11/06/04, Winchester, TN – There were close to 60 late models at Winchester Speedway for the $3,000 to win event. They qualified in three groups, with the fastest four in each group advancing to the feature. Randle qualified 16th in his group. This placed him 12th in the starting field of his consi, from which the top four would advance to the feature. The track was rubbered up and there was virtually no passing. Randle was unable to advance and did not make the show. Randle and the team will now begin preparing for the 2005 season.

10/24/04, Calvert City, KY – Randle qualified a solid 12th among a field of 49 Late Models at the Commonwealth Cup at KLMS. Randle then finished 2nd in his heat to make the starting field for the feature. The #33 Ford again developed handling problems causing Randle to pull out around the halfway point of the race. Randle was credited with a 23rd place finish.

The following results were provided by "dkantanen" on 4m.net. Feature results....... 1. Steve Francis.......Started 3rd (Passed Bloomquist on turn 4 last lap) 2. Scott Bloomquist.......Started 4th 3. Dennis Erb.......Started 14th 4. Scott James.......Started 1st 5. Brad Neat.......Started 5th 6. Terry English.......Started 10th 7. Eddie Carrier Jr........Started 18th 8. Darren Miller.......Started 9th (Blew motor turn 3 last lap)-Did not finish 3rd!! 9. Shannon Babb.......Started 20th 10. John Tindall.......Started 21st 11. Donnie Moran.......Started 8th 12. Greg Johnson.......Started 7th 13. Jeep Van Wormer.......Started 13th 14. Brian Birkhofer.......Started 12th 15. John Mason.......Started 22nd 16. Ted Loomis.......Started 17th 17. John Blankenship.......Started 23rd 18. Patrick Sheltra.......Started 15th 19. Jeff Glisson.......Started 25th 20. Tim Brown.......Started 16th 21. Ed Dixon.......Started 19th 22. Richie Hedrick.......Started 24th 23. Randle Sweeney........Started 11th 24. Kerry Hansen.......Started 6th 25. Randy Sellars........Started 2nd

Those are the results I got...........may be a little off with the last few given lapped traffic and such.............Great run by Francis....Bloomer was leading the whole race. Qualifying........ 1. 27H Kerry Hansen..........15.388 2. 41 Brad Neat...............15.520 3. 15 Steve Francis..........15.709 4. 83 Scott James............15.725 5. 18 Shannon Babb..........15.725 (Motor problems, pulled backup car out and started in rear of heat #4) 6. 3 Randy Sellars............15.849 7. 0 Scott Bloomquist.......15.918 8. J4 Greg Johnson............15.967 9. 23 John Blankenship.......15.995 10. 32D Darren Miller............16.138 11. 96 Terry English............16.179 12. 33 Randle Sweeney........16.253 13. T14 Tim Brown...............16.298 14. 72 John Mason..............16.321 15. c12 Chris Carlson............16.340 16. 23 Patrick Sheltra...........16.380 17. 15B Brian Birkhofer..........16.382 18. 55 Jeep Van Wormer.......16.395 19. 28 Dennis Erb...............16.490 20. 8 Eddie Pace...............16.500 21. 99 Donnie Moran...........16.539 22. 23 Ted Loomis..............16.548 23. 33s Michael Steele..........16.594 24. 28c Eddie Carrier Jr... .....16.598 25. 43 Brett Owen...............16.746 26. 7m Michael Bradley.........16.848 27. 5 Keith Sloccumb...........16.859 28. 12 Jeff Glisson...............16.916 29. 99 Johnny Johnson..........16.929 30. 55 Brad Lidiky................17.010 31. 00 Randy Korte...............17.023 32. 34 Scott Hilliard..............17.125 33. 0 Richie Hedrick.............17.157 34. 99 Dylan Thompson.........17.231 35. 15n Rick Norris................17.310 36. 50 Ed Dixon...................17.384 37. 5m Mike Friar..................17.460 38. 1 Wes Steidenger...........17.507 39. 81 Kevin Cole................17.515 40. 4 Joe Mike..................17.531 41. 19 Chad Smith...............17.616 42. 81 Greg Smith...............17.640 43. 26 Don Edwards............17.654 44. 7 John Tindal.................17.681 45. U2 Kevin Jolly.................17.785 46. 83 Joe Morris................17.910 47. A25 Anthony Fergeson.....18.139......Blew motor on lap 2 48. 25 Kyle Watlick..............18.720 49. 6 Tait Davenport.......No Time, crashed turn 2 on lap 1

Heat results.........Top 3 transfer!!!

Heat #1 1. Greg Johnson...........Started 1st 2. Randle Sweeney.......Started 2nd 3. Patrick Sheltra.........Started 3rd 4. Eddie Pace..............Started 4th 5. Keith Sloccumb........Started 6th 6. Michael Steele.........Started 5th 7. Rick Norris...............Started 7th 8. Kevin Cole...............Started 8th 9. Don Edwards...........Started 9th 10. Joey Ligneaur.........Started 10th Randy Korte Did Not Start Heat..........unknown problem??

Heat #2.......Amazing heat race (Moran vs. Birkhofer, WOW!!) 1. Donnie Moran...........Started 4th 2. Brian Birkhofer..........Started 3rd 3. Tim Brown...............Started 2nd 4. Ed Dixon.................Started 8th 5. Jeff Glisson..............Started 6th 6. John Tindal.............Started 5th 7. Scott Hilliard............Started 7th 8. Kevin Jolly...............Started 9th 9. John Blankenship.......Started 1st (Flat tire, pulled off) Joe Mike and Kyle Watlick DID NOT START HEAT race.

Heat #3 1. Darren Miller.............Started 1st 2. Jeep Van Wormer......Started 3rd 3. Ted Loomis..............Started 4th 4. Joe Mason...............Started 2nd 5. Johnny Johnson........Started 6th 6. Richie Hedrick...........Started 7th 7. Brett Owen..............Started 5th 8. Chad Smith...............Started 11th 9. Joe Morris................Started 10th 10. Joe Mike.................Started 9th 11. Mike Friar................Started 8th (Spun on lap 3, sent to back of group)

Heat #4 1. Terry English.............Started 1st 2. Dennis Erb................Started 3rd 3. Eddie Carrier Jr..........Started 4th 4. Shannon Babb...........Started 8th (Started last in heat due to bringing out back up car) 5. Michael Bradley.........Started 5th 6. Brad Lidiky................Started 6th 7. Dylan Thompson........Started 7th (Slowed, pulled off track) 8. Chris Carlson.............Started 2nd (Slowed, pulled off and packed it up at end of heat)

Consi races........Top 3 transfer to feature!!

Consi #1 1. Ed Dixon.................Started 2nd 2. John Tindal..............Started 4th 3. John Blankenship.......Started 8th Total of 9 cars started consi #1, didnt get full rundown on Consi.

Consi #2 1. Shannon Babb..........Started 2nd 2. John Mason..............Started 1st 3. Richie Hedrick...........Started 5th Didnt get full rundown on Consi.

