11/06/09 - Wheel, TN - Terry had the 2nd fast time in qualifying.  But with the group qualifying he still started outside 3rd row in the feature.  The #33 Ford was working good in the feature and Terry worked his way up to a second place finish in the $3,000 to win event.  Randy Weaver took the win.  Corey Posey and Todd Morrow finished third and fourth.  There were 41 late models at the event.

10/17/09 - Clarksville, TN - Terry qualified fourth.  In the dash Terry quickly moved past Clayton Miller and Chris Shelton to take second place.  Jeff Walston, however, was too fast and Terry finished in second.  In the feature Miller made a good move on the low side and took over second.  Miller and Walston then put a little distance on the #33 Burr Motorsports Ford.  However, after a few laps Terry closed the gap and was waiting for Miller to make a mistake to move back into second and battle for the lead.  Miller had other ideas and never gave Terry any opportunity to get underneath his #57 machine.  At the finish it was Walston, Miller, Terry, Shelton, and Joey Mack.

10/10/09 - Clarksville, TN - Terry and the team had a disappointing 10th place finish in the $3,000 to win SRRS event at Clarksville Speedway.  Terry had a bad draw, went out late in qualifying and didn't get a good lap time.  Therefore he missed an automatic advancement to the feature and started second in his heat.  Terry jumped to a big lead and won his heat convincingly.  From there Terry started the 40 lap feature in 11th place.  He had advanced to 8th after three laps but had to brake hard entering turn three to avoid another car and spun.  Terry then had to restart in the rear of the 24 car field.  The car was working good on the low side and Terry was able to pick cars off one by one but was only able to get back to 10th before the laps ran out.

9/26/09 - Clarksville, TN - It was a wet night at Clarksville as the rain came shortly before the gates opened.  However, the track crew did a good job and the track was very fast by qualifying time as evidenced by Jeff Walston fast time of 12.201.  Rounding out the quick six were Steven Ashby (12.477), Chuck Proctor (12.619), Terry English (12.694), Tony Albright (12.823), and Tony Morris (12.844).  That's also how they would start and finish in the dash.

In the feature, Ashby jumped to a lead he would never relinquish.  Walston fell into second with Terry chasing him in third.  Proctor would run fourth until losing his left rear tire midway through the race.  Terry would make a run at Walston on several occasions but could not take second.  At the finish the top five were Ashby, Walston, Terry, Morris, and Albright.

9/15/09 - Clarksville, TN - Terry and the team made the trip to Clarksville payoff as they took the win on Tuesday night.  Terry started the feature on the pole and jumped out to a big lead over Chuck Proctor.  Charles Zimmerman went to the top and moved up from his fourth place starting position to second and closed the gap on Terry half way through the feature.  A caution soon came out and Zimmerman was not able stick with Terry from that point.  Zimmerman eventually got into the wall on the last lap and gave second back to Proctor who had his hands full holding off Chris Shelton who finished third.  Finishing fourth was Jason McBride.

In the dash Terry started outside of Proctor.  Proctor took the lead and moved to the high side.  Terry took the low groove.  They battled for the lead the whole race with McBride and Zimmerman running right behind them.  On the last lap exiting turn four Terry alongside Proctor and beat him to the finish line by inches.  McBride finished third and Zimmerman fourth.

The top five in qualifying were Proctor (12.609), Terry (12.696), Zimmerman (12.777), McBride (12.805), and Mike Chandler (12.904).

9/13/09 - Springfield, TN - Terry English and the Burr Motorsports team plan to be at Clarksville Speedway on Tuesday night Sept. 15.

