11/06/10- Clarksville, TN - After being idle for almost two months, the Burr Motorsports team returned to action at Clarksville Speedway for the $2,000 to win Late Model special.  There Terry qualified second to Tanner English.  In the dash Terry took the lead from the outside front row starting spot and won easily over Tony Morris, Tanner, and Clayton Miller.

In the 35 lap feature event Terry lead for almost 30 laps before running up behind the #74 of John Minon and being unable to get around him.  Terry tried to go around him on the outside, but couldn't get the necessary traction when moving out of the low groove.  Miller stayed planted firmly on the bottom and got by Terry.  Terry could not get back by Miller until he passed him just past the finish line on the last lap.  Miller took the win and Terry finished second.  Third and fourth went to Morris and Tanner.

That wraps up the 2010 season for the Burr Motorsports team.  The Burr Motorsports team and Terry English plan to team up again for the 2011 season.

9/15/10 - Clarksville, TN - Clarksville Speedway; set fast time - 12.528; second in quick six; blown engine while battling eventual winner Jason Riggs for the lead. :(

9/11/10 - Clarksville, TN - The Burr Motorsports Ford was third quick in qualifying at Clarksville Speedway with a lap of 12.858 seconds.  Fast time went to Jeff Walston at 12.704.  Chuck Proctor was second at 12.805.  Tanner English also broke the 13 second mark with a lap of 12.919.  Despite a field of 16 late models, the track ran only heats and no quick six.  Terry started on the outside of Walston in heat one.  Terry took the lead and won easily over Charles Zimmerman and Walston.

In the feature Terry started on the pole inside of Proctor.  Terry took the lead with Proctor running a close second.  Several laps in Terry's #33 slid off the bottom exiting turn four and Proctor moved alongside and took the lead.  In turn two Terry moved under Proctor and the two raced side-by-side down the back straight.  Things were tight in turns three and four and Terry almost spun but regained control and came across the infield and back onto the track in fourth place.  The race stayed green and there were no other cautions.  Terry was unable to make up lost ground and finished fourth behind Proctor, Zimmerman, and Walston.

9/04/10 - Clarksville, TN - Terry picked up another win in the Burr Motorsports #33 at Clarksville Speedway.  Terry started the night by setting fast time in qualifying with a lap of 13.077.  Others in the top three were Tanner English (13.293) and Tim Brown (13.650).  In the quick six dash Terry started on the pole and won easily over Tanner and Brown.

In the feature Terry elected to start on the inside with Tanner on the outside.  Terry took the lead down the front stretch, but Tanner got by him in turn two to take over first place.  From that point Terry was following from two to four car lengths back.  There were multiple prolonged cautions that turned out to be a bad thing for Tanner as his right rear tire had a slow leak.  This allowed Terry to get by and take the win.  Terry's #33 got faster as the feature went on, but it's not clear if Terry could have challenged Tanner for the win. 

8/21/10 - Clarksville, TN - Terry lead 19 laps of the 20 lap feature at Clarksville Speedway before Clayton Miller made a pass on the bottom off of turn two to take the lead and the win.  It looked like Terry was going to pick up win number six in the #33 Ford.  He was running with three to five car length lead until lapped traffic slowed him just enough for Miller to close the gap and then Miller made a great move on the low side.  There were no more laps to try and regain the lead.  Finishing third with another strong showing was the #72 of Bryan Singleton.

Miller had also made a similar late race pass in the dash to take that win over Terry also.  Terry was also bested in qualifying by Miller.  They qualified one and two in the field of 17 Late Models.

8/14/10 - Clarksville, TN - Rained out. :(

8/13/10 - Paducah, KY - Friday the 13th turned out not to be so scary for the Burr Motorsports team.  Terry drove the #33 Ford to the Late Model feature win at Paducah Interantional Raceway Friday night.  Terry started the heat race in 6th and finished second to Jeff Walston.  That was good enough to put him on the outside of the front row for the feature.  Dylan Thompson started on the pole with Walston third, Tanner English fourth, followed by Kevin Cole, Randy Sellars, and Jason McBride at the front of the 19 car field.  Walston immediately jumped to the lead at the start and lead the first two laps.  Terry then passed him on the outside exiting turn four to take the lead that he would never relinquish. At the finish it was Terry, McBride, and Tanner.