10/22/04, Calvert City, KY – Randle qualified 19th out of 60 Late Models at Kentucky Lake Motor Speedway Friday night. This resulted in Randle starting his heat from the inside of the second row. Randle needed to finish third to make the feature. At the start Randle took control of the third spot and was looking good for the first two laps. Then the car developed a bad push on accelaration. Randle fought it for a couple more laps but then had to take it to the pits. Randle would then need to try to make the feature through a consi. However, Randle was scheduled to run in the last modified consi and the second Late Model consi. Randle won the Open Wheel consi, but did not get to the lineup shute in time to make the Late Model consi.

10/16/04, Bardstown, KY – Randle participated in both the Late Model and Open Wheel portions of the Dirt Track World Championship at Bluegrass Speedway. Because Randle was driving both cars, rules at the track prevented Randle from getting any practice in either car. That proved to be not too much of a handicap in the Open Wheel where Randle qualified 6th out of 79 cars. It was a different story in the Late Model where Randle qualified 50th out of 93 Late Models. Randle started 7th and finished 6th in his Late Model heat race. This put him 9th on the starting grid in the 3rd consi. The car skated to the outside of turn one early in the 20 lap event, allowing two cars to get by Randle. He was able to work his way up to 7th and was faster than the 6th place car but could never complete a pass. He would finish 7th in the 26 car field. In the Open Wheel feature, Randle started 12th and raced his way up to a 3rd place finish.

10/14/04, Bardstown, KY – Randle put his #182 Open Wheel Modified into the $2,000 to win feature on Saturday night by virtue of his second place finish in his heat race on Thursday night. He will be attempting to do the same with the #33 Burr Motorsports Late Model on Friday. Randle will start 12th in the Open Wheel feature.

10/10/04, Rossburg, OH – Randle took the #182 Open Wheel to Eldora Speedway for the Fall Nationals. He quailfied 7th out of 163 cars. They inverted the top six qualifiers in the heats. Randle made it up to 3rd, missing 2nd by a foot. In the first consilation race, Randle started 3rd. He was able get a 2nd place finish and move to the feature. In the feature Randle finished 15th. See www.eldoraspeedway.com/results.html for complete results. Randle plans to run at the Dirt Track World Championship this week. He will be taking the Open Wheel. At this time it is undecided whether he will have the Late Model on hand.

10/02/04, Clarksville, TN – Randle turned a blistering time of 12.482 around the high banked red clay quarter mile at Clarksville Speedway Saturday night. That was over half a second better than second fastest qualifier Carnell Parker who turned a lap of 13.046. Third fast was Gary Johnson with a 13.107. Fourth was Richard Frost at 13.274.

The quick six line up was Randle, Parker, Johnson, R. Frost, Jason Estes, and Gary Frost. The track was still greasy on the inside where Randle started. This allowed Parker to get a jump at the start and move to the lead. Randle tried to move up on the inside, but the car began handling very erratically. This was apparently due to a bad shock. Randle was able to hang on for a second place finish behind Parker and ahead of R. Frost, Johnson, G. Frost, and Estes.

Parker elected to start on the outside in the feature with Randle on the inside. Parker and Randle went side by side down the front straight and into turn one. In turn two Randle got the better bite and moved ahead exiting the corner. A caution would come out resulting in a complete restart. Randle and Parker would repeat the first start with Randle taking the lead off turn two. Randle began to pull away and had a straight away lead by lap six. At this point Randle began working lapped traffic but maintained his advantage. With two laps to go a caution would come out and give Parker a chance to race Randle for the lead. However, Randle was able stay out front and take win number eleven in the Burr Motorsports, Full Throttle, Dunn’s Trucking, Tommy’s Auto Machine Ford.

Randle will not be running the Late Model next week. He will be traveling to Eldora Speedway in Ohio for the Fall Nationals Open Wheel show. He hopes to pick up enough points to move into the top ten in national points.

9/25/04, Clarksville, TN - For the second straight year, the fans at Clarksville Speedway voted Randle the Most Popular Driver in the Late Model division! Randle says THANK YOU to the fans! Your support is greatly appreciated. Randle also thanks his sponsors: Full Throttle Race Parts & Equipment, Dunn's Trucking, and Tommy's Auto Machine. Also a special thanks to Burr Motorsports and Frank Ofria Race Engines.

9/25/04, Clarksville, TN – Randle topped the field of 21 late models in qualifying at Clarksville Speedway with a lap of 12.894. He was followed by Tony Albright (13.067), Gary Frost (13.179), Bronson Berry (13.183), Richard Frost (13.356), and Ronnie Frost (13.515). Randle started on the pole in the dash and led 7 and ½ laps of the 8 lap event before being passed by Albright on the back stretch.

The top six lineup for the Season Championship feature would be Albright, Randle, Gary Frost, Berry, Richard Frost, and Ronnie Frost. Albright and Randle diced for the lead on the first lap before Randle moved ahead. He was then able to build a six to eight car length lead that would be wiped out by numerous cautions and heavy lapped traffic. But each time Randle would again put distance between himself and Albright and was able to bring home the Season Championship trophy. Third went to Berry over G. Frost.

In the open wheel Randle qualified third due to some ignition problems. He started third in the dash and was able to move to the front and win convincingly. Randle then led the feature until with 5 laps to go he lost the drive shaft.

9/24/04, Glasgow, KY – There were 37 late models on hand for the $3,000 to win Battle of the Bluegrass event at Barren County Speedway on Friday night. The top five n qualifying were Scott James, Aaron Hatton, Victor Lee, Steve Barnett, and Terry English. Randle qualified 12th. The even format called for the inversion of the top four in each heat with the top three finishers advancing to the feature. This resulted in Randle starting outside front row in the fourth heat.

Randle jumped to the lead at the start and rode the high side to a strong lead over Steve Barnett, Michael England, and Mike Marlar. Others in Randle’s heat who were forced to go to a consi race along with Marlar were Frankie Coomer, Dustin Neat, Tim Yeager, Tim Prince, and Doug Smith. Randle’s times dropped off the last two laps of the heat allowing Barnett to make up some, but not enough, ground.

The team made some minor adjustments and put on harder tires for the 40 lap feature. The four heat winners drew for starting position in the feature. Randle drew the pole. In the feature the car was too tight. Randle dropped to third on the start. A couple of laps in Randle was running top and the car jumped the berm between turns three and four, costing Randle five spots. Randle was able to hold his own for a while and looked like he might make up some lost ground. However, on a restart after a caution, Randle had to start on the inside of a double file restart and lost further ground. Around lap 30 Randle pulled to the infield. Officially Randle finished 21st. A very disappointing finish to an otherwise promising night. The feature was won by Scott James over Patrick Sheltra, Steve Barnett, and Mike Marlar. Next up in the season championship race at Clarksville Speedway.

9/18/04, Calvert City, KY – They had 39 late models at Kentucky Lake Motor Speedway Saturday night. Randle finished 3rd in his heat. He started 15th in the feature and made it up to 4th. On the restart after a late race caution, Randle pushed out and a couple of cars got by. Randle didn’t have enough laps left to regain the position and finished 6th. Terry English took the win.

They had 89 Open Wheel Modifieds on hand for the $7,500 to win show. Randle qualified 6th and finished 3rd in the quick six. Randle finished second in the feature!

9/11/04, Clarksville, TN – Randle was unstoppable at Clarksville Speedway Saturday night! In the Full Throttle Race Parts & Equipment, Dunn’s Trucking, Tommy’s Auto Machine, Burr Motorsports’ Late Model, Randle set fast time, won the quick six and won the feature. Randle also took the feature win in his #182 Open Wheel Modified.

