2/26/12 - Burr Motorsports is making the final preparations for the 2012 racing season.  Terry and the team plan to open the season at Clarksville Speedway on March 2nd and 3rd for the $3,000 and $5,000 to win MARS events.

11/5/11 - Terry takes $2,000 win at Clarksville.  After qualifying 5th and finishing 4th in the dash, Terry makes a pass at the flag stand at the checkers to win a hard fought battle to wrap up the season.  Terry was involved in a multiple car crash on the second attempt to start the feature.  The crash bent and ripped off sheet metal from one end of the car to the other.  The front end was also towed out significantly, but Terry was able to continue.  Terry followed Tim Brown for several laps before passing him to take over third.  Terry then chased Randle Sweeney and Jason Riggs until Sweeney slid up the track in turn four and was passed by Riggs and Terry and Sweeney spun in turn one with Brown coming to rest on top of Sweeney's #182.  Apparently another collision on the other end of the track occurred at the same time.  The race was restarted with Sweeney back in the lead with four laps to go.  Terry was held up by Riggs for a couple of laps before Terry took second.  With two to go Terry was about five car lengths behind.  With one to go Terry had closed to the rear bumper of Sweeney.  Sweeney was still in the lead as he exited turn four on the final lap, but Terry made a strong run off the bottom and beat Sweeney at the finish line by a finder.  It was a very exciting finish to a good season.

10/22/11 - The Burr Motorsports team picks up win number 12 on the year.  Terry started the night at Clarksville by setting the second fast time (12.863) behind Caleb Ashby (12.763).  Next Terry jumps to the lead over Ashby in the dash and pulls out to a comfortable straightaway win over Ashby, Jeff Walston, Carnell Parker, Randle Sweeney, and Steven Ashby.  In the feature Terry again took the lead at the start and was never challenged in taking the win over Walston, Ashby, and Parker.  There were 17 late models competing.

10/15/11 - Terry set fast time, won the dash, and won the feature at Clarksville.  Terry picked up his 12th pole of the year in the #33 Ford with a time of 12.679.  Others in the top six were Jeff Walston (12.737), Carnell Parker (12.767), Randle Sweeney (12.885), Caleb Ashby (12.888), and Chuck Proctor (12.912).  Finishing behind Terry in the dash were Parker, Ashby, Walston, and Proctor.  Sweeney did not start the dash.  The top five in the feature were Terry, Ashby, Proctor, Parker, and Walston.  This was the 11th feature win of the year for the Burr Motorsports team.

10/8/11 - Terry qualified third, finished second in the dash, and finished second in the feature after getting passed on the last lap by Caleb Ashby.

10/1/11 - Terry Wins $3,000 Super Series Race at Duck River - Terry set overall fast time at Duck River Speedway with a lap of 12.932.  Second fast was a lap of 13.096 by Chuck Proctor.  Third overall went to Tanner English with a lap of 13.166.  There were 36 late models at the final Super Series event of the year.  Many top drivers were on hand for the event including Josh Putnam, Anthony Burroughs, Brandon Kinzer, Tim Busha, Dane Dacus, David Gentry, Daniel Miller, Tony Morris, and Todd Morrow.

Terry started the 40 lap feature on the inside of the front row and led the entire way to pick up the win.  It was far from easy however, as Terry fought off challenges first from Proctor and then from Miller and Morrow.  Terry ran the low groove most of the way, but moved to the high groove in turns three and four while staying low in turns one and two.  This allowed Terry to pick up speed get a little breathing room before Morrow made one last run at the lead in the last couple of laps.  Miller had been closing in on the top of the track before Terry moved up and took advantage of the improving high line.

In addition to picking up the $3,000 win, Terry also advanced from fifth to second in the final Super Series points.  Miller took the series points championship.

9/24/11 - The top six in qualifying at Clarksville Speedway were Caleb Ashby (12.157), Randle Sweeney (12.174), Terry (12.264), Jeff Walston (12.290), Rusty Schlenk (12.319), and Brandon Thirlby (12.359).  Terry dropped out of the dash on lap one with a rocker arm problem.  Repairs were made and Terry started sixth in the feature.  Terry quickly moved up to third and began battling Thirlby for second.  Terry got up beside Thirlby going down the back stretch once, but couldn't complete the pass.  A few laps later Terry again made a move to the low side coming off turn two and this time completed the pass to take over second with a few laps left.  It looked like he might have something for Ashby, but the motor developed a miss and Terry lost positions to Thirlby and Schlenk.  This gave Terry a fourth place finish.  At this point it looks like the miss may have only been a plug wire.

9/11/11 - Racing at Clarksville Speedway was washed out Saturday night.  Despite rain delays on Sunday, officials got the program in, albeit without heat races.  Terry set fast time and started on the pole in the feature.  He was leading midway through the race when the motor broke.

