10/21/05, Madisonville, KY – A broken push rod prevented Randle from getting a qualifying time at Western Kentucky Speedway Friday night. Repairs allowed Randle to win his heat race. This resulted in Randle starting the feature in eighth place. The engine had an oil leak in the feature and was smoking. The oil pressure remained normal and Randle was able to make it up to second where he finished behind Terry English. That was the good news. The bad news is that the motor was damaged. It looks like there is no chance of having a motor for next weeks Commonwealth Cup weekend at Kentucky Lake Motor Speedway.

10/15/05, Calvert City, KY – The Burr Motorsports Ford was a little tight in qualifying. Randle still managed to make the quick six with a time of 14.970. The other top qualifiers were Terry English with a very fast lap of 14.447, Michael Steele (14.758), Tim Brown (14.847), Jeff Glisson (14.906), Matt Liner (14.942), Kevin Cole (14.971), John Tindal (14.991), and Tait Davenport (15.074). They inverted the quick six. This resulted in Randle starting on the inside pole position beside Liner. Randle was able to move out to a several car length lead over Liner. On the last lap Liner cut a tire, allowing English to finish second to Randle. Steele was third, followed by Glisson, Liner, and Brown.

At the start of the feature Randle and English were side-by-side down the front straight and into turn one. English then moved ahead and Randle fell in behind. English moved out to a six to eight car length lead which would close and then open again as they worked lapped traffic. At the finish it was English, Randle, and Tindal who had worked his way up from seventh. Rounding out the top ten were Glisson, Joe Morris, Davenport, Rod Reed, Liner, Steele, and Randy Sellars.

10/7/05, Madisonville, KY – Randle qualified third at the $2,000 to win show at Western Kentucky Speedway Firday night with a time of 17.046. The first and second qualifiers were Terry English and Tait Davenport with times of 16.788 and 16.885 respectively. The lineup for the quick six was Davenport, English, Randle, Michael Steele, the #18k (Kuban?), and Jeremy Williams in the #18 normally driven by Bryan Maynard. Steele took third at the start and managed to hold off Randle throughout the race. The finish was English, Davenport, Steele, Randle, #18k, and Williams.

That lineup made up the first three rows at the start of the 30 lap feature. They were followed by Frankie Martin, Mike Jewell, Jeff Walston, Evan Lentz, Donnie Tudor, and Tony Albright. At the start English took the lead followed by Davenport, Randle, and Steele. The first 18 laps were run caution free. Randle was making moves on Davenport on the inside but was yet to make the pass. During the caution Davenport pulled off. On the restart Randle moved to the top and was running along side English and appeared to be headed to the lead when another caution came out. On the next restart English moved to the top and took away Randle's preferred line. Randle then began a challenge on the inside. As long as he hit the line just right in the corners he could make progress and several times it appeared he was going to take the lead. However, on the last restart Jewell was up to third and he joined the battle for the lead. The last ten laps yielded some great racing as Randle and Jewell battled each other and also battled English for the lead. When the checkered flag fell it was English, Jewell, and Randle nose to tail. Others in the top six were the #18k, Martin, and Tudor.

Randle and the team will not be racing at Clarksville Saturday as Randle will be taking the Open Wheel to Eldora for the Fall Nationals. They do plan to have the Late Model at Kentucky Lake Motor Speedway next Saturday, and perhaps on Friday as well.

9/24/05, Clarksville, TN – The good luck ran out at the most inopportune time for Randle Saturday night at Clarksville. The World of Outlaws organization was in town for a $10,000 to win show, plus a regular UMP Late Model show was being held. After dominating victory lane at Clarksville Speedway for the last 2 plus months, it looked like a good opportunity to get a good finish with the dirty dozen plus have a good chance at another UMP win. A broken crankshaft put an end to any such hopes before the features started.

The evening started out good. Randle got a good draw and went out 8th among 40 WOO Late Models for qualifying. The result was Randle qualifying 3rd among a very strong field of cars. In the qualifying for the UMP Late Models Randle did not get a good draw. He went out 25th of 26 cars for qualifying, but still managed to set fast time. This had Randle set to start the UMP feature on the pole as there were no heat races scheduled for the UMP program.

Randle started on the pole of the 3rd heat for the WOO program inside of the eventual $10,000 winner, Tim McCreadie. McCreadie jumped the start from the outside, but was not penalized. Randle was on his rear bumper going into turn one. McCreadie slowed more than expected in the turn and Randle got into the back of him. This resulted in Randle's #33 Ford getting the nose knocked up in the air and Randle losing positions. The foiled aerodynamics coupled with pull bar problems caused Randle to be off his normal pace. He fell back to fifth but was still racing with Mike Chandler for fourth place, the final transfer spot. Randle was able to get back around Chandler, but on the last lap, Randle got a little sideways and lost fourth to Chandler. This put Randle on the pole in the second B main. The top three from that race would transfer to the feature.

In the second consi Michael England took the lead at the start with Randle running second. They would pull away from the rest of the field until a caution came out. On the restart England's car failed to accelerate when the green flag came out causing another restart. England was done for the night, moving Randle to the lead. On this restart Randle's car failed to accelerate when he hit the gas. Back in the pits it was determined that the camshaft had broken. This was especially painful as Randle, by virtue of his 3rd fast time, would have made the field as a provisional even without making the top three of the consi. This also prevented him from starting the UMP feature on the pole. A very costly time for the engine to fail.

Randle experienced similar luck with his Open Wheel as mechnical failure prevented him from starting the feature.

9/17/05, Clarksville, TN – Randle set fast time, won the dash, and won the feature again at Clarksville Speedway Saturday night. The evening began with Randle turning a blistering lap of 12.357 seconds. It was all the more impressive as Randle was the 25th of 26 Late Models to go out for qualifying. The next five were Jeff Glisson (12.762), Richard Frost (12.873), Mike Chandler (13.009), Perry Delaney (13.024) [Delaney was driving the number 53 of Arvelle Pittman], and Brent Wyatt (13.087). Randle started inside of Glisson in the quick six. He jumped to the lead at the start and went on to win by a straight away. In the feature Randle chose the outside starting position. Glisson would have been on the inside but was having mechanical difficulties. This moved Richard Frost to the inside of the front row. Next were Wyatt, Delaney, Tony Albright, and Chandler. Again Randle immediately took the lead and moved away. There were several restarts, but each time Randle would move away. Randle was running the top groove, while the rest of the field worked the bottom. At the finish it was Randle, Albright, Carnell Parker, Wyatt, Richard Frost, and Gary Frost.