The top six in qualifying among 18 Late Models were Randle (12.632), Lee DeVasier (12.975), Gary Frost (12.981), Tony Albright (12.987), Richard Frost (13.120), and Carnell Parker III (13.143). That would be the starting order for the quick six dash. In the dash Randle and DeVasier ran side by side for the first three laps until a caution came out. On the restart Randle would start behind DeVasier. Randle pressured him on both the inside and outside for the remainder of the race as the two pulled away from Frost and Albright. On the last lap Randle went high in turns one and two, cut down low exiting turn two and pulled past DeVasier to take the win. Finishing third was G. Frost, followed by Albright, Parker, and R. Frost.

The front of the feature lineup was Randle, Albright, G. Frost, R Frost, Parker, Rod Reed, and Gary Johnson. DeVasier, a regular at Bluegrass Speedway in Bardstown, KY, was scheduled to start outside front row, but had mechanical difficulties and was unable to start. At the drop of the green flag, Randle and Albright were even down the front straight and entering turn one. Randle was very strong exiting turn two and moved to the front. From that point it was all Randle Sweeney as he pulled to a half track lead, worked lapped traffic, and was never challenged. Parker would make a strong charge from his fifth place starting position and move up to second ahead of Albright, but he could not gain on Randle. Gary Frost would finish fourth.

In the Open Wheel feature Randle started third behind Clayton Miller and Michael Lee. The three of them, along with Mike Sweeney, would race side by side and bumper to bumper for several laps. Randle would make his way past Lee and then set his sights on Miller. Randle was working the bottom and was very strong, as he would be in the #33 Late Model, exiting turn two. Randle would finally make the pass on Miller going down the back stretch and begin to pull away for the feature win.

9/10/04, Camden, TN – Randle and the Burr Motorsports team headed to Camden Speedway Friday night for the first ever appearance of Super Late Models at the 3/8 mile high banked facility. There were 21 Late Models on hand for the event. Instead of qualifying, the teams drew for starting position. Neither Randle or car owner Phil Burr have any luck when it comes to drawing. So they brought in a ringer, “Lucky Kenny,” to do the honors. The move paid off as Kenny drew front row inside in the first heat. The lineup for the heat was Randle, Ralph Wiles, #56 Waltson, Mike Chandler, #007, Brian Maynard, and Carnell Parker III. Randle immediately jumped to the lead and moved away from the field. He was turning lap times in the 15.6 to 15.8 range, the fastest laps clocked all night. Randle would go on to record the first Late Model win of any kind at Camden Speedway. Back in the field, Brian Maynard moved up from his sixth place starting position to finish third behind Randle and the #56 of Walston. Behind Maynard was Wiles, Parker, Chandler, and the #007.

Heat two was won by Bronson Berry over Tony Morris, #98, Jeff Gilsson, 14T, 8, and 19. Heat three was won by Rex Berry over #12 Poole, Tony Albright, Jarrod Holshouser, Michael Steele, Gary Johnson, and #6.

In hot laps before the feature, it was obvious that the track had changed as Randle’s times were off significantly from his heat times. Some others’ times appeared to have picked up. Some adjustments were made, but it would soon be obvious that they weren’t enough. At the front of the field in the feature lineup were Randle, Bronson Berry, Rex Berry, Walston, Morris, Poole, Maynard, #98, Albright, and Wiles. Randle and B. Berry would run side by side for the first lap before Berry would gain the lead. Maynard would be making an immediate move to the front as he dropped way low on the track, i.e., in the infield, to move from seventh to second within the first three laps. A caution would come out and on the restart Maynard would move past B. Berry for the lead. Walston would soon make it by Randle and B. Berry to take second. The rest of the race would run with Maynard out front and Walston second. There was a bit of a race for third as Randle would catch up with Berry and then Berry would pull slightly away. This occurred several times. All the while, Morris was running in fifth behind Randle, he too would catch up with Randle, only to have Randle to pull away, and then to catch back up. The finish was Maynard, Walston, B. Berry, Randle, Morris, Albright, R. Berry, Glisson, and Parker. Overall, with the car not wanting to turn in the feature, Randle had a decent finish at fourth. Now it’s off to Clarksville on Saturday night.

9/05/04 – Because of suspension damage and transmission problems suffered at Clarksville on Saturday, Randle and the team have decided not to go to Haubstadt for the Northern Allstar show.

9/04/04, Clarksville, TN – Randle set fast time in the #33 Burr Motorsports Ford Late Model and in his #182 Open Wheel Modified. In Late Model qualifying Randle turned a fast lap of 12.652. Second was Gary Frost with a 12.696. Third was Carnell Parker at 13.030. Rounding out the top six were Tony Albright (13.081), Jimmy Grant (13.135), and Steven Ashby (13.372).

Randle started on the pole of the dash and took the win in front of Albright, Frost, Parker, Ashby, and Grant. In the Open Wheel dash Randle was leading when Michael Lee drove much too deep into turn three and spun Randle into the wall. The crash also collected Clayton Miller. Randle exited his car thinking he had significant damage. He also took this opportunity to kindly ask Lee to be more careful in the future. Randle’s car did not sustain suspension damage and could have returned to the race in the lead, but track officials disqualified him for exiting his car.

In the Late Model feature Randle started inside of Albright and took the lead. Albright was able to pull under Randle and take the lead. Randle moved to the top and looked to have a real chance at regaining the lead. However, Frost would hit him in the left rear and spin him into the infield. During the resulting caution, track officials would place Randle and Frost back in their respective positions believing it to be a racing accident with no one to blame. After the restart the car was not handling as before. Frost took second and began to challenge Albright. While beginning to lap traffic Albright, with Frost pulling along side, would spin a car he was lapping. Track officials then put Albright in the rear, giving the lead to Frost. Randle would run second to Frost until two laps to go when the right rear tire would go flat. It appears the flat was caused by a broken J-bar mount on the frame, the apparent result of the earlier hit from Frost.

In the Open Wheel feature Randle moved up to second behind David Flowers but the car got loose in the later stages of the race and he came close to spinning out on a couple of occasions. On the last one, Randle’s brother, Mike, would get by relegating Randle to a third place finish.

9/03/04, Madisonville, KY – Randle was the fastest qualifier among 26 late models at Western Kentucky Speedway Friday night with a time of 16.99. Following Randle was Terry English (17.06), Tony Albright (17.28), Brett Owens (17.37), Jaryd Holhouser (17.41), Brad Burrow (17.55), Jeremy Williams (17.55), and Bryan Maynard (17.73). Some of the other top late model drivers in attendance were Brent Kreke and Dan Sturgeon.

Rather than starting the quick six straight up, a drawing was held to determine the inversion. The results were that all three rows were inverted. The line up was Holhouser, Burrow, Albright, Owens, Randle and English. Randle got caught in the middle of a three-wide situation going down the back stretch and wisely decided not to risk it entering turn three. This allowed English to get by on the inside. Randle was able to get by Albright and Owens but had to settle for 4th. Burrow won the quick six with English 2nd and Holhouser 3rd.