8/08/09 - Clarksville, TN - The Burr Motorsports team returned to Clarksville Speedway Saturday night looking for a win.  Terry qualified fourth overall with a lap of 12.540 seconds.  The top three were Chuck Proctor (12.307), Jeff Walston (12.392), and Stephen Ashby (12.529).  Terry started fourth in the quick six and finished third.  In the feature Terry started behind Proctor and Walston.  Terry spent the whole race passing Walston.  Every time Terry got around him a caution would come out and Terry would be put back to third.  Finally after making the pass for the third time, Terry got to keep second.  However, this left little time to have a run at Proctor.  It looked like the team would catch a break as Proctor got into the back of a lapped car.  The lapped car was knocked into the infield and Proctor followed but kept going and pulled back on the track.  A caution however came out and the official ruling was that the lapped car had slowed to pull off the track and was therefore at fault.  Proctor was returned to the lead and took the win with Terry finishing second and Walston third.

In another note, the team was surprised to find out this week that they were leading the points race at Clarksville.

7/25/09 - Clarksville, TN - Terry cruises out to a big lead, but falls out at the halfway point of the feature.  Terry began the feature in third and took second from Chuck Proctor on each of the four starts of the feature event.  Repeated cautions caused Terry to have to beat Proctor into the first turn on the first lap again and again.  Once the field actually completed a lap, Terry went after Jeff Walston.  Terry moved underneath Walston and jumped to the lead on the second lap.  Terry then proceeded to pull way.  At the midpoint of the race Terry had a full straightaway lead when the #33 Ford lost an axle.

Terry had begun the night by qualifying fourth with a time of 12.905.  The top three times went to Walston (12.646), Proctor (12.756), and Chris Shelton (12.810).    In the quick six the finish was Walston, Proctor, Terry, Albright, Shelton, and Charles Zimmerman.

7/18/09 - Clarksville, TN - Good news and bad news.  Terry turned a very fast 12.810 in qualifying.  However, five of the other 21 late models on hand turned as good or better.  Top time went to Jeff Walston (12.561).  Following Walston was Jason McBride (12.713), Randle Sweeney (12.723), Tony Albright (12.746), and Charles Zimmerman (12.810).

In the dash Terry maneuvered his way up from sixth to third.  While in third he made a serious run at Albright who was in second.  It looked like with another lap he might be able to get him.  However, there wasn't another lap and at the finish it was Walston, Albright, Terry, McBride, Zimmerman, and Sweeney.

In the feature Terry ran third for several laps before getting by Albright.  Terry then ran down Walston and the two had a good battle for first.  Walston held on for the win and Terry got second, McBride third, Albright fourth, and Chris Shelton fifth.

7/11/09 - Wheel, TN - There were 29 late models at Duck River Speedway for the $3,000 to win SRRS event.  Terry just missed the automatic transfer to the feature by qualifying 4th instead of third in his group.  Terry then started on the pole of the third heat.  However, his tires didn't fire for a few laps and Robert Stutts took the lead and pulled away slightly.  Once the tires heated up Terry ran him down but was unable to complete the pass.   This resulted in Terry starting 15th in the 25 car field.  Terry had made it up to 11th before something broke in the rear end just shy of the halfway point.  Terry coasted to the infield and officially finished 21st.

7/04/09 - Clarksville, TN - Rain fell just before Terry was to go out for qualifying at Clarksville Speedway.  The program was a complete rain out.

6/27/09 - Clarksville, TN - The setup on the #33 was a little tight for the heavy track conditions on Saturday at Clarksville Speedway.  Terry, however, still managed to set second fast time behind Chuck Proctor.  Unfortunately, Terry was second to Proctor all night long as he finished second in the quick six and the feature.

6/25/09 - Atwood, TN - Terry had the Burr Motorsports #33 at the UMP Summer Nationals race at Clayhill Motorsports Park on Thursday.  The team's qualifying time was not what was hoped for as Terry was 7th fast in his group of ten cars.  Terry started 7th and finished 6th in his heat.  Terry did advance to the feature as a result of his third place finish in the B main.  The team tried a different setup for the feature but because of time constraints didn't get to make all the changes that they would have liked.  In the feature Terry did not appear to be likely to advance to a higher paying finish and elected to pull in early.  This resulted in an official finish of 21st.