8/07/10 - Winchester, TN - Terry and Tanner English ventured down to Winchester Speedway Saturday night for the $1,600 to win Late Model feature.  Tanner was fast off the trailer in the 96 car as he set fast time for the night with a lap of 13.93 seconds around the quarter mile oval.  Terry was second fast in the Burr Motorsports #33 with a lap of 14.10.  This put the father and son duo on the front row of the feature as Winchester does not run heat races for the Late Models.

There were 20 cars entered in the 25 lap feature.  On the start Terry and Tanner were side-by-side for the entire first lap, but a caution came out.  On the restart Tanner was a little quicker on the gas than the rest of the field and got a good lead.  Terry fell in behind in second.  There were numerous cautions in the race that bunched the field back together.  Running behind Terry was Shannon Davis and Corey Posey.  Davis would give Terry a run for second on the restarts until they would run a few laps and then Terry would pull away by a few car lengths.  However, on one occasion Davis drove too deep into turn three and hit Terry hard and spun both of them out.  Terry got his spot back and they towed Davis off the track.

Tanner and Terry continued to run one/two until the last lap when Terry moved to the high side and pulled up beside Tanner entering turn one.  Tanner pulled back ahead slightly down the back stretch, but Terry again pulled along side Tanner exiting turn four.  They would be side-by-side at the finish line, but Tanner beat him by a fender.

8/1/10 - Clarksville, TN - Terry set fast time, won his heat, and won the feature at Clarksville Speedway.  In qualifying Terry had a lap of 14.183.  Second and third were Caleb Ashby (14.400) and Carnell Parker (14.417).  Terry went uncontested in his heat to take the victory over Parker, Josh Harris, Charles Zimmerman, Levi Ashby, Wendell Bratton, and Randy Welch.  In the feature Terry took the lead and repeatedly moved out to a comfortable lead, but numerous cautions continued to bunch the field.  At the checkers Terry had a five car length lead over Caleb Ashby.  Rounding out the top five were Parker, Zimmerman, and Dustin Butler.

7/31/10 - Clarksville, TN - Got rained out before qualifying.

7/17/10 - Clarksville, TN - Engine problems arose Saturday at Clarksville Speedway.  Terry qualified badly but was able to win his heat.  However, the engine was not running on all cylinders and Terry made a lap in the feature to get start money and pulled in.

7/10/10 - Bardstown, KY - The Burr Motorsports team headed to Bluegrass Speedway with high hopes for the $5,000 to win NASRA event, but headed home with low results.  Terry qualified 10th in a field of 29 late models.  This had him starting the first heat in fourth position.  As the cars arrived in the staging lane for the heat, track officials rewatered the track.  This had everyone questioning their race setups and tire selections.  On the first lap Terry's #33 lost traction in turn two and lost three of four spots.  The top five from each heat were transferring to the feature.  Terry was only able to get back up to sixth.

Next Terry started on the pole of the B main, again with the top five transferring to the feature.  Duane Chamberlain took the lead from his outside starting spot and went on to take the win ahead of Terry.  Based on his B main finish, Terry started the feature in 17th.  At one point in the 40 lap feature Terry had worked his way up to just outside the top ten, but he was unable to stay there and had dropped back to 15th when a caution came out with eight laps to go.  On the restart Terry had to drop low exiting turn four to avoid another car and ran over the cone.  Track officials penalized Terry two spots and Terry decided to just take it to the pits.

7/3/10 - Clarksville, TN - Terry picked up another feature win at Clarksville Speedway.  He set fast time with a lap of 13.547.  The only other car under 14 seconds was Caleb Ashby with a lap of 13.951.  In his heat Terry started on the inside of Levi Ashby.  The top groove was much preferred at this point and Ashby took the lead and kept it until the last lap when Terry was able to pull ahead off of turn four and take a very close win.

In the feature Terry again started on the inside but was able to beat Caleb Ashby to turn one and take a lead he would never relinquish.  Terry had a straightaway lead until a caution came out.  After that Terry again gradually pulled away and took the win.

7/1/10 - Atwood, TN - There were 33 late models at Clayhill Motorsports Park on Thursday for the UMP Summer Nationals event.  Terry qualified the #33 Full Throttle Race Parts and Equipment and Tommy's Auto Machine Ford second in his group.  Starting on the outside of the front row for the heat the odds of earning a starting position in the feature looked good.  Terry was able to get the lead early on and lead for several laps.  However, the car started sliding up the banking in the corners and faded back to a fifth place finish, one spot short of transferring to the feature.