The top ten lineup for the feature was Burrow, English, Holhouser, Randle, Owens, Albright, Kreke, Maynard, Michael Steele, and Williams. At the start English took the lead. Burrow was able to slide up in front of Randle. Randle was faster than Burrow but was having difficulty getting around him. Maynard was making a move down low and caught up with Randle and Burrow. By this time English had a significant lead. Albright was running 4th followed by Williams. Burrow, Randle and Maynard were having a three-way battle for second. Maynard had passed Randle, but Randle passed him back. They both had on several occasions pulled along side Burrow, but Burrow would get a good run off the corners and maintained second with Randle glued to his rear bumper and Maynard running underneath Randle. Somewhere around lap 15 of the 35 lap feature Randle would exit turn four on the outside of Maynard and would get too close to the wall. The right rear would slap the wall and throw the right front into the wall hard. The result was a mangled right front suspension and an exit on the tow truck.

At the finish English would win by half a track over Burrow, Maynard and Albright. Randle also suffered some minor front end damage in his open wheel modified and finished 4th in the feature.

8/28/04, Clarksville, TN – Randle set fast time for the eleventh time this year at Clarksville Speedway. However, the team was trying a new setup on the #33 Ford and it didn't have the needed forward bite in the quick six. Randle started on the pole but faded to fourth behind Bryan Maynard, Tony Albright, and Gary Frost. This had Randle starting outside second row in the feature. He was able to move past Frost and Maynard, but Albright was too strong. At the finish Albright and Randle finished one and two a comfortable distance ahead of Maynard.</>

8/23/04 - Lots of photos from the Jackson 100 may be seen at www.dirt-source.com/photogallery.htm.

8/21/04, Brownstown, IN - There were 71 Late Models trying to take the 24 starting positions in the prestigious Jackson 100 at Brownstown Speedway on Saturday night. Fourty-seven would leave short of that goal. Unfortunately, Randle would be one of the 47. In qualifying Randle would slide over the berm in turn one on his first lap and would have only one lap to get his best time. His lap would be good for 27th fastest among the field of 71. As a result Randle started 5th among 12 cars in the 5th heat race. Only the top three finishers would gain a spot in the Jackson 100. Randle finished 5th. He would have one more chance in the 3rd consi where he started 3rd. Only the top two would advance to the feature. Unfortunately, Randle would finish two positions shy of making the feature. Among other notables failing to make the feature were Kevin Weaver, Dennis Erb, John Mason, Mike Jewell, Steve Casebolt, Jim Curry, and Kevin Claycomb. The team had hoped to get some practice on the track and with the D55 tires on Friday night at Brownstown, but that show was rained out.

Randle also brought his #182 Open Wheel Modified to Brownstown for the $1,000 to win feature. There were 54 Open Wheels on hand for the event. The Open Wheels did not have qualifying. Instead heat race lineups were determined by pill draw. Randle started last in his nine car heat race with only the top three advancing to the feature. Randle quickly began moving through the field and made it up to the final transfer spot. This would have Randle starting the feature in 13th. In the feature Randle advanced to third but could climb no further. While running the high side trying to take the lead Randle was passed on the inside and finished 5th.

8/14/04, Clarksville, TN – Randle set fast time among twenty Late Models in the #33 Ford again Saturday night at Clarksville Speedway with a lap of 12.849. Tony Albright was second quick with a time of 12.986. They were followed by Gary Frost (13.065), Gary Johnson (13.324), Steven Ashby (13.324), and Mike Chandler (13.340).

At the start of the quick six Albright would take a slight lead entering turn one from his outside front row starting position. Randle would move by him on the inside between turns one and two and assume the lead. Randle would stretch his lead to nearly a straight-away at the finish.

Randle would start the feature from the inside pole position with Albright on the outside. The second row was G. Frost and Chandler. The third row was Johnson and Ashby. The fourth row was Carnell Parker and Richard Frost. Randle would take the lead at the start followed by Albright. G. Frost passed Albright for second in turn two on lap one. However, Albright would pass Frost back exiting turn four. Randle would lead the first four laps. On lap five Albright got a run off of four on the inside and moved to the lead. Randle would then move to the top of the track and begin to close ground on Albright. On lap ten Randle would move past Albright on the outside to regain the lead. It was very tight racing and lots of lapped traffic to contend with. Albright continued to run on the bottom until lap 17 when he too would try the high side. At that point Chandler would duck under him and a lapped car to take over second. Randle did a masterful job moving inside, outside, and in between lapped cars to pick up win number eight in the Full Throttle, Dunn’s Trucking, Tommy’s Auto Machine, Burr Motorsports Ford. Randle would be followed at the checkers by Chandler, Albright, Richard Frost, and Parker.

In the #182 Open Wheel Modified Randle qualified second to his brother Mike. He also finished second to Mike in the quick six. But when the money was on the line, Randle took the feature win.

8/08/04, Haubstadt, IN - Randle set fast time, won the quick six, and won the feature event in his #182 Open Wheel Modified at Tri-State Speedway on Sunday.

8/07/04, Clarksville, TN – Randle picked up Late Model win number seven on the year Saturday night at Clarksville Speedway. Randle again set fast time with a lap of 12.570. Second fastest was Clay Bauman from Highland, Illinois with a lap of 12.970. Rounding out the top six were Tony Albright (13.187), Gary Frost (13.256), Richard Frost (13.551), and David Miller (13.639).

Randle started on the pole in the quick six and went unchallenged to the checkered flag. Following Randle were G. Frost, Albright, R. Frost, Miller, and Bauman.

In the feature Randle started on the inside of G. Frost and took the lead on the start. Albright would soon move past Frost to take over second. By this time Randle had a comfortable lead. A caution occurred on lap four. On the restart Randle slid high exiting turn four and Albright, as he had done last week, pulled along side Randle on the inside. Albright would take the lead exiting turn two. On the next lap Randle would move under Albright in turn one and make the pass to regain the lead coming off turn two. Albright would again move by Randle on the next lap. And once again Randle would move by Albright to take the lead, this time for good. Once back in the lead Randle moved to the high side and began to put some distance between himself and Albright. At this point Randle would have to contend with lapped traffic. He was able to maneuver through the lapped cars without incident and took the win.

In his Open Wheel Modified, Randle qualified third and finished second in the quick six. In the feature Randle battled for many laps with Michael Lee and Clayton Miller for the lead, sometimes three wide. Lee was leading Miller with both running on the bottom. Randle took to the top and began pulling up beside Lee for first. Lee then moved to the top and effectively prevented Randle from taking the lead. However, this opened the door for Miller who went by on the inside to take the victory. Randle finished third behind Lee.

7/31/04, Clarksville, TN – Randle set fast time in the UMP Late Model division and in the UMP Open Wheel Modified division. He won the quick six dash in both divisions. He also led both features, however, feature wins eluded him under the full moon at Clarksville Speedway.

In qualifying for the Late Models, Randle qualified almost a half a second faster than the second place qualifier. Randle turned a 12.734. Carnell Parker had a 13.204. They were followed by Richard Frost (13.253), Tony Albright (13.399), David Miller (13.672), and Arville Pittman (13.684).

In the quick six Randle took the lead and went unchallenged in taking the victory a straight away ahead of Albright, Frost, Parker, Pittman, and Miller.