6/20/09 - Clarksville, TN - The Burr Motorsports team arrived at the $10,000 to win UMP Summer Nationals event at Clarksville Speedway looking for added speed with a new setup.  Unfortunately, the setup turned out to be a set-back.  Terry qualified 6th in his group, started 6th in his heat and finished 4th, one position short of a transfer spot.  Terry then earned a transfer spot by finishing 3rd in the B main.  Terry started the feature in 18th and was only able to advance one position.  Billy Moyer took the win.

6/13/09 - Bardstown, KY - The Burr Motorsports team attended the Battle of the Bluegrass $3,000 to win event at Bluegrass Speedway on Saturday.  Terry qualified 18th out of a strong field 37 late models.  Fast qualifier for the night was Don O'Neal.  Terry started fifth in his heat and moved up into the fourth and final transfer spot although the car was noticeably tight in turns one and two.  Terry started 14th in the feature.  On a restart on lap 11 Terry got a good run on the low side off of turn four and moved up to 12th.  Unfortunately he clipped the cone and was penalized two spots and had to restart in 16th.  On the subsequent restart one of the many #11 cars ran all over Terry's #33 in turn two and ended the night for Terry.

6/6/09 - Clarksville, TN - Terry made it two in a row at Clarksville Speedway as he took the feature win in the Burr Motorsports Ford Saturday night.  In between those two wins he also scored a feature win at Paducah in his own #96. 

Terry set fast time at Clarksville and lead every lap in the dash and the feature.  There were 18 late models on hand.  The top five in the feature were Terry, Chuck Proctor, Tony Albright, Levi Ashby, and Charles Zimmerman.

The Burr Motorsports Ford is sponsored by Full Throttle Race Parts and Equipment, Tommy's Auto Machine, and Frank Ofria Race Engines.

5/30/09 - Clarksville, TN - Terry English and the Burr Motorsports team took home the Mid-Season Championship trophy Saturday night.  Terry started the feature from the inside pole position by virtue of his win in the quick six dash.  Terry put the #33 Ford out front on the first lap and lead all the way to get the team's first feature win of the year.  Brandon Chappel moved up from his third place starting position to take second over Chuck Proctor.  Tony Albright finished fourth.  Levi Ashby and Jason McBride followed Albright.

Terry started the dash on the outside of the front row and quickly took the lead.  Chappel and Proctor were pressuring Terry for the first several laps until Terry managed to stretch out a comfortable lead.  At the finish it was Terry, Proctor, Chappel, Charles Zimmerman, Albright, and David Daniels.

There were 22 late models on hand.  Chappel went out third in qualifying and set fast time at 13.921.  Terry went out 12th and turned the second fast time of 13.936.  They were the only two to time below 14 seconds.

5/23/09 - Clarksville, TN - Terry had a good qualifying run at Clarksville Speedway Saturday night.  He went out 17th but still managed to turn second quick time behind Jason McBride.  Those two started on the front row of the quick six dash with Terry on the outside.  Coming off turn four at the drop of the green they were side-by-side.  They stayed that way lap after lap until Terry managed to get the lead in turn three on lap four.  McBride then got a little sideways and let Tony Albright get by to take second.  Terry finished with a good lead over Albright and McBride.

Terry started the feature on the pole.  At the start of the race Terry took the lead, but the flagman thought Terry was a little too quick on the start and called for a restart.  This time Albright got a little jump and took the lead.  Albright was strong and pulled to a multi-car length lead.  Terry ran second until Albright, he, and McBride caught up with lapped traffic.  Terry got caught behind a slower car and McBride dashed under to take second.  The car was not as good as in the quick six and Terry had to settle for third.

5/16/09 - Clarksville, TN - The team guessed wrong on track conditions for qualifying and missed the quick six with an 8th fast time.  Terry started on the pole of the second heat and took the win over Charles Zimmerman.  Terry started 8th in the feature and was able to advance a couple of spots.  The top six at the finish were Jason McBride, Carnel Parker, Dennis Erb, Tony Albright, Chuck Proctor, and Terry.

