Brian Singleton. Randle's #33 Ford would emit a huge plume of smoke as he pulled off the track after the victory. Fortunately it was only oil coming from the oil breather and burning off the headers. Randle would lineup seventh for the 30 lap feature race. There were several restarts before the race could get underway. Albright would be eliminated in the first crash leading to a restart. This moved Randle up to fifth on the starting grid. On the next restart Randle would get under Weaver and move up to fourth. However, a multiple car spin would bring another restart. On the next restart Weaver would cut down in front of Randle in turn two and get out of shape with Korte. Randle would be forced to spin to avoid colliding with Weaver. Track officials would rule that Randle was the cause of the caution and send him to the rear. Randle persevered and worked his way into the top ten. However, he would go a lap down to English. Under track rules this would put him at the rear of the cars on the lead lap. Although he would pass the eighth and ninth place cars, he would be created with a tenth place finish. Considering the beating and banging going on around him, the Burr Motorsports Late Model was in pretty good shape after the race. Had Randle not be forced to start at the rear, there was a high probability of a top five finish. Though no one appeared to have anything for English.


3/29/03 - It was a cold night at Clarksville Speedway and the track was soft and rough. But thanks to Tommy Jerles working the box scraper throughout the night, the track was in pretty good shape by feature time. Randle was pulling double duty tonight as he competed in his Open Wheel Modified and in the Burr Motorsports Late Model. He qualified sixth in his Open Wheel. He started on the tail end of the Open Wheel quick six and finished third. He started third in the Open Wheel feature and took it to the front to claim the first feature win of the night. In the Late Model he qualified third with a time of 13.312. Tony Albright was fastest with a time of 13.071 followed by Gary Frost with a 13.090. Randle started in third the quick six and that was where he finished. After winning the Open Wheel feature he climbed from the number 182 Modified and strapped into the number 33 Ford Late Model. He would start third in the Late Model feature as he had in the Modified feature. Albright and Frost would start on the front row. Starting behind Randle would be Gary Johnson and Shawn (Ganderson?)in the number 41. Randle would fall in behind Frost at the start and would spend several laps racing with him until Frost made a bobble coming out of turn four and Randle would pull by him on the inside. By this time Albright would have a significant lead. However, Randle would quickly close the gap and begin pressuring Albright for the lead. At one point Albright and Randle would run upon the number 0 of Woodcock. Albright went to the outside and Randle to the inside of Woodcock as they entered turn three. Both survived and continued the battle for the lead. On lap twelve Albright would slip slightly in turn four. At that point Randle made a move to the inside and passed Albright for the lead. Once around Albright, Randle pulled away and took the checkers with a half track lead. Albright would place second followed by Frost. It was a great night with Randle starting third in both features and driving to back-to-back wins!


3/22/03 - It was a great night for racing at Clarksville Speedway. The track was fast and the crowd got their money's worth in the late model feature. Three cars broke the 13 second mark in qualifying. Tony Albright set fast time with a 12.623, Randle, driving the current Burr Motorsports #33 for the first time, was second with a 12.799, and Missouri's Ed Dixon was third with a 12.914. They were followed by Larry Seay and Chuck Proctor. Instead of a quick six, two heat races were held. The odd qualifiers were in the first heat and the even qualifiers were in the second. Albright, driving a Rayburn chassis won the first heat over Dixon and Proctor. Randle would start on the pole in the second heat and win going away. In the feature Albright gets his choice and elects to start outside front row. Randle starts on the inside followed by Dixon, Seay, and Proctor. Albright takes the lead on the start. Randle runs behind him in second until lap five when he begins pulling along side Albright on the inside. A caution comes out and puts Randle back behind Albright. On the restart Randle again starts pressuring Albright on the inside. On lap eight Albright moves to the inside. Randle then immediately moves to the outside and passes Albright for the lead. Randle would then gradually extend his lead while Albright, Dixon, and Proctor would battle for second. On lap 18 Albright looses a left rear wheel. Dixon goes over the rear of Albright and up on the wall. That would end the night for both. After an extensive red flag period to get Dixon off the wall, the race is restarted with four laps to go. After the stop Randle's #33 doesn't hook up as well as it had been running. With two laps to go Proctor takes the lead on the inside. Randle would have to settle for second place ahead of Seay. Overall, the first night of the reunion of Randle and the Burr Motorsports team went well with a second in qualifying, a heat win, and a second in the feature. Still, it was a tough loss. If it hadn't been for the caution due to the Albright Dixon collision, it was a sure win. The team will try again next week at Clarksville.


3/15/03 - Randle finishes 22nd in the 4th Annual Dirt Works Justin Stanfill Memorial at West Plains Motor Speedway. There were 160 Modifieds on hand for the event. Randle took home $840 for his efforts.


3/15/03 - Greg Burr, the youngest member of Burr Motorsports at age nine, takes second place in a field of 80 entries at the Robertson County (TN) Baptist Association pine wood derby. Greg fielded a replica of the #33 Burr Motorsports Dirt Late Model. See the Pictures section.


2/22/03 - Phil Burr is pleased to announce that Randle Sweeney will  return as the driver of the #33 Burr Motorsports Dirt Late Model for the 2003 season.  Randle first drove for the team in the Clarksville Triples in 1998 and immediately drove the car to its first feature win.  Randle  was the driver in 1999 and 2000 and claimed a total of eight feature wins.  Randle has had an outstanding career driving UMP Modifieds.  In 2001 and 2002 Randle fielded his own Late Model in addition to his Modified duties.  For 2003 Randle will continue to run Modified races along with competing in the Late Model division.  Burr Motorsports looks forward to a great season with Randle behind the wheel. 


2/15/03 - After two successful seasons with the Burr Motorsports team, Steve Ryan steps down as the driver of the #33 Ford late model.  It was a tough decision and Steve and the team remain friends. Burr Motorsports wishes to thank Steve for the great job he did driving the car for the last two years.  The team wishes him much success in the future.