In the Open Wheel feature Randle was leading when a caution came out. On the restart, Randle would get sideways in turn four, but did not stop and in fact kept the lead. However, behind Randle a number of cars would collide causing another caution. Track officials ruled Randle caused the caution and would have to go to the rear. Randle disagreed with the decision and elected to pull off.

Randle started the Late Model feature on the pole and took the lead at the start. Randle put some space between himself and second place Albright. A caution would come out and Randle would again put some distance between himself and Albright. Another caution would come out. This time Albright saw some room on the bottom coming off turn four on the restart and pulled up beside Randle. They went side-by-side until turn two where Albright got a terrific bite off two and pulled to the lead. Randle would try several lines in an attempt to catch Albright, but Randle’s #33 Rayburn could not get the bite off two that Albright’s #1 GRT had. Randle was forced to settle for second. Rounding out the top five were Bronson Berry, Frost, and Miller.

Randle Sweeney Rolls to Kevin Farmer Memorial NARA Modified Series Win at Barren County Speedway

7/25/04, Glasgow, KY - Randle Sweeney of Clifty, KY inherited the lead late in the race to take the Kevin Farmer Memorial for the NARA Battle of the Bluegrass Modified Series at Barren County Speedway on Sunday night.

The 40 Lap Kevin Farmer Memorial would have Don Adams take the initial lead, with Terry Edwards, Robbie Gullion, Ricky Arms, and Jordan Matthews in tow. Arms would go to third on lap 5, while Sweeney would work to fifth on lap 7. The first caution of the race waved on lap 11 as veteran Butch Shay would spin in turn one. The restart would see Sweeney and Arms start to mix it up for fourth and they would both roll past Gullion to battle for the third spot on lap 15. Caution would wave on lap 18 as Richard Harlow slowed in turn three with a flat right rear tire. The restart would see Harlow spin in turn one and as the field attempted to get slowed down to avoid the spin, Sweeney and Arms got together with Arms spinning around and was contacted by Kelly Warren. Both Arms and Warren would see their night finished with suspension damage to both entries. This restart would also be null and voided when Chris Reihle spun on the frontchute and also involved Justin Ratliff, as Ratliff would bring out the final caution on lap 19 for a turn one spin. Adams pulled away on the restart, with Sweeney going to second past Edwards on lap 25, while Dion Benningfield rode third, with Russell Childress and Gullion battling for the fourth spot. Disaster would strike for Adams as the leader pulled up lame with mechanical problems on lap 35 on the backchute, ending his night. The final laps would see Sweeney hang on to take the win in his Wilhite Speed and Performance, Bilstein Shocks, UB Machine #182 Lightning Chassis, Brannon Performance powered entry. Benningfield, Edwards, Childress, and Gullion would complete the top five. Rounding out the top ten were Matthews, Brandon Green, Jimmy Payne, Robbie Sanders, and Jason Riney. Thirty one entries would see Kelly Warren grab the Racing Optics fast time award, with Crown Spray Power Heat wins went to Matthews, Adams, Gullion, and Edwards. The O’Reilly Auto Parts B mains went to Riney and Chris Reihle. Series provisionals went to Green and Jerry Rutherford, while Robbie Sanders and Justin Ratliff were track provisionals.

7/24/04, Clarksville, TN – Randle had another dominating night at Clarksville Speedway on Saturday. He missed setting fast time in the late models by 5 hundredths of a second but was first in everything else! Randle set fast time in the #182 open wheel modified. He won both the late model and open wheel quick six dashes. He was also first in both features.

Gary Frost set fast time in the field of 21 late models with a 12.635. Randle was next in the #33 Burr Motorsports Ford with a 12.684. He was followed by Tony Albright (12.965), Charles Boze (13.051), Ronnie Frost (13.131), and Benji Putty (13.209).

Randle started outside of G. Frost in the quick six and immediately took the lead. He moved out to a straight away lead and took the win over Albright who passed Frost for second. Frost finished 3rd, followed by Ronnie Frost, Putty, and Boze.

In the feature Randle started on the inside pole and immediately took the lead on multiple restarts. After four laps Randle would have the Full Throttle, Dunn’s Trucking, and Tommy’s Auto Machine sponsored, Ofria powered, Taurus almost a ½ track ahead. From that point it would just be a matter of slicing through a lot of lapped traffic to pick up late model win number six on the year.

7/17/04, Clarksville, TN – Randle went six for six at Clarksville Speedway Saturday night! He set fast time in his Open Wheel Modified and in his Late Model. He won the quick six in his Open Wheel and in his Late Model. And, he won the feature event in both the Open Wheel and in the Late Model.

Randle drove the Full Throttle, Dunn’s Trucking, Tommy’s Auto Machine, Burr Motorsports, #33 Ford Late Model to a fast time of 14.447. The top qualifiers behind him were Jimmy Grant (14.855), David Miller (14.867), Chuck Proctor (15.089), Wendell Bratton (15.124), Steven Ashby (15.125), Mike Chandler (15.127), and Tony Albright (15.177).

In the quick six Randle took the lead from his inside front row starting position and was never challenged as he took the win over Grant, Miller, Proctor, Ashby, and Bratton. Prior to the feature the team had some good luck as they discovered a cracked J-bar bracket that could have meant serious problems in the feature. Changes were made and Randle immediately took the lead from his outside pole position in the feature. Again he was not challenged and led from start to finish. Making strong showings in second and third were Graves and Miller. Gary Frost moved up from his 10th place starting position to finish 4th. Fifth was Chandler, sixth was Ashby, and seventh was Albright in his GRT. Proctor started 4th but began to fall back at the start. He would retire shortly thereafter with an apparent engine problem.

7/14/04, Clarksville, TN - Randle set fast time at Clarksville Speedway Wednesday night with a time of 14.082. Rounding out the top six were Kenny Schrader (14.134), Gary Frost (14.292), Tony Albright (14.310), Steven Ashby (14.322), and Troy Gay (14.506). They started straight up in the quick six dash. Schrader moved to the front from his outside pole starting position. Randle fell in behind and followed Schrader to the finish. After Randle were Albright, G. Frost, Ashby, and Gay. The crew made some adjustments and had the car flying for the feature. Randle would start outside of Schrader and followed by Albright, G. Frost, Ashby, and Gay. Schrader jumped the start but was not penalized. Randle followed him for the first lap but soon pulled along side and the two battled that way for several laps. Randle moved past Schrader, only to be passed back. However, Randle quickly passed Schrader again and began to pull away. With 7 laps to go in the 20 lap feature, Randle had a half track lead when a caution flag came out. On the restart Randle’s #33 hesitated slightly in getting a grip coming off turn four. This allowed Schrader to move in on Randle. Going into turn one Schrader put the nose of his #99 into the side of Randle’s Ford and sent him spinning into the wall. The car appeared to be unhurt until Frost made contact with the front end. The result was a broken tie rod and a DNF for Randle.

7/1/04, Mount Vernon, IL - Randle was turning good lap times in hot laps. It looked like he had a good shot at making the dash by being among the fastest six of the 33 late models on hand for the UMP Summer Nationals event at Mount Vernon Raceway. However, a rod broke in the engine during qualifying, thus eliminating the #33 for the night. It appears the team will be sidelined until the Wednesday night show at Clarksville on July 14.