The next opportunity to make the feature was the B main.  Terry started fourth and needed to get to second to transfer.  Once again he came up one spot short.  Terry did receive the track provisional and started in the back of field for the 40 lap, $5,000 to win, feature event.  Starting in the back put Terry a half a lap down from the beginning.  The car, however was working good and Terry was gradually picking off cars in front of him.  Jason Feger had taken the lead by running the very top of the track and had opened up a big lead on the field.  He passed Terry on the high side, but Terry passed him back running the bottom.  Billy Moyer subsequently took the lead from Feger and passed Terry as Terry's right rear tire was going down.  Terry then was forced to take it to the infield.  The car appeared to be running as fast as anyone, except for Moyer and Terry had made it up to 15th before the tire went down.  He probably could have advanced further had there been any cautions in the race.

6/26/10 - Clarksville, TN - Terry qualified the Burr Motorsports Ford second in his group behind the fast time of Rodney Melvin.  Terry then finished second to Melvin in his heat to secure a fifth place starting position in the 40 lap, $10,000 to win, UMP Summer Nationals feature event.  In the early laps of the feature Terry ran on the bottom in fifth place.  Seeking to find a better grip on the track, Terry moved to the high side.  This didn't help as the car still didn't have the bite expected and meanwhile, Ryan Unzinger moved underneath Terry to take away the top five spot.  Terry went back to the bottom and soon moved by Jeff Walston to regain fifth place. 

Terry was running uncontested in fifth place until a caution just past the halfway point.  On the restart the car was not as good.  Terry was soon passed by Dennis Erb, Jr. and later Don O'Neal.  And towards the end Billy Moyer, Jr. went by to put Terry back to eight where he finished.

6/20/10 - Clarksville, TN - Terry and Tanner English celebrated Father's Day by finishing first and second at Clarksville Speedway on Sunday night.  Terry started the night out right by setting fast time with a lap of 12.457.  Terry then won the dash easily over Tanner, John Minnon, Carnell Parker, Caleb Ashby, and Levi Ashby.  In the feature Terry was pursued closely by Tanner but was able to take the win.

6/19/10 - Bardstown, KY - Terry qualified third fast overall for the $3,000 to win event at Bluegrass Speedway on Saturday.  However, the event utilized inversions for the the heats and Terry finished third in his heat and 12th in the feature.

6/12/10 - Clarksville, TN - Terry and the Burr Motorsports team, along with Tanner English, were headed to Richmond, KY for a $5,000 to win event on Saturday.  Terry and Tanner arrived in Richmond just as the races were cancelled.  Luckily, the Burr Motorsports team had gotten only about a third of the way there.  Everyone decided to head to Clarksville Speedway.  The decision turned out to be a good one for the English family.

Terry had the dreaded last qualifying slot among the 17 late models on hand.  However, he was able to overcome the bad draw and was the only driver to turn a lap in under 14 seconds.  Starting on the pole, Terry cruised to an easy victory in the dash over the 3rd starting Tanner who had gotten by the 2nd starting Jeff Walston.

The first six positions in the feature lineup were Terry, Tanner, Walston, Chris Shelton, Steven Ashby, and Dustin Butler.  At the drop of the green Terry and Tanner raced side-by-side down the front straight into turn one.  They remained that way for much of the feature event.  Terry was working the low groove with Tanner on the high side.  Tanner would usually have a slight edge as they passed the flag stand.  It was a very exciting race for the fans and the father and son duo raced hard for the win.  A caution came out midway through the 20 lap race and Tanner would have the lead on the single file restart.  Terry, however, continued to stick the nose of the #33 underneath Tanner's #96T.  Tanner proved too fast for Terry to pass on this night and Terry finished second.  Some distance behind the top two, Walston, Butler, Ashby, and Shelton completed the top six in the feature.

6/05/10 - Clarksville, TN - Terry and the team brought the Burr Motorsports Ford to Clarksville Speedway for the second time this year with the intent once again of putting and end to the Jeff Walston winning streak.  This time the team was successful!  Terry set fast time, won the dash, and won the feature event.  Walston challenged for the lead in the dash, but in the feature Terry was able to pull away and score the first win of the season.

6/04/10 - Paducah, KY - A very strong field of 39 late models, including 10 former UMP national champions, was on hand at Paducah International Raceway for the $5,000 to win co-sanctioned UMP and Northern Allstars Late Model Series event.  Terry turned the fourth fastest time of the night in qualifying, but the event used group qualifying.  terry was credited with third in his group.