This marked Randle's 7th straight Late Model feature win and his 6th straight at Clarksville. Overall, it was Late Model win number 13.

In the Open Wheel Randle experienced a number of problems during the night. He broke a pull bar mount in qualifying. That resulted in the fifth fastest time. In the heat he had more mechanical problems and failed to finish. After making numerous repairs, Randle started the feature in row five. Randle worked his way through the field and was contending with Clayton Miller for the win with two laps to go. It was too little to late though, as Randle finished second.

9/10/05, Clarksville, TN – Randle claimed his 12th Late Model feature win of the year Saturday night at Clarksville Speedway. Randle started the feature on the inside of Tony Albrigth on the front row. Albright had won the quick six over Randle and elected to take the outside. That's the same way they had started the quick six. This time, however, Randle was able to make it work on the inside. At the drop of the green Albright got a slight advantage going down the front straight. Randle then charged into turn one down low and moved up beside Albright and got the bite he needed off of turn two and pulled into the lead. Albright kept it close for several laps, then Randle began to ease away. A caution with seven laps to go bunched them back up. Again Randle was able to ease away from Albright. At the finish it was Randle, Albright, Lee Devaiser, Mike Chandler, Gary Frost, and Carnell Parker.

In the quick six finishing behind Albright and Randle were Chandler, Gary Frost, Devaiser, and Richard Frost.

In qualifying Randle picked up his 11th fast time of the year at Clarksville with a lap of 13.526. Others in the top six were Albright (13.725), Gary Frost (13.769), Chandler (13.805), Devaiser (13.815), and Richard Frost (13.879).

Randle also set fast time and won the feature once again in the Open Wheel. Finishing behind Randle were Clayton Miller, Greg Brown, and Michael Lee.

9/3/05, Clarksville, TN – Randle picked up his fifth win in a row, his fourth in a row at Clarksville Speedway, in the Burr Motorsports' #33 Ford! Randle started the night by turning the only sub-thirteen second lap in qualifying with a 12.969. Making up the rest of the quick six was Tony Albright (13.336), Mike Chandler (13.414), Arville Pittman (13.422), Perry Delaney (13.450), and Carnell Parker (13.482). Albright had the preferred starting position on the outside of the front row in the quick six. He was able to take the lead at the start with Randle falling in behind and trying to find a way around the white #1. Randle stuck his nose underneath Albright on several occasions but couldn't get around. Randle made one last attempt to get by on the last lap exiting turn four. Randle was able to get side-by-side with Albright but came up inches short at the finish line.

Albright elected to start on the outside in the feature also. Once again he was able to take the lead on the first lap. But on lap two, Randle moved underneath coming off four and took a lead he would never relinquish. Once he had made the pass Randle began pulling away. By lap 12 he had a half a track lead. There were a couple of cautions near the end. The last restart came with four laps to go. Randle motored away at the drop of the green and finished with a straightaway lead over Albright, Parker, Delaney, and Pittman.

In the Open Wheel Randle set fast time, won the quick six, and won the feature.


8/27/05, Clarksville, TN – Randle remains the man to beat at Clarksville Speedway! Saturday night he picked up Late Model win number 10 on the year. He started the night by setting fast time with a lap of 13.10. Second fast time went to Brian Maynard with a 13.40. Maynard started on the outside of the front row in the quick six with Randle on the inside. Maynard got the jump at the start and took the lead. Randle was not able to get around Maynard and finished second. In the feature Randle started on the front row with Maynard. This time Maynard was not able to get a jump on Randle. Randle took the lead on the first lap and moved away, leading by half a lap at one point prior to a caution. Randle would take the win over Tait Davenport, Tony Albright, Maynard, Carnell Parker, Gary Frost, and Richard Frost.

Randle also scored another win the the Open Wheel.

8/20/05, Clarksville, TN – A poor qualifying time on a bad track made Randle have to work hard for a victory at Clarksville Speedway Saturday night. The track was over watered and as a result was slick and greasy most of the night. Randle barely made the quick six with a qualifying time of 14.158, good enough for sixth. Qualifying ahead of Randle were Bryan Maynard (13.551), Tait Davenport (13.584), Clay Bauman (13.974), Gary Frost (14.077), and Arville Pittman (14.157).

In the quick six Randle started sixth. He was able to move around Pittman and Bauman quickly, but Frost was another story. Randle would repeatedly get beside him, but couldn't get by. Randle had to settle for a fourth place finish in the 8 lap dash. Maynard would take the win followed by Davenport and Frost. In the feature Randle would start in fourth. Maynard would jump the start and the flagman (lady) would not drop the green. This resulted in a major pileup back in the field and lots of bent sheet metal. Track crews spent about 20 minutes pulling out quarter panels and nose pieces before they could try again. On the second attempt Maynard would spin between turns three and four and Randle would somehow squeeze between him and the wall to avoid a major accident. Maynard would be sent to the rear. This moved Frost to the front row inside. On the next restart Frost would spin between turns one and two. At this point they lined them up single file with Davenport, Frost, Randle, Pittman, Bauman, Perry Delaney, and Tony Albright making up the top seven. Randle spent several laps trying to get by Frost who was taking up a lot of track. Finally, Randle goes by on the inside off of turn four. Randle then runs down Davenport and begins trying him both on the inside and the outside. Randle nearly passes him on the outside exiting turn two, but both cars push out and the drivers have to lift. Randle would go high in turn one and pull underneath Davenport in two on a couple of occasions but not be able to make the pass. Randle then works the bottom for several laps, again showing his nose to Davenport, but not being able to pass. On lap 17 of the 20 lap feature Randle again goes high in one and cuts underneath Davenport in two. This time Randle motors on by to take the lead. The last two laps are nerve racking as Randle has to fight through some heavy lapped traffic. But Randle prevails and picks up Late Model win number nine on the year.

In the Open Wheel Randle sets fast time, finishes second to Clayton Miller in the quick six, but has mechanical difficulties in the feature and falls out.

8/13/05, Clarksville, TN – Randle picked up another triple double at Clarksville Speedway Saturday night! Randle set fast time, won the quick six, and won the feature in both the Late Model and in the Open Wheel. In the process, Randle collected his 8th Late Model feature win of the year.