6/30/04, Clarksville, TN – Stop number 10 on the UMP Summer Nationals tour was at Clarksville Speedway Wednesday night. A field of 32 late models from five states was on hand for the $6,000 to win event. Gary Frost set fast time with a lap of 12.984. Randle qualified second with a 13.083. Richard Frost was third with a time of 13.133. The fastest non-Clarksville regular was Justin Allgaier with a 13.161 in fourth. Rounding out the fastest six were Dennis Erb, Jr. with a lap of 13.194 and Tony Morris with a 13.203. Carnell Parker, Jr. was the first out to qualify. He was making a fast lap when too much side bite lead to him flipping his car between turns three and four. He was done for the night.

The fastest six drew for starting position in the dash. Also added at the back of the dash were Don O’Neal (current Summer Nationals points leader), Tony Albright (reigning track champion), and Rodney Melvin (reigning UMP national points champion). Based on the draw Randle started the dash inside of the third row. The lineup was Morris, G. Frost, R. Frost, Allgaier, Randle, Erb, O’Neal, Albright, and Melvin. Randle was had to slow to avoid R. Frost on the first lap and lost several positions. Morris took the lead at the start and held off O’Neal who had moved up from his 7th starting position. Melvin advanced from 9th to finish 2nd. Randle meanwhile was involved in an incident with Albright that brought out the caution. Randle was given his spot back and Albright restarted on the rear, but quickly pulled off with a broken rear end that would side line him for the night. Randle was able to make his way back up to 4th where he finished. This locked him into an outside 2nd row starting spot for the 40 lap feature.

As the remaining late models were lining up for their heats, the rains came. Track officials decided to wait it out and were able to get the track back in good shape for the remainder of the nights events. Heat one was won by Shannon Babb over Allgaier, Ralph Wiles, Chris Carlson, Steven Ashby, Jeff Gleason, Gary Johnson, and #23 Hendricks. Heat two was won by Terry English over Randy Korte (driving the #13 of Brett Kreke), Wendell Bratton, Jimmy Graves, Benji Putty (who was running 2nd until the end of the race when contact from Korte sent him to the rear), Joey Languier, and Darrell Lovett. Heat three was won by Greg Johnson over R. Frost, Steve Sheppard, Bronson Berry, Mike Chandler, Rohn Moon, and Brian Singleton. Gleason and Ashby would advance to the feature from the consi. Moon would be added as a provisional.

The feature lineup was Morris, O’Neal, Melvin, Randle, Erb, G. Frost, Babb, English, Greg Johnson, Allgaier, Korte, R. Frost, Wiles, Bratton, Sheppard, Carlson, Graves, Berry, Gleason, Ashby, and Moon. It took three attempts to get the race started. Unfortunately, that was Randle’s worst start as the car got high in turn four and dropped back a couple of positions. However, Randle soon made his way around Erb and then Morris who was dropping back. From that point on Randle ran fourth. Once he moved to the bottom of the track he gained on English who was then running third. However, Randle had to move back to the top to negotiate lapped traffic and was unable to challenge for third. The top four would run in a close group with some distance back to G. Frost in fifth. The finish was O’Neal, English, Melvin, Randle, G. Frost, Sheppard, Erb, Allgaier, R. Frost, Berry, Moon, Wiles, Carlson, Ashby, Bratton, and Graves all still running and Greg Johnson, Morris, Korte, Gleason, and Babb not finishing.

Randle and the team head to Mount Vernon, Illinois tomorrow for stop number eleven on the Summer Nationals tour and then on to Paducah, KY on Friday for stop number twelve.

6/26/04, Morgantown, KY - Randle and the team had a dissapointing 8th place finish in the Battle of the Bluegrass race at Soggy Bottom Speedway Saturday night. In qualifying Randle had fifth fast time in a field of 17 late models. The top five were Brian Maynard (15.053), Aaron Hatton (15.238), Steve Cornelius (15.240), Tyrel Todd (15.272), and Randle (15.365). The BOB format inverts the top four in each heat. This had Randle starting on the inside of the second row in the second heat. Hatton started outside of Randle and assumed the third spot on the start. Randle would race several laps with Michael England before passing him for third. The finish was Hatton, Victor Lee, Randle, England, and Smith in the #45 car. The crew made several adjustments to the setup to try to gain speed for the feature. Those changes were not effective and Randle had to fight an ill handling car all through the 40 lap feature. Randle began in 8th place. He had moved down to the bottom of the track midway through the race and had advanced to 6th. However, on the double file restart Randle had to start on the outside. The car hit a rut in turn three and pushed to the top of the track allowing Todd and Shawn Negangard to move past him. This relegated Randle back to 8th place where he finished.

6/19/04, Clarksville, TN - Randle qualified third fast among 25 late models for the Northern Allstars Late Model Series event. He was the fastest qualifier in his heat. The top four were inverted. Therefore Randle started fourth behind Brian Shirley, Mike Chandler, and Duane Chamberlain. On the first lap Randle passed Chandler but Shirley had jumped the start and a restart was signaled with Shirley and Chamberlain swapping starting positions. On the restart Randle would again pass Chandler, but a caution would create another restart. Finally, the race is actually started. Randle quickly moves past Chandler for the third time. Randle then begins to challenge Shirley for second. However the race is slowed on the third lap by another caution. On this restart Chandler drives straight into the left rear tire of Randle’s #33 Ford entering turn one causing a three car pile up. Randle has a flat left rear and a broken wheel and repairs are not permitted in heat races. Northern Allstars rules penalize only those coming to a stop on the track, not the driver responsible for the caution. Therefore Chandler gets to move up to third. Randle is forced to run the B main to advance to the feature. Randle starts second in that race and wins convincingly over Gary Johnson. Randle starts the 30 lap feature in 16th position. There’s a lot of two and three wide racing in the early stages as Randle begins advancing through the field. Randle would steadily pick them off one-by-one. The Burr Motorsports machine would make it up to 5th when laps would run out. The top five were running very close and one can only wonder what might have been had Randle not been knocked out of the heat and had been able to start up front in the feature. The top six were Dennis Erb, Shirely, Ron Moon, Shawn Negengard, Randle, and Wes Stedinger.

In the Open Wheels Randle put his #182 STM Chassis Modified on the pole in qualifying, won the dash, and won the feature.

6/05/04, Clarksville, TN - The evening started out bad and finished worse for Randle and the team Saturday night at Clarksville. On Randle's first qualifying lap, the fuel pump belt was knocked off entering turn three. The #33 Ford lost fuel pressure and coasted across the finish line. What appeared to be a sub 13 second lap turned into a 13.569 and an 8th fast time. The top six qualifiers were Ralph Wiles – 12.947, Tony Albright – 13.113, Steven Ashby – 13.243, Gary Johnson – 13.260, Carnell Parker – 13.266, and Chuck Proctor – 13.334. Randle would start on the pole of the second heat and take an easy win. In hot laps at intermission, Randle would turn the fastest times of any late model. Randle would have his work cut out for him starting in 8th place in the feature. Randle would rapidly move to 5th and make a pass of Proctor for 4th, but a caution would put him back to 5th. On the restart some rear suspension components would break forcing Randle to withdraw from the race.