9/3/11 - Terry had the fourth fastest time out of 42 late models at the Super Series event at Winchester Speedway.  Unfortunately, Terry's time was only the third fastest in his own group.  Terry started ninth in the feature and finished 13th on a very slick track that saw spec motors with the 100 lb. weight break and 12" spoiler advantage dominate the top 12 finishing positions.

8/27/11 - Terry missed fast time by two thousandths of a second.  Ray McElhiney had fast time at 12.015.  Terry had 12.017.  This difference dropped him from the pole to fourth in the feature lineup.  Third overall fast time went to Josh Putnam with a lap of 12.281.  McElhiney took the lead at the start with Terry running fourth behind Putnam and Anthony Burroughs.  On a couple of occasions Terry got up beside Burroughs but couldn't make the pass.  Then on lap fifteen the rear end in the #33 broke ending Terry's night.  Terry was officially credited with a 19th place finish.

8/13/11 - Terry and the Burr Motorsports team picked up win number nine on the season at Clarksville Speedway.  Terry set fast time, won the dash, and won the feature.  Terry's fast time was a 12.550.  Also timing under 13 seconds were Tanner English (12.796), Caleb Ashby (12.871), Carnell Parker (12.899), Charles Zimmerman (12.960), and Steven Ashby (12.964).  Terry took the feature win over Zimmerman and Caleb Ashby.  There were 14 late models on hand.

8/06/11 - The Burr Motorsports team went to Bardstown, KY for the $5,000 to win MDRL race at Bluegrass Speedway.  Terry qualified second in his group behind Dustin Neat.  He would also finish second to Neat in his heat.  In the feature Terry started fifth.  On lap one an incident with Tim Tungate cost Terry several positions.  It took Terry several laps to regain those lost positions.  Terry eventually made it up to fourth where he finished.

STARS Midwest Dirt Racing League (27 entries)
Overall Top Qualifier (Group Time Trials)- Tim Tungate 15.369
1st Heat (top 5 transfer)- Tim Tungate, Brad Neat, Eric Wells, Mike Jewell, Rohn Moon, Greg Johnson, Jason Hinkle, Danny Hatcher, Zak Blackwood
2nd Heat (top 5 transfer)- Jason Jameson, Cody Mahoney, Tanner English, Victor Lee, Michael Chilton, Jeff Watson, Jason Smith, Timmy Yeager, Scotty Earl
3rd Heat (top 5 transfer)- Dustin Neat, Terry English, Justin Rattliff, Tim Dohm, Steve Barnett, Tim Rivers, Dustin Linville, Lee Devasier, Mick Sansom
B-Main (top 5 transfer)- Greg Johnson, Tim Rivers, Jeff Watson, Dustin Linville, Lee Devasier, Timmy Yeager, Jason Smith, Zak Blackwood, Danny Hatcher, Jason Hinkle, Scotty Earl, Mick Sansom
Provisionals- Mick Sansom (series), Jason Smith (series), Jason Hinkle (track)
13th Annual Bluegrass 50- Brad Neat, Dustin Neat, Jason Jameson, Terry English, Justin Rattliff, Tim Dohm, Victor Lee, Rohn Moon, Mike Jewell, Tanner English, Tim Rivers, Dustin Linville, Jeff Watson, Lee Devasier, Mick Sansom, Cody Mahoney, Greg Johnson, Steve Barnett, Eric Wells, Jason Smith, Michael Chilton, Tim Tungate, Jason Hinkle


7/30/11 - After picking up another win at Paducah on Friday in his #96, Terry was at Clarksville on Saturday in the #33 looking to continue his winning streak.  But, it was not to be.  The late model qualifying was briefly interrupted by a very light shower just before Terry and three other cars went on the track.  It appeared that may have been a factor in the results.  The top six in qualifying were Caleb Ashby, Charles Zimmerman, Terry, Jeff Walston, Jason McBride, and John Minon, Jr.

Terry started third in the dash but the setup wasn't working and he faded to fifth with Ashby taking the win.  It was much the same in the feature as Terry started fifth, got caught behind an ill handling Zimmerman and lost much track position.  The race went caution free until four laps to go.  On the last lap Terry raced Minon to the flag and took fourth place, but a caution appeared after the white flag was out and Terry was scored as finishing fifth as they revert back to the white flag lap.

7/23/11 - Terry picked up his second win of the weekend at Clarksville Speedway Saturday night in the Burr Motorsports #33.  On Friday Terry took the win at Paducah in his #96.  At Clarksville Terry set fast time (12.599), won the dash, and won the feature.  This was Terry's seventh regular show win in a row at Clarksville and eighth overall.  Finishing behind Terry was Dillon White and Carnell Parker.