In qualifying Randle's fast time was 13.074. Others in the top six were Perry Delaney, 13.274; Tony Albright, 13.473; Gary Frost, 13.554; Jeff Walker, 13.558; and Gary Johnson, 13.631. By virtue of his fast time, Randle started the quick six dash on the inside of the front row. At that point in the evening, the track was still rough and greasy on the inside. Delaney took the lead at the start with Randle on his rear bumper. Randle would put the nose of his red #33 under Delaney on numerous occasions, but Delaney continued to lead. That was until the last lap when Randle made one last attempt going high in turn three and cutting under Delaney in turn four. Randle motored by Delaney and won by length of his car at the stripe!

In the feature Randle elected to start on the outside of Delaney. They were followed by Albright, Frost, Walker, Johnson, Carnell Parker, Wendall Bratton, and Mike Chandler. Randle took the lead at the drop of the green and was never challanged. There were several restarts during the race due to cautions, but each time Randle would pull out to a comfortable lead. Delaney received some pressure for second from first Frost and then Walker, but held on to finish behind Randle. Walker would finish third. Fourth went to Frost.

In the Open Wheel feature Randle won easily over second finishing Michael Asberry.

8/6/05 from Stlracing.com

Sweeney Superb in O'Reilly NARA BoB Late Model Win at Soggy Bottom Speedway


MORGANTOWN, KY--Randle Sweeney of Clifty, KY became the 14th different winner in 15 O'Reilly NARA Battle of the Bluegrass DirtCar Series presented by Arizona Sport Shirts events in 2005 on Saturday Night at the Soggy Bottom Speedway in Morgantown, KY. The 40 year old racer took the lead for good on the 16th lap and then went on to capture the $3,000 first place money marking his first career BoB Late Model Series win. Not only did Sweeney win the BoB Late Model feature he also grabbed the NARA Battle of the Bluegrass Open Wheel race as well. Sweeney drove the Philip Burr owned/Full Throttle Race Cars/Dunn's Trucking/Tommy's Auto Machine/M&H Towing/Frank Ofria Racing Engines/C.J. Rayburn Ford Taurus to the win holding off a late race charge from Bryan Barber of Buffalo, KY who finished second in the PBM Performance Products/Dale Meers Racing Engines/MasterSbilt Monte Carlo. Third was Michael England of Glasgow, KY in the David England owned/Young's Oil Corp/C.J. Rayburn Monte Carlo. Completing the top five were Steve Casebolt, Jr. of Richmond, IN in the Seubert Calf Ranches/Dargie Race Engines/Rocket Ford Taurus and polesitter Tyrel Todd of Eubank, KY in the Todd Family Motorsports/Todd Truss Company/MasterSbilt Monte Carlo.

Tyrel Todd and Randle Sweeney would make up the front row for the 40 lap main event on a well prepared race track as two and three wide racing was commonplace throughout the upcoming feature. Todd would take the point right from the start seeking his first BoB series win of '05 after leading the series in wins last year with four. Todd looked strong early in this one with Sweeney running in second followed by Bryan Barber, Mike Jewell and Steve Casebolt, Jr. The first change in the top five running order would take place on lap four with Michael England going from sixth to fourth. Todd was already up to the tail end of the field by lap seven with Sweeney starting to apply the pressure. In traffic now Todd would see Sweeney take a peek several times on the inside diving into the turns but Todd would lead at the start-finish line. Sweeney would again pull alongside Todd and challenge for the lead and on lap 14 he nipped him at the line to officially take the lead, but Todd would fight back the next lap and regain the point, but that hold for just a brief moment as Sweeney raced around Todd again to regain the lead for good on lap 16.

With the great race for the lead taking place between Sweeney and Todd the first caution of the race would fly at the 20 lap mark. On the restart Sweeney would maintain his lead with Barber getting around Todd to take over the runner-up slot. England would follow suit and go to third dropping Todd to fourth. Unfortunately for Todd he would fall another spot with Casebolt getting by on lap 23. Sweeney would be able to stretch his lead out over the field with Barber running in second followed by England, Casebolt and Todd with ten laps to go. Sweeney would build a seven to eight car length advantage over Barber and England as the final caution would come out for a stalled car. With less than ten to go Sweeney looked to be on a mission as the veteran driver who jumped into his Late Model after winning the open wheel modified feature had the lane he wanted and looked to be on his way to a convincing win. But with less than five laps to go Sweeney would pick up the back of the field and with some heavy traffic this time this was going to allow both Barber and England to close on him. With two to go Barber was now within five lengths of Sweeney and riding through heavy traffic Barber would cut the lead to two car lengths as they took the white flag. Down the backshute Barber was within a last lap effort of passing Sweeney, but Sweeney would dive to the inside line of the race track and take his car home to the checkers for his first career O'Reilly NARA Battle of the Bluegrass DirtCar Series win. Barber finished second followed by England, Casebolt and Todd.

Afterwards Sweeney gave credit to the fact that running the in the BoB Modified race helped him in the BoB Late Model feature. "I learned a lot about the track obviously racing the Modified, my car was good in that race and in the Late Model we just tried to use the same line as we did in the Modified and it worked out real well." said the winner in the post race interview. "This is probably the best I have ever seen this track, you could race anywhere on the track two and three wide without any problems so my hats off to the track prep crew for the job they did tonight."

Completing the top ten were Mike Jewell, Tim Tungate, Wayne Chinn, Chris Combs and Aaron Hatton. In preliminary action Johnny Wheeler was the Racing Optics Fast Qualifier with a 15.982 second lap over the 22 entrants on hand. The VP Fuels Makin' Power Heat Race Winners were Steve Casebolt, Jr., Tyrel Todd and Randle Sweeney.

The next O'Reilly NARA Battle of the Bluegrass DirtCar Series event will be on Friday Night, August 26 paying $3,000 at the Ponderosa Speedway in Junction City, KY.