6/04/04, Paducah, KY - The Burr Motorsports team hit the track at Paducah for the first time in this year's Late Model. The setup was a little off the mark for qualifying. That coupled with a rapidly drying track resulted in a twelfth place qualifying lap. Randle would start sixth in the second heat behind Tait Davenport, John Tindal, Jarryd Holshouser, Joe Morris, and Bronson Berry. Randle was able to move up to third, where he would finish. This would have Randle starting the feature in sixth place outside of Tony Albright and trailing Jeremy Williams, Davenport, Michael Steele, and Tindal. Randle would quickly move past Albright and Steele. He then settled into fourth place where he would finish behind Davenport, Williams, and Tindal.

5/29/04, Clarksville, TN - Randle set fast time with an extremely fast 12.482. Tony Albright was second fastest with a 12.743. Rounding out the top five were Ralph Wiles at 13.023, Richard Frost at 13.119, and David Miller at 13.458. A light sprinkle of rain had begun to fall a few cars before Randle pulled on the track to qualify. Shortly after the late models had qualified, the rain picked up. Soon, a steady rain forced a cancellation of the nights events. The weather will determine whether Randle will be at Clarksville tomorrow. Randle plans to run a $5,000 to win Open Wheel show at Danville, Illinois on Sunday weather permitting. However, if it looks doubtfull that they will run, then Randle will be at Clarksville if they are a go.

5/22/04, Clarksville, TN - Randle picked up his fifth pole of the year as he turned the fastest time of the night with a 13.45. Randle then put the #33 Ford in victory lane in the quick six. In the feature Randle put the Burr Motorsports, Rayburn chassis, Ofria powered Ford way out front. Randle took his fourth Late Model feature win of the season by a final margin of 1/2 a lap.

5/21/04, Glasgow, KY - There was a strong field of 30 Late Models at Barren County Speedway Friday night for the $3,000 to win Battle of the Bluegrass race. Randle qualified 13th. The top 15 qualifiers were Greg Johnson -13.27, Scott James -13.34, Terry English -13.36, __ Barber -13.44, Aaron Hatton -13.51, Dustin Neat -13.54, Mike Marlar -13.59, Mike Jewell -13.60, Victor Lee -13.63, Joey Kramer -13.68, Brad Neat -13.70, Tyrel Todd -13.72, Randle -13.76, Jay Brinkley -13.81, and John Gill -13.84. They inverted the top four in each of the four heats. That put Randle on the pole for heat one. Lee started outside front row. Hatton and fast qualifier Johnson started fourth. Also in that heat were Johnny Wheeler, Richard Frost, Steven Ashby, and __ Cornelius. Johnson and Lee would prove too fast and got by Randle to finish first and second respectively. Randle was able to drive away from the fifth fastest qualifier Hatton. The top three advanced to the feature with the others going to B mains.

Randle started the feature in ninth. The top 16 in the feature lineup was Gill, Johnson, Kramer, Barber, Lee, Brinkley, Marlar, Jewell, Randle, James, English, Todd, Hatton, England, Wheeler, and Carnell Parker. Randle started on the inside and was caught up in some very tight racing during the early laps. This resulted in Randle being shuffled back to 12th or 13th. He finally was able to settle into the high groove and begin moving back up. He eventually made it back up to ninth where he would finish. At the checkers he was battling with Wheeler for eighth but couldn't quite get around him. Johnson took the win over Marlar. Other than the top two, the rest of the top ten were very close to the same speed. It was a great night of very competive racing for the fans at Barren County.

5/16/04, Clarksville, TN - The race track was totaly different Sunday afternoon than it was on Saturday night. Saturday it was heavy and hooked up as evidenced by Randle's fast time of 12.274. On Sunday it was black and slick. Randle was edged out of the fast time by Terry English. English qualified at 14.843, Randle at 14.865, Mark Faust at 14.981, Tony Morris at 15.268, Richard Frost at 15.378, and rounding out the top six was Tait Davenport at 15.407. That's the way they lined up for the dash. At the start English would get a good bite off of four on the low side and beat Randle into turn one. Faust would move up to challenge Randle for second. The two would swap the position several times with Randle winning that battle to finish second to English. Faust would finsih third followed by Morris, Davenport, and Frost.

Randle started the feature on the front row outside of English. Row two was Faust and Morris. Row three was Davenport and Frost. Tony Albright would start in seventh. At the drop of the green, Randle and English would come off of turn four side by side. They would remain that way for a lap and a half until English would pull to the infield with motor problems. At this point Randle had a large lead. The first of several cautions would bunch the field back up. On this and each subsequent restart Faust would apply some pressure on the first lap or two until Randle's tires would get heated up. He would then ease out slightly. After the last restart Faust's tires appeared to seal up and he slid high between turns three and four allowing Morris to move into second. Randle would then have a comfortable lead that he would keep to the finish. The rest of the top five were Morris, Faust, Gary Johnson, and Albright.

5/15/04, Clarksville, TN - Randle qualified on the pole for the fourth time this season with a blistering time of 12.274 seconds at Clarksville tonight. That is one of, if not, the fastest times ever turned at Clarksville in a UMP Late Model. Second fastest was Richard Frost with a 12.633. Also under 13 seconds were Tony Albright (12.681), Carnell Parker (12.882), Mike Chandler (12.899), and Steven Ashby (12.991). In the quick six Frost got the good bite coming off turn four at the drop of the green and beat Randle into turn one. Randle was running second when the fuel pump belt came off, sending Randle to the pits. Frost went on to win his first quick six followed by Albright, Ashby, and Chandler. Parker was also a DNF.

Randle started the feature in fifth place behind Albright, Frost, Ashby, and Chandler. Randle worked his way past Chandler and Ashby and began to chase down Frost. At one point Chandler passes Randle back to take over third. Randle would soon repass him and once again set his sights on Frost. Frost was working better off turn two, but Randle had a significant advantage in three and four. Randle tried several times to get by on the low side but without success. Randle then took to the high side. Finally, on the last lap coming off turn four Randle is able to make the pass on the outside and beat Frost to the finish line for second place in a near photo finish.

5/08/04, Clarksville, TN - Randle had a successful night at Clarksville Speedway with feature wins in both the Late Model and Open Wheel divisions! Randle began the evening by setting fast time among 21 Late Models. He was the only one to qualify under 14 seconds on the slick 1/4 mile oval. Randle turned a 13.755. The next fastest was Tony Albright with a 14.025. The remainder of the top six were Wendel Bratton (14.048), Gary Frost (14.092), Chuck Proctor (14.096), and Ralph Wiles (14.101). Randle went uncontested in winning the quick six. Following Randle were Albright, G. Frost, Bratton, and Proctor. Wiles was unable to start. In the feature race Randle started on the inside of Albright and pulled out to a half track lead. On a restart with around seven laps to go, Gary Frost, who was running second at the time, headed to the pits with an oil leak. This put Proctor on the rear bumper of Randle's #33 Ford. When racing resumed Randle immediately began pulling away. Randle went on to win by a straight away length over Proctor. Third through sixth were Wiles, Richard Frost, Albright, and Bratton.