5/09/09 - Clarksville, TN - Terry was in the #33 Burr Motorsports Ford for the first time in a few weeks at Clarksville Speedway Saturday night.  Terry went out late in qualifying but still managed to set the third fastest time of the night with a 14.233.  Fast time went to Chuck Proctor with a lap of 14.093.  The quick six lineup was Proctor, Jason McBride, Terry, Tony Albright, Charles Zimmerman, and Brandon Chappel.  Proctor had an early spin while leading and went to the rear.  The finish was McBride, Terry, Albright, Chappel, Zimmerman, and Proctor.

The quick six finish was also the lineup of the first three rows of the feature.  The feature started single file after three straight spins in the back of the pack on the first lap.  McBride never relinquished the lead and took the checkers.  Terry ran second until four laps to go when he was unable to hold the car on the bottom exiting turn four and Proctor went by on the low side to advance from his six place starting spot to finish second.  Terry came home third ahead of Chappel and Zimmerman.  Albright dropped out early with a broken rear suspension.

4/25/09 - Clarksville, TN - The Burr Motorsports team was unable to  run the makeup feature at Clarksville due to motor problems. 

4/18/09 - Clarksville, TN - The feature at Clarksville Speedway was rained out.  Prior to that the team encountered a few problems.  First the #33 dropped a push rod in hot laps.  After replacing the push rod and rocker arm, the car had fuel pressure problems in qualifying.  Terry qualified fifth behind Jason McBride, Chuck Proctor, Brandon Chappel, and Charles Zimmerman.  Tony Albright rounded out the top six.  In the dash Terry advanced from fifth to third.  That's where he was scheduled to start in the feature.

4/04/09 - Wheel, TN - Terry and the Burr Motorsports team attended the Southern Regional Racing Series $3,000 to win event at Duck River Speedway on Saturday.  There was a strong field of 30 late models on hand.  Qualifying was done in three groups with the top three from each group being locked into the 40 lap feature event.  Terry qualified the Full Throttle sponsored #33 Ford with a time of 13.617 seconds.  That was second fastest overall time of the night.  However, the overall fast time of the night was also in the second group with Terry.  That time was a 13.609 turned by Josh Putnam from Killen, Alabama.  The result was Terry starting he feature event in fourth place.

Unfortunately, the team missed the setup for the feature and had the car too tight.  The result was an eleventh place finish.  The top five at the finish were David Gentry, Josh Putnam, Ronnie Johnson, Tony Morris, and Jay Brinkley.

3/21/09 - Clarksville, TN - The Burr Motorsports team was again at Clarksville Speedway on Saturday night for another UMP/MARS event paying $5,000 to win.  Terry English was again driving the #33 Ford.  This time Terry qualified 11th of 36 late models.  He started and finished his heat in third.  In the feature Terry began in the 11th spot.  There was a good battle going on for several cars trying to get a top ten finish.  Terry was able to make a pass under Tony Albright coming to the finish line on the last lap to get that 10th place finish.

Wendell Wallace again took home the big check.  The remainder of the top ten were Eric Turner, Jon Henry, Ryan Unzicker, Dane Dacus, Duane Chamberlain, Jeremy Payne, Chuck Proctor, and Tony Jackson.

3/20/09 - Clarksville, TN - The Burr Motorsports team returned to the track for the first time since 2007.  The occasion was a $3,000 to win UMP/MARS cosanctioned event.  Terry English from Benton, KY was behind the wheel.  It was also the first time out with this car.  Terry qualified 10th out of 38 late models.  He started on the pole of his heat and took the win.  It was an exciting win as Perry Delaney took the lead from Terry early, but Terry moved back around Delaney and took the #33 Ford back to the front for the win.  Terry next started the feature in 10th and was able to advance to an 8th place finish behind Wendal Wallace, Ryan Unzicker, Terry Phillips, Tony Jackson,Jr., Eric Turner, Ray Cook, and Tony Albright.  The next eight behind Terry were Jeremy Payne, Jon Henry, Chuck Proctor, Matt Potter, Rusty Schlenk, Carnell Parker, Steve Sheppard, Jr., and Richie Hedrick.