Race Summary

O'Reilly NARA Battle of the Bluegrass DirtCar Series Presented by Arizona Spoirt Shirts

Event #15

Saturday Night, August 6, 2005

Soggy Bottom Speedway-Morgantown, KY

Racing Optics Fast Qualifier: Johnny Wheeler 15.952 seconds

VP Fuel Makin' Power Heat #1: Steve Casebolt, Jr., Mike Jewell, Johnny Wheeler, Wayne Chinn, Tyler Landers, Shannon Thornsberry, Whitney McQueary, David Huff

VP Fuels Makin' Power Heat #2: Tyrel Todd, Bryan Barber, Aaron Hatton, Chris Combs, Blake Chinn, Dennis Selby, Jason Hinkle

VP Fuels Makin' Power Heat #3: Randle Sweeney, Michael England, Tim Tungate, Frankie Coomer, Mike Luna, Dan Deaton, Jason Koger

O'Reilly NARA Battle of the Bluegrass A Main (40 Laps): Randle Sweeney, Bryan Barber, Michael England, Steve Casebolt, Jr., Tyrel Todd, Mike Jewell, Tim Tungate, Wayne Chinn, Chris Combs, Aaron Hatton, Blake Chinn, Tyler Landers, Johnny Wheeler, Shannon Thornsberry, Dan Deaton, Jason Koger, Frankie Coomer, Whitney McQueary, David Huff, Dennis Selby, Mike Luna, Jason Hinkle

Race Statistics:

Entries: 22

Cautions: 2

Red Flags: 0

Lap Leaders: Tyrel Todd 1-13, Randle Sweeney 14, Todd 15, Sweeney 16-40

O'Reilly NARA Battle of the Bluegrass DirtCar Series Rookie of the Race: Wayne Chinn

PPM Racing Products Hard Charger of the Race: Bryan Barber (started 5th and finished 2nd) advanced 3 positions

08/06/05, Morgantown, KY - A last minute decision to attend the Battle of the Bluegrass events at Soggy Bottom Speedway paid off big time for Randle on Saturday night. In the Late Model Randle qualified 9th out of 22 cars. The team went to work and made adustments to the car for the heat. By virtue of the inversion of the first four qualifiers in each heat, Randle started outside front row in the third heat. Starting on the pole was the #18 of Tim Tungate. Second row was #49 Frankie Coomer and #5 Michael England. Third row was #70 Mike Luna and #D2 Dan Deaton. Fourth row was #84 Jason Koger. At the start Randle fell in behind Tungate for the first few laps before making the pass for the lead. He would go on to win the heat over a fast charging England, Tungate, Coomer, Luna, Deaton, and Koger. The three heat winners drew for starting position in the feature. Randle would again start outside front row. Heat two winner Tyrel Todd would start on the pole. Third would be heat one winner Steve Casebolt, Jr. The rest of the starting field was Mike Jewell, Bryan Barber, England, Johnny Wheeler, Aaron Hatton, Tungate, Wayne Chinn, Chris Combs, Coomer, Tyler Landers, Blake Chinn, Luna, Shannon Thornsberry, Dennis Selby, Deaton, Whitney McQueary, Jason Hinkle, Koger, and David Huff. At the start Todd took the lead with Randle on his rear bumper. The two of them would put a little distance between themselves and Casebolt, Jewell, Barber, and England. On lap 14 Randle edged ahead of Todd going down the front straight. Todd, however, would pull back in front. A couple of laps later Randle would again pull past Todd on the inside. This time he made it stick. After completing the pass Randle was able to put a little distance between himself and Todd. There was one caution in the 40 lap event. On the restart Randle was again able to ease away from the now second running Barber. Randle worked the lapped cars well and brought the Burr Motorsports, Full Throttle Race Parts & Equipment, M & H Towing and Recovery, Tommy's Auto Machine Ford to victory lane for the $3000 win!

The Late Model win was Randle's second celebration of the night as he won the $1500 to win Battle of the Bluegrass Modified race immediately prior to the Late Model feature. The Modified race was very exciting as Randle started sixth after finishing second in the third heat. He gradually made his way toward the front in the 25 lap event. With two laps to go Randle appeared to be headed for a third place finish. However, at that time his #182 really took off. He moved up to second with one lap to go and was making a move on the leader when a caution came out. Under BOB rules you race back to the caution on the last lap. Randle won that race to the finish line and picked up the win!

07/30/05, Clarksville, TN – Randle went from second to first, wrecked, and finished third, all on the last lap of the feature. The night started good enough, with Randle setting fast time with a lap of 13.176 seconds around the quarter mile of Clarksville Speedway. Others in the top six were Gary Frost (13.293), Tony Albright (13.303), Perry Delaney (13.383), Carnell Parker (13.394), and Richard Frost (13.547). That would be the line up for the quick six dash. Randle would take the lead at the start and win comfortably over Gary Frost with everybody finishing where they started. The feature would be a different story. Randle elected to start the feature on the outside with Gary Frost on the inside. On the first lap Randle pushes a little high in turn two and Frost and Delaney go by. Both Delaney and Randle soon make it by Frost. Randle then starts working on Delaney on the high side. Randle would pull up beside him and race side-by-side with him on several occasions but wasn't able to complete the pass. Delaney would then move up and take away the top. Randle would then start working on him on the inside. Randle would get beside him but get a little out of shape on a couple of occassions and lose some ground. He would then make it back up and start pressuring Delaney again. Randle would complete the pass but get blocked by a lapped car and give the lead back to Delaney. On the last lap Randle completes another pass on the inside coming off turn two. Randle then appeared to be headed for his third straight win when, exiting turn four, Randle tangles with a lapped car, the two get stuck together and spin towards the infield. Randle guns it and makes a complete 360 and comes across the finish line, but not before Delaney and Albright come by to finish first and second. Randle has to settle for third ahead of Parker and Gary Frost.

In the Open Wheel Randle sets fast time, wins the dash and wins the feature.

07/27/05, Clarksville, TN – What was supposed to be Ken Schrader night at Clarksville Speedway turned out to be Randle Sweeney night! Randle qualified second, won the quick six, and ran away with the feature. The top six qualifying times were: Gary Frost 12.626, Randle 12.808, Tony Albright 12.898, Steven Ashby 12.902, Ken Schrader 12.919, and Richard Frost 13.076. Randle started on the outside of the front row in the quick six and took control at the start. He finished ahead of Gary Frost, Schrader, Albright, Ashby, and Richard Frost. In the feature Randle elected to again start on the outside of the front row with Gary Frost on the inside. Randle assumed the lead at the start and quickly began pulling away. They went caution free for 16 laps and Randle had lapped all but six cars. They restarted the race with only four laps to go and Randle still won by more than a straight away over second place Albright. Albright was followed by Gary Frost, Schrader, and Carnell Parker. Also in the top ten was Jeff Purvis. This was late model win number six for Randle on the year. Randle has now won the last five features he has finished at Clarksville.

In the Open Wheel Randle set fast time but finished second to David Flowers in the quick six and the feature.