5/01/04, Clarksville, TN - The Randle Sweeney/Burr Motorsports team was rained out at Clarksville tonight and at Paducah Friday night. Randle will be heading to Batesville, Arkansas for the Alltel 100 Open Wheel show next week. If he makes the $100,000 to win show, he will not be running the Late Model next weekend. If he doesn't make the show he will be at Clarksville next Saturday.

4/24/04, Clarksville, TN - Randle picked up his second pole of the year in the #33 Full Throttle, Dunn's Trucking, Tommy's Auto Machine Ford on Saturday night. With rain-outs in Illinois, Missouri, and Kentucky there was a strong field of 19 Late Models at Clarksville Speedway. In addition to the regulars such as Randle, Tony Albright, Chuck Proctor, Gary Frost, etc. the field included last year's UMP national champion Rodney Melvin, Mike Hammerle, John Tindal, Bronson Berry, and Jeff Gleason.

The quick six lineup would be Randle, Gleason, Albright, Proctor, Tindal, and a very fast Wendell Bratton. Gleason jumped the start and was penalized, moving Proctor to the front row. Despite all the rain received in middle Tennessee over the last few days, the track was dry. The #33 machine was unable to get the necessary bite coming off turn two and had to fall in behind Proctor in the dash. The finish was Proctor, Randle, Albright, Tindal, Gleason, and Bratton.

In the feature Proctor would take the lead at the start with Randle following closely. Early on Randle would make a move on Proctor coming out of turn two. He would put the Burr Motorsports Ford underneath Proctor going down the back stretch. They would remain side-by-side entering turn three. At that point Proctor cut down on Randle almost forcing him into the tractor tire at the boundary of the pits and the racing surface. The right front of Randle's car was wrinkled up and he was unable to complete the pass. Randle continued to keep the pressure on Proctor but had to settle for second place. Following the lead two were Bronson Berry, Bratton, G. Frost, Melvin, Albright, Rex Berry, Hammerle, and R. Frost.

4/17/04, Clarksville, TN – Randle led less than ¼ of one lap of the UMP Late Model feature at Clarksville Speedway Saturday night. But it was the right fraction of a lap as Randle passed Tony Albright coming out of turn four on the last lap to take the #33 Burr Motorsports, Full Throttle Race Equipment, Dunn’s Trucking, and Tommy’s Auto Machine Ford Taurus to victory. It was apparent from the beginning of the night that it was going to be a close race. Randle and Albright were the last two Late Models to come out in qualifying. Randle would turn a 12.89 to set fast time only to be edged out by Albright who immediately followed with a 12.88. They were the only two to drop below 13 seconds. Randle battled some serious handling problems in the quick six but held on to finish second to Albright. In the feature Randle started on the outside of the front row with Albright on the inside. The second row was Richard Frost and Carnell Parker. The third row was Ralph Wiles and Gary Frost. Randle dropped in behind Albright at the start. After running a few laps and getting the tires heated up Randle began to pressure Albright. Albright appeared a little better in turn two. Randle had the advantage in turn four. Randle was able to get a fender along side on several occasions, but Albright would hold his Rayburn tight to the inside. On a couple of occasions when it looked like Randle was going to get by, a caution would come out. Finally on the last lap Randle was able to get under Albright in turn four and beat him across the finish line to pick up his first Late Model win of the year.

It appeared that Randle was going to also take the win in the Open Wheel feature until a problem with his #182 machine resulted in a spin in turn two while leading. Randle then took it to the pits.

4/10/04, Clarksville, TN - Randle put the #33 Full Throttle, Dunn's Trucking, Tommy's Auto Machine Ford on the pole with a fast time of 12.637. The remainder of the top six were Tony Albright (12.728), Carnell Parker (12.766), Ralph Wiles (12.841), Gary Frost (13.001), and Richard Frost (13.511). They started straight up in the quick six, but Randle immediately fell back and pulled to the pits. Serious handling problems were the cause. The quick six finish would be Albright, R. Frost, Parker, G. Frost, Wiles (DNF), and Randle (DNF). Changes were made to the setup, but problems still existed in hot laps prior to the feature events. More adjustments were made before the feature. The track was very slick. The high side appeared to be the prefered line as evidenced by Albright electing to start outside of the front row. An apparent scoring error by track officials would have Randle starting inside of the third row rather than outside where he should have started. Nevertheless, Randle soon began his drive to the front. He at first moved to the high side and picked up a couple of positions. Randle then tried the inside and found a groove that worked. Randle would move past Parker on the inside to take over second. He would then start chasing down Albright. A caution with about four laps to go would put Randle on Albright's bumper for the restart. Randle would drop below the high running Albright and make an exciting race as he would continually pull along side Albright's #1. Randle however could not make the pass and had to settle for second.

4/09/04, Nebo, KY - Randle takes his #182 modified to victory in the season opener at Western Kentucky Speedway.

4/03/04, Clarksville, TN - Randle was looking to get some time behind the wheel in the new car after breaking a crankshaft in qualifying the first night out. Randle qualified fourth behind Terry English, Brian Shirley, and Chuck Proctor and ahead of Tony Albright. However, when returning to the pits after qualifying, a stream of oil was coming from underneath the #33 machine. Apparently something knocked a hole in the oil tank during qualifying. Repairs were made to the tank in time to make the dash. However, while running fifth in the dash the engine picked up a miss. The problem was a damaged push rod. The crew did not have a proper replacement at the track and their night was done. Albright took the $2,000 first place money in the feature by holding off repeated challanges by Shirley. Third was English and fourth was Proctor. Randle did have a convincing win in the Open Wheel feature in his familiar #182.

3/21/04, Clarksville, TN - The first time out with the new car turned out to not be a happy occasion. A broken crankshaft in qualifying put a quick end to the day for Randle and the Burr Motorsports team. They hope to be back in action on Saturday April 3 at Clarksville Speedway for the UMP Challange of Champions event. Randle will be headed to Batesville Speedway in Arkansas on March 25 for a three-day Open Wheel Modified show paying $9,000 to win.

3/20/04, Clarksville, TN - Racing at Clarksville Speedway was rained out on Saturday. Randle will be breaking out the 2004 Late Model at Clarksville on Sunday March 21. Hot laps begin at 3 p.m.

3/13/04, Springfield, TN - The Burr Motorsports Late Model will not be completed in time to make the first preseason race at Clarksville Speedway on March 13. The team will be at Clarksville on Saturday, March 20.

2/14/04, Barberville, FL - Randle and the family decided to take a little vacation time in sunny Florida during Speedweeks. Randle took his new Open Wheel Modified along for a little early season testing at Valousa Raceway Park. Randle drew a starting spot in the rear of his heat. He took the car up to fourth place and was moving in on third when he ran out of laps. This meant he had to run a consi to make the feature. Randle was running second when he had to check up to avoid the leader who had gotten sideways. At that point he was hit from the rear and spun out. A trailing car ran hard into the right front doing extensive damage. Randle patched it up and tried it again the next night. However, the front clip was bent and the car was not raceable.

1/31/04, Springfield, TN - Phil and Frank are at work on a new 2004 C. J. Rayburn, Ford Taurus for the upcoming season.  The team is expected to follow plans similar to last year: competing at Clarksville Speedway most Saturday nights, occasionally running Paducah on Friday nights, and attending selected UMP, BOB, and/or NALMS special events when possible.