Terry started his heat on the inside of row two.  The top was the place to be and Terry fell into fourth at the start and finished fourth.  Only the top three advanced to the feature, so Terry had to run a consi.  In the second consi Terry started on the pole and moved out to a big lead and took the win uncontested.  This resulted in him starting 14th in the feature.

The team experimented with the chassis setup in the feature, but it didn't pay off.  Early on Terry advanced the #33 Ford to 10th or 11th, but faded back to a 14th place finish at the end.

5/30/10 - Wheel, TN - Despite a slight rain at Duck River Speedway on Sunday, 40 late models were on hand for the $3,000 to win Southern Regional Racing Series event.  Terry was one of three cars to qualify under the the 13 second mark.  The others were Ronnie Johnson and Anthony Burroughs.  The top two qualifiers from each of four groups advanced to the feature.  The rest of the field ran heats to see who would advance. 

Terry started third in the 40 lap feature.  Early on he got caught behind Burroughs who was falling back from his outside front row starting position.  This had Terry running fifth behind Johnson, David Gentry, Dustin Neat, and Burroughs.  Terry moved underneath Burroughs and the two ran side-by-side for many laps before Terry was able to complete the pass.  Terry then pulled away and ran down Neat and made a pass for third.  A caution came out with eight laps to go and bunched up the field.  It looked like Terry might have a chance, but Johnson and Gentry were too quick.  Terry finished third.  The top ten were Johnson, Gentry, Terry, Neat, Burroughs, Tony Morris, Josh Putnam, Corey Posey, Jeff Watson, and Kelley Hanvey.

5/29/10 - Clarksville, TN - The team headed to Clarksville Speedway Saturday night with the intent to put an end to Jeff Walston's 2010 dominance at the quarter mile clay oval.  It didn't happen this week, but maybe next time.  Terry qualified fourth and started outside front row in the second heat.  Clayton Miller took the lead at the start with Terry running a close second.  Midway through the heat Terry got a strong run off of turn two and passed Miller going down the back straight and went on to take the win.  Walston set fast time and started inside front row in heat one and took the win.  As a result, Walston and Terry started on the front row of the feature.  Walston made it to turn one before Terry and took the lead.  Walston and Terry separated from the pack and raced for the lead.  Walston opened up a little distance, but Terry moved up the track and closed on Walston.  However, before Terry could attempt a pass Walston moved up to put an end to any chance for a win.

5/22/10 - Bardstown, KY - The Burr Motorsports team finally got to race for the first time in the 2010 season.  Terry qualified 2nd overall at Bluegrass Speedway Saturday night with a time of 15.144.  Fast time went to D. J. Wells at 15.060.  Rounding out the quick six were Aaron Hatton (15.337), Dustin Neat (15.374), Jeff Watson (15.446), and Tim Tungate (15.547).  The field was inverted for the dash relegating Terry to a fifth place starting position.  Terry quickly moved up to third but was unable to advance further, finishing behind Tungate and Watson. 

The first three rows of the feature lineup consisted of Tungate, Watson, Terry, Neat, Wells, and Hatton.  Watson jumped to the lead at the start, followed by Tungate, Neat, Terry, and Hatton. Tungate would slip in turn two on lap 2, allowing Neat and Terry to scoot past, moving Tungate back to fourth.  From that point on there was no change in the top three.  Terry struggled a bit in turn two for most of the race.  He could make up time elsewhere on the track but would loose it in turn two.  It appeared a harder tire choice might have made a difference.

5/15/10, Bardstown, KY - After many weeks of various circumstances preventing the team from racing, Terry and the team made the haul to Bluegrass Speedway on Saturday.  Unfortunately, the rains came after a couple of hot laps and the evening was over.  The team will return to Bardstown again on 5/22/10.

3/26/10, Springfield, TN - Motor problems continue to delay the start of the season for the #33 Ford.  That and other events will keep the team sidelined until April 17.

3/13/10, Springfield, TN - The Burr Motorsports Ford was not yet ready and the team had to forgo the two day show at Clarksville this weekend.

2/28/10, Springfield, TN - The Burr Motorsports team is pleased to have Terry English once again behind the wheel of the #33 Ford for the 2010 season.  The team hopes to be ready for the March 12 and 13 events at Clarksville Speedway.