07/23/05, Clarksville, TN – Randle picked up his second fast time of the weekend in qualifying at Clarksville Speedway. Randle had a time of 13.034, besting a field of 17 Late Models. Others in the top six were Gary Frost (13.150), Steven Ashby (13.245), Perry Delaney (13.287), Mike Chandler (13.345), and Tony Albright (13.407). They lined up straight up in the quick six, with Randle taking the lead over Frost exiting turn two. From there Randle maintained a comfortable lead in taking the win over Frost, Ashby, Delaney, Albright, and Chandler.

Randle elected to take the inside pole in the feature with Frost on the outside. That decision proved a good one as Randle again took the lead coming off turn two. From there Randle opened up a half a track lead by the mid point in the 20 lap feature. There were several cautions, but Randle was able to pull away on each restart. Considering all the bad luck the team has had lately, it was a relief to see the checkered flag fall with the #33 Burr Motorsports, Full Throttle Ford out front. Finishing behind Randle were Delaney, Frost, Carnell Parker, Chandler, Arvell Pittman, and Albright.

In his #182 Open Wheel, Randle set fast time, won the dash, but came in third behind Michael Lee and Clayton Miller in the feature.

07/22/05, Camden, TN – Randle set a new track record in qualifying at Camden Speedway with a lap of 15.178. Rounding out the top 5 in a field of 21 late models were Phil Walker (15.194), Tony Albright (15.269), Tait Davenport (15.358), and Bart Richardson (15.491). Randle started the first heat on the pole along side Albright. Albright was able to win the race to the first turn and assume the lead. Randle fell in behind in second followed by Richardson. Randle was running the high side when the car jumped the cushion in turn one. This allowed Richardson to take over second. Randle was able to catch back up, but could not pass and finished third behind Albright and Richardson.

The top six in the lineup for the feature were Albright, Walker, Richardson, Joe Mike, Randle, and Davenport. There was a pile up on the first lap that Randle was unable to avoid. Other than body damage, the car appeared okay and Randle continued. However, a few laps into the race the left rear wheel broke off the car and Randle was done for the night. Apparently, the wheel was cracked in the pile up. The streak of bad luck continued for the Burr Motorsports team. Randle will attempt to get back on track Saturday night at Clarksville. Albright proceeded to pull away from the field in his GRT and cruised to victory. He was followed by Richardson, Walker, and Davenport.

06/28/05, Paducah, KY – Randle had the 7th fastest time among the 35 Late Models at the UMP Summer Nationals at Paducah International Raceway Tuesday night. He missed making the fast dash by 5/1000th of a second. Therefore, Randle started the first heat on the outside of the front row. Randle dropped out the heat with motor problems that were thought to be a burnt piston. This is expected to keep Randle and the Burr Motorsports team sidelined for several weeks. We will post updates when we learn more. Shannon Babb set fast time and won the dash and the $6,000 for first place in the feature. Following Babb in the top six were Rodney Melvin, Randy Sellars, Dennis Erb, Billy Drake, and Jimmy Mars.

06/26/05, If the weather cooperates and the equipment holds up, Randle and the Burr Motorsports team plan on five straight nights of racing this week. The action includes three nights of UMP Summer Nationals beginning on Tuesday at Paducah, Ky. That's to be followed by Summer Nationals races at Clarksville, TN on Wednesday and Mt. Vernon, IL on Thursday. The team would then finish out the week at Kentucky Lake Motor Speedway on Friday and back to Clarksville on Saturday.

06/25/05, Clarksville, TN – Randle posted a triple double at Clarksville Speedway Saturday night! He set fast time in both the Late Model and the Open Wheel, won the quick six in both the Late Model and the Open Wheel and won the feature in both the Late Model and the Open Wheel.

In the Late Model qualifying Randle had a fast time of 12.540. Gary Frost was second with a 12.859. He was followed by Richard Frost (12.877), Tony Morris (12.977), Tony Albright (13.012), and Mike Chandler (13.455). Gary Frost was unable to make the quick six, so Randle started inside of Morris. Randle took the lead at the start and won easily. Following Randle was Richard Frost, Albright, Chandler, and Morris.

Randle started the feature on the pole inside of Richard Frost. Second row was Albright and Chandler. Third row was Morris and Carnell Parker. Randle jumped to the lead at the start and had a straightaway lead on lap five when second running Albright stopped on the track due to what appeared to be a broken axle tube. On the restart Randle again assumed a significant lead and won easily over Richard Frost, Morris, Parker, and Chandler.

In the Open Wheel feature Randle and Charles Zimmerman put on a show for the fans with lots of side-by-side racing and several lead changes. Randle came out on top and took his seventh Open Wheel feature win of the year.

06/24/05, Camden, TN – Randle was the 16th of 19 Late Models to go out for time trials at Camden Speedway Friday night. Randle turned a lap at 15.782. That was a couple of tenths slower than he hot lapped and was the seventh fastest overall. Quick time went to John Tindal with a lap of 15.365. Others in the top five were Brian Maynard, Tait Davenport, Joey Mack, and Bart Richardson.

Randle started the first heat in the third position behind Tindal and Mack. Tindal jumped the start twice. This moved Randle to the pole inside of Mack with Tindal in third. Mack moved to the front in turn two followed by Randle and Tindal. On lap four Randle’s #33 got high in turn one and Tindal went by. Randle then could put the nose underneath Tindal, but could not pass. On lap six Randle came to a stop in turn four. Everyone held their breath fearing three broken motors in three consecutive starts. The push truck took Randle to the pits where it was discovered that the ignition wire had come off.

Adjustments were made to the Burr Motorsports Ford and Randle went out for hot laps. Randle’s times were then consistent with those of the heat winners: Mack, Maynard, and Davenport. Unfortunately, Randle would be starting the $2,000 to win feature in 19th.

After several attempts to get the feature going the feature went caution free for the entire 20 laps. This is not what Randle needed, having to come from the rear. Randle made it up to 7th and was chasing down the leaders when the laps ran out. The car was running good, but starting from the rear was too much to overcome. At the finish it was Mack, Davenport, Richardson, Maynard, Tindal, Jeff Watson, and Randle.

06/03/05, Camden, TN – Randle started his heat on the outside of the front row again this week at Camden Speedway. From there Randle took a comfortable lead and the win. This put him on the inside front row for the feature. Starting on the outside was Bryan Maynard, the winner of the second heat. Maynard was able to get into the lead coming off turn two on lap one. From there until lap ten Randle and Maynard would battle for the lead on every lap. Maynard was running the high line where Randle would have preferred to be, but Randle would pull up beside him in the corners and on some laps would stay beside him down the straights as well. Maynard was having some problems in turn four and it looked like Randle would eventually get him. On lap ten Maynard would get it sideways in turn four and spin to the inside hitting the berm and breaking off the right rear wheel. On the restart Randle would look strong, but a couple of laps later a problem would develop with the motor. This resulted in Randle losing the lead to Steve Ross in the #25. Ross's motor would let go on lap 14 and Randle would again take the lead. On the restart the motor appeared to be okay and Randle would begin pulling away from Tony Albright who was now running second after the departure of Maynard and Ross. However, on lap 17 the motor would again lose power and Albright closed and took the lead on lap 18. As the checkers waved on lap 20, Dylan Thompson would edge by Randle, dropping Randle to third. Compounding the bad luck of motor damage for the second week in a row, the feature for some unknown reason went 20 laps rather the 15 that has been run every other week and as was stated in the drivers' meeting. Randle was leading on lap 15. Due to motor problems, Randle will not be running the Late Model at Clarksville on Saturday.

06/04/05, Clarksville, TN – Randle caught the wall in qualifying at Clarksville Speedway on Saturday, damaging the right front, and did not get a qualifying time. As a result, Randle started at the rear of his heat race. He was able to make it around everyone and take the heat win. Randle then started the feature in 9th. On lap four he was up to seventh when the motor broke. It appears to be a broken crank. The extent of other damage is not known at this time. The team will install the backup motor and return to racing next weekend.

06/03/05, Camden, TN – Randle drew the outside front row for the heat race at Camden Speedway Friday night. From there he took a comfortable lead and a win in the heat. Randle started the feature on the pole and never looked back as he took a half track win over the other top four finishers Bronson Berry, Tony Albright, and Rex Berry.

05/20/05, Camden, TN – At Camden Speedway Friday night Randle drew the inside third row starting position in his heat. He started behind Rex Berry, the 99m, Bronson Berry, and Richard Frost. Outside of Randle was the #56 of Jeff Walston. Bringing up the rear was the 20k of William Keeney. In the heat Randle got by the 99m and Frost early, but it took several laps to get around Walston. Randle finished third behind Rex Berry and Bronson Berry.

The feature lineup was Rex Berry, Perry Delaney, Bronson Berry, Tony Albright, Randle, #227, Walston, Dylan Thompson, Frost, Rod Reed, #99m, and Keeney. Randle and the team had not been satisfied with the car in the heat and hot laps and made some adjustments for the feature. Unfortunately, those adjustments weren’t enough. Randle moved up to fourth behind Rex Berry, Bronson Berry, and Albright, but some distance separated Randle from the top three. He was closing ground on the leaders with about five laps to go when a caution came out. This bunched them back up, but on the restart Randle lost ground and finished fourth behind Rex, Bronson, and Tony. Hopefully the team will have better luck at Clarksville Saturday where Randle has won back-to-back features.

05/18/05, Paducah, KY – Randle finished second to Rusty Griffaw in the Open Wheel feature at Paducah Interantional Raceway on Wednesday night. The event was part of NASCAR night at PIR.

05/14/05, Clarksville, TN – The night started out bad. Because Randle was finishing up a new Open Wheel car, he was late to the track and missed hot laps and was forced to qualify last on a slow track. With no laps on the track and the setup off, Randle qualified 7th fastest out of 21 Late Models and missed the quick six. As a result Randle would be scheduled to start on the pole of the first heat. Because of steering problems and the time it took to make repairs, it looked like Randle might miss his heat. However, he made it to the staging lane in time to start the heat on the front row inside of Mike Chandler. Randle got the jump at the start and moved into the lead. The car was still off however and Chandler was running strong and made the pass on the inside. Randle had to hang on for second.

As a result of the second place in the first hear Randle would begin the feature in 9th. The odds of him coming from 9th to 1st in 20 laps would seem pretty long. Most were just hoping not to tear anything up and maybe somehow get a top 5 finish. Randle started the feature behind Gary Frost, Carnell Parker, Tait Davenport, Steven Ashby, Perry Delaney, Richard Frost, Mike Chandler, and Tony Albright. Bronson Berry and Jarrad Holshouser would start 10th and 11th. Once the race was underway Randle began to pick off cars one by one. He was making good progress on the high side and could work down low when necessary. That top five was looking pretty likely. But as the race continued expectations rose to a top three. With about four laps to go Randle had made it past Davenport and had joined Frost and Parker in a three way race for first. It was beginning to look like a win was actually possible. Heading through turns three and four headed for the white flag, Randle moved past both Frost and Parker to take the lead and the win! The top five were Randle, Parker, Gary Frost, Davenport, and Chandler.

In the new Open Wheel Randle qualified second, won the quick six, and won the feature. It was the second week in a row Randle would win features in both divisions.

05/13/05, Camden, TN – They did not have time trials at Camden Speedway. Randle drew a front row inside starting position in heat two. Starting along side him was Mike Chandler. They were followed by Jeff Glisson, Bryan Maynard, Scott Riggs, and Kevin Cole. Randle took the lead at the start and went unchallenged to win his heat over Maynard, Glisson, Cole, Chandler, and Riggs. The first heat was won by Bronson Berry over Tony Albright, Steven Ashby, Rex Berry, John Flowers, and car #8. Randle started the #33 Burr Motorsports, Full Throttle Race Parts & Equipment, Dunn’s Trucking, and Tommy’s Auto Machine Late Model outside of Bronson Berry in the feature. The next three rows were Albright and Maynard, Ashby and Glisson, and Rex Berry and Cole. Berry would get the jump at the start and take the lead. Randle would run outside of Albright for several laps battling for second with Maynard sometimes sticking the nose of his #18 in between them to make it three wide. All the while, they would be close behind Berry. Randle would then take sole possession of second place and begin working on Berry for the lead. Randle would move up beside him on the high side but couldn’t get around. He would try him on the inside, but with the same results. By this time they had put some distance between themselves and Albright and Maynard who were contending for third. The last several laps Randle would repeatedly pull along side Berry but could never make the pass. It was a great job of driving by both Berry and Randle as they fought cleanly for the lead. Maynard would finish third and Albright fourth.

05/07/05, Clarksville, TN – Randle’s double duty paid off well Saturday night at Clarksville Speedway. Randle set fast time in the Late Model and in the Open Wheel. In the Late Model Randle turned a lap of 13.350. Second was Carnell Parker with a 13.474. Third was Tony Albright with a 13.624. The quick six lineup was Randle, Parker, Albright, Arvelle Pittman, Steven Ashby, and Gary Frost. Parker moved to the front at the start. Randle could run the same speed as Parker, but couldn’t mount a serious challenge for the lead. The finish was Parker, Randle, Albright, Frost, Pittman, and Ashby. Randle won the Open Wheel quick six by a comfortable margin.

In the Late Model feature Randle had a race long battle with Parker for the lead. Parker took the lead from his inside front row starting position at the start. Randle fell in behind him and began trying to pass on the inside. Parker would repeatedly cut him off to prevent the inside pass. Randle would then move to the outside and begin challenging for the lead on the high side. With four laps to go Randle would make the pass for the lead, but a caution came out sending Randle back to second. On the restart, Randle would again make the pass but someone ran over the starting cone and Randle again had to go back to second. The next time Randle would battle with Parker for a couple of laps before passing him on the last lap for what would appear to be the win, but a spin occurred on the last lap and another restart was signaled. With two laps to go on the board, Randle again made the pass for the lead. This time Richard Frost spins and another caution comes out. Finally, on the last restart Randle makes the pass for keeps on the outside of turn four with one lap to go. Gary Frost also gets by Parker to finish second with Parker third. Fourth goes to Ashby, fifth to Pittman, sixth to Perry Delaney, and seventh to Albright.

In the Open Wheel feature Randle cruises to victory over Clayton Miller.

05/01/05, Haubstadt, IN – Randle qualified the #33 Burr Motorsports, Full Throttle Race Parts & Equipment, Dunn’s Trucking, and Tommy’s Auto Machine Late Model fifth fastest among 34 Northern Allstars Late Models at Tri-State Speedway Sunday night. Fast time was set by Shannon Babb. Randle was the fastest qualifier in his group. With the inversion of the top three, Randle started his heat on the inside of row two. Randle would have a tremendous battle with Lee Thomason for first place. They would cross the finish line side-by-side but with Randle getting second. This put Randle starting on the inside of row four in the $2,500 to win feature. However, the team missed the setup slightly and made the wrong tire choice for the feature. The result was an 11th place finish. The win went to Don O’Neal for the second night in a row. Rounding out the top five were Kevin Weaver, Chad Zobrist, Rodney Melvin, and Dennis Erb, Jr. Complete results are available at www.tristatespeedway.com/results05/latemodels050105.html.

04/30/05, Clarksville, TN – The Burr Motorsports team had a bad qualifying run at the $3,500 to win Northern Allstars event on Saturday. Randle qualified 14th out of 32 Late Models. He was 5th in his group and started 5th in his heat. Randle quickly moved up to 3rd. He then took 2nd away from Terry English at the finish. The top five were Don O’Neal, Randle, English, Gary Frost, and Jeremy Williams.

Randle started 8th in the feature moved towards the front in a very exciting race. He got as high as 3rd at one point but lost some positions in lapped traffic. There was lots of two and three wide racing and the top six were all bunched together at the finish. Steve Barnett managed to edge out Randle at the finish and drop Randle to 6th. The top ten results were O’Neal, Randy Weaver, Brian Shirley, Carnell Parker, Barnett, Randle, Dennis Erb, Jr., Steve Hillard, English, and Duane Chamberlain.

04/16/05, Clarksville, TN – Randle set fast time in the Late Models, won the quick six in both the Late Models and the Open Wheels, won the Open Wheel feature, and came in second in the Late Model feature at Clarksville Speedway. In the Late Model feature Randle started on the pole with Carnell Parker on the outside. Randle took the lead on lap one and led for several laps with Parker close but not applying pressure. The Burr Motorsports Late Model got a little high between turns one and two and Parker went by on the inside. At that point Parker pulled ahead to a comfortable lead. Randle likewise had a comfortable lead on third place Gary Frost. On the last lap Parker spins into the infield in turn three while working lapped traffic. Randle goes by and takes the checkered flag. Parker, apparently thinking as most would assume, the race is over, pulls to the scales. Track officials wave him back to the track. After much time talking it over, the officials put two laps on the scoreboard and put Parker back in the lead. The race resumes and Randle is unable to catch Parker. Instead, Frost pulls by Randle coming off turn two and going down the backstretch on the final lap. Randle takes the high line going into turn three and is able to beat Frost to the finish line by a nose for second place. Fourth was Tony Albright, fifth was Perry Delaney, and one lap down in sixth was Tony Morris followed by Eddie Pace.

Randle did win the quick six over Parker, Albright, Frost, Delaney, and Pace. The top six in time trials were Randle (12.994), Pace (13.089), Albright (13.169), Parker (13.238), Delaney (13.270), and Frost (13.558).

04/09/05, Calvert City, KY – What looked to be a very promising night turned into major disappointment for Randle and Burr Motorsports. In the Late Model, Randle set third fast time among 21 Late Models with a lap of 15.370. Eddie Pace set fast time with a 15.264. Second was Matt Liner with a 15.364. Fourth was Randy Sellars with a 15.428. Randle started third in the inverted first heat. He quickly moved to the front and won easily over Kevin Cole. Jeff Sloan, Tim Brown, and Eddie Pace rounded out the top five.

In the feature Randle was on the pole with Sellars on the outside. Sellars took the lead at the start with Randle second. They opened up a comfortable lead over Cole. After a caution Randle had the #33 stuck to the rear of Sellars’ #3 and was looking to make a pass in turn three. Unfortunately, something broke on the left rear and tore off the brake line. The result was a hard crash into the outside retaining wall. The car was badly damaged with the frame bent on both ends. Another missed opportunity and costly repairs. The track was terribly rough all night and lead to DNFs for many teams in both Late Models and Open Wheels.

In the $7,500 to win Open Wheel show, Randle set fast time among 55 Open Wheels. He started fourth in the inverted heat and finished third. This put him starting in the sixteenth position in the feature. By lap five, through a combination of passing and attrition, Randle had his #182 up to sixth. A few laps later he was up to third. Randle hit a deep rut shortly before the halfway point and fell back to fourth, but looked sure to move back to third. The race was stopped at 20 of the 40 laps for a fuel stop. At that point Randle and crew detected a hole in the radiator and Randle was forced to park the STM chassis machine. Another heart wrenching ending to what appeared to be a very good finish and possibly a win.

04/02/05, Clarksville, TN – Randle was the fastest man at Clarksville Speedway Saturday night, but got no feature wins to show for it. Randle set fast time in both the Late Models and the Open Wheels. Piloting the Burr Motorsports Ford Late Model in qualifying, Randle turned a 14.076 second lap to best the field of 19 cars. Rounding out the top six were Jarrod Holshouser (14.374), Tony Albright (14.442), Carnell Parker (14.557), Michael England (14.628), and Bronson Berry (14.658). In the Open Wheel Randle bested the field of 42 cars with a lap of 14.573.

In the Late Model quick six, Randle started on the front row inside of Holshouser and initially took the lead on the inside. However, Holshouser would soon move to the front on the outside. Randle found something on the outside in turn four in the last couple of laps and was able to make it exciting, but finished second followed by Albright, Parker, Berry, and England.

Using a special inversion format for the $5,000 to win Open Wheel race, Randle’s fast time resulted in him starting fourth in the fourth heat. He was able to move up to finish second. That finish placed him eighth in the starting field for the feature.

Randle and the team made some adjustments to the #33 for the Late Model feature where Holshouser elected to start on the outside. Randle started on the inside front row and immediately jumped to the lead at the start and started pulling away. There were numerous cautions in the feature, but on each restart Randle would pull away to a comfortable lead. Around the halfway point the torque arm on the rear suspension broke robbing him of his first Late Model feature win of the year. At the finish it was Albright, Parker, Gary Frost, England, Berry, and Tony Morris.

In the Open Wheel feature Randle was stuck in traffic in the early going. Once there was room for some passing Randle began to work his way toward the front from his eighth place starting position. One by one Randle picked them off until he made it up to third. However, by this time there were only two or three laps to go and he was unable to advance further. Chad Kinder would take home the $5,000 first place money.

03/26/05, Clarksville, TN – Randle brakes a driveshaft yoke and doesn't get a qualifying time. He starts eight in his heat and finishes second. That finish put him in 10th place to start the feature. In the feature Randle advanced up to third mostly on the high side. However, with two laps to go Randle makes contact with the outside retaining wall and by the time he had recovered he had fallen back to a sixth place finish. At the finish it was Tony Morris, Carnell Parker, Gary Frost, Chuck Proctor, Jaryd Holshouser, Randle, and Tony Albright who also failed to get a qualifying time.

03/19/05, Clarksville, TN – Randle set fast time among 20 late models at Clarksville Speedway Saturday night. Randle turned a fast lap of 12.371. Chuck Proctor was second with a 12.486. Others with sub-thirteen second laps were Bronson Berry (12.859), Tony Albright (12.919), and Jaryd Houlshouser (12.950). In the quick six Randle had to start on the inside of the front row. Proctor started on the outside. At this point the inside groove was still too wet. Randle was forced to settle for second behind Proctor and in front of Berry, Albright, Houlshouser, and Gary Frost. By feature time the high groove had gotten pretty slick. Proctor elected to start on the inside with Randle on the outside. At the start Randle jumped to the lead exiting turn two. A caution however caused a complete restart. On the second try Randle and Proctor started side-by-side and continued that way for the first two laps. On lap three Randle took the lead. On lap four Randle's #33 Ford slid high in turn two and Proctor made the pass on the low side. However, a caution would come out and send Randle back to the front. Once they restarted Randle's Ford would get worse and worse in turns one and two. Randle could hold his own in three and four, but one by one others would go by Randle in turn two. Randle was running about fifth with four laps to go when he nearly spun in turn two and came to rest in the infield, a disappointing ending to a once promising night. At the finish it was Proctor holding off Berry for the win. Carnell Parker was third and Albright was fourth. Randle did get a second place finish in his Open Wheel.

03/12/05, Clarksville, TN – There were 24 late models on hand at Clarksville Speedway Saturday night. Randle was the next to last qualifier on a rapidly drying track. He qualified fourth overall behind Eddie Pace, Tony Albright, and Jarrad Holshouser and ahead of Gary Frost and Tony Morris. Randle started outside of Holshouser in the second row of the quick six dash. At the start he moved into third. A couple of laps later he would move past Albright on the high side exiting turn two. He then set his sights on the leader Eddie Pace. Randle would repeatedly stick the nose of his #33 Ford underneath Pace. It appeared Randle was going to make the pass on Pace on the inside exiting turn two, but Pace was able to squeeze him down to the tire separating the infield from the track. Randle had to back out and settle for second. They were trailed by Albright, Morris, Holshouser, and Frost. That would be the lineup for the feature followed by Steven Ashby, Kevin Cole, Jeff Walston, and Carnell Parker.

It appeared from the many attempts to complete a lap to start the race that 24 cars was too large a starting field. After three attempts without completing a lap, the field was started single file and the race was cut from 20 to 15 laps. Randle quickly began pressuring Pace for the lead. Randle made the pass on the outside in turn three. Albright would go by Pace at the same time on the inside. The battle then was between Randle and Albright. Randle led for several laps, but Albright was able move around Randle after one of several other restarts following a caution. Pace also picked up speed and moved around Randle while he was trying the high side to attempt to pass Albright. With two laps to go, Randle had his hands full trying to get back around Pace. He was able to get under Pace and retake second at the finish line on the last lap.

Randle started on the pole in the Open Wheel feature and drove his familiar #182 to a first place finish.

03/05/05, Clarksville, TN – There were 52 late models on hand at Clarksville Speedway for the $10,000 to win Northern Allstars Late Model Series event. They qualified in four groups, with the times in each group setting the field for the start of each of the four heat races. Randle was the fastest qualifier in his group. This placed him 3rd in the starting field of his heat as the top three were inverted. Randle started behind Matt Taylor, Randy Weaver and on the inside of Steve Francis and ahead of Steve Hilliard in the 13 car lineup. During the race Randle was able to get by Taylor to take second place, but despite getting beside Weaver on several occasions, he was unable to make the pass for the win. This resulted in Randle starting the feature in eighth place. The starting lineup for the feature was Steve Barnett, Randy Weaver, Billy Moyer, Dale McDowell, Don O'Neal, Dennis Erb, Chuck Proctor, Randle, Shannon Babb, Tony Morris, Tony Albright, Steve Francis, Billy James, John Vandenburg, Scott James, Steve Hilliard, Timothy Hanburg, Jeep Van Wormer, Kevin Coleman, Patrick Duggan, Michael England, Dewayne Chamberlan, Richard Frost, and Joey Devitto. Randle was quick at the start and was being held up by Erb. He continued in 8th place beyond the halfway point in the 50 lap feature. However, a couple of cautions came out and Randle's tires went away. Randle would lose a couple of postions in the last few laps and wound up in 10th place. The race was won by Moyer over Weaver, McDowell, Barnett, and Francis.