7/16/11 - Terry finished third in the $3,000 to win unsanctioned Danny Sandrell Memorial at Tennessee National Raceway.  Terry began the night by setting fast time in his group and second fast time overall of 27 late models.  This put Terry on the outside of the front row for the start of the 40 lap feature.  Terry took the lead over Anthony Burroughs at the start, but Burroughs would pull along side Terry in the corners and Terry would pull back ahead down the straights.  This went on for several laps until Burroughs finally got a good bite off of turn four and used the low groove to take the lead.  Terry the ran second for the mid-portion of the race until eventual winner Daniel Miller moved by and dropped Terry to third.  Winner Miller was taking advantage of the 12" spoiler and 100 lb. weight break spec engine rule while advancing from his 8th place starting position.

7/09/11 - Terry had the #33 in the hunt for the the $10,000 winner's share of the 40 lap Summer Nationals race at Clarksville Speedway.  Terry set overall fast time among 44 late models.  He then proceeded to win his heat over Jack Sullivan and Dennis Erb, Jr.  In the redraw among heat winners Terry drew outside front row.  Summer Nationals point leader Shannon Babb would start on the pole with Wendell Wallace starting third and Kent Robinson starting fourth.  Babb took the early lead and Wallace would soon move by Terry for second.  Terry and Robinson ran side-by-side for third on laps three and four until the only caution flag.  On the restart Terry was third and Robinson was fourth.  That's the way the top four would finish with Jack Sullivan fifth.

7/02/11 - Next up for Terry and the #33 team was a National All Star Racing Association event at  Bluegrass Speedway.  There, Terry set fast time among 31 cars at the $3,000 to win program.  Terry then won the first heat followed in the top five by Steve Barnett, Kent Robinson, Johnny Wheeler, and Jim Price.  The redraw among heat winners for starting position was not kind and Terry started third.  That would also be his finish position.  Ahead of Terry were Mike Jewell and Victor Lee.

6/30/11 - The Burr Motorsports team traveled to Clayhill Motorsports Park for a UMP Summer Nationals event on Thursday.  Terry hit the wall hard in hot laps and received damage to the rear suspension.  The team had to quickly make repairs before Terry quailfied with the first group.  Terry qualified seventh in his group.  Terry needed to finish fourth in the heat to advance to the feature and did so.  Terry started 13th in the feature and finished 11th.

6/25/11 - Jeff Walston set fast time at Clarksville Speedway followed by Chuck Proctor.  Terry qualified third.  Walston and Terry started on the front row of the first heat.  Terry got the win and that put him on the pole for the feature.  Terry used that to his advantage and picked up win number seven, and win number six in a row, at Clarksville.

6/19/11 - Due to rainy weather, Clarksville Speedway only ran qualifying and features on Sunday night.  Terry set fast time and picked up his fifth consecutive feature win at Clarksville in the Burr Motorsports #33.

6/04/11 - Terry qualified the #33 Ford third fast overall and second fast in his group at the $3,000 to win Super Series race at Thunderhill Raceway on Saturday.  This sent Terry straight to  the 40 lap feature where he started from the inside of the third row.  Josh Putnam started on the pole alongside Ray McElhiney.  In the second row was Ben Davis and Tony Morris.  Daniel Miller started outside of Terry in row three.

Miller moved ahead of Terry on the start with Terry running sixth in the 24 car field.  A caution came out in the first few laps.  At that point the front running Putnam coasted to the pits with a broken transmission.  On the restart Terry was running fifth and within a few laps had passed Davis to take over the fourth spot.  Terry then ran down Miller and the two battled for many laps before Terry moved by to assume third place.  Terry then focused on the second running Morris.  Several laps later Terry made the pass for second.  At this point Terry, Morris, and Miller had all caught up to the leader McElhiney.  It appeared Terry would be making the pass for the win when a caution came out for the spinning Morris.  During the caution Terry pulled to the pits with a cut right front tire.  The tire was changed and Terry rejoined the tail of the field.  On the restart it was green, white, checkers and Terry only had time to pass Morris and one other car.  Terry would finish 13th.  A tough loss to take when a win seemed highly likely.  Miller passed McElhiney on the last lap to get his third win of the five Super Series events to date.

Unofficial top ten in points after Thunderhill:

Daniel Miller  472
Corey Posey  426
Tony Morris  420
Terry English  418
Mark Fields  406
Tanner English  382
Scott Cook  368
Mark Haddon  356
David Brannon  330
Tyler Landers  324


5/29/11 - Duck River Speedway hosted a $4,000 to win Super Series race Sunday night.  Thirty-two late models were in attendance.  The top two from each of four qualifying groups advanced straight to the 40 lap feature event.  Terry was second fast in his group.  Others advancing were overall fast qualifier Ray Cook, Brad Neat, Tanner English, Dean Carpenter, Anthony Burroughs, Mark Fields, and Riley Hickman.  Terry started sixth in the feature and moved up to third fairly quickly.  Terry then moved in behind Burroughs.  The two would battle the enter second half of the race for the second position.  Terry moved under and along side Burroughs, but a lapped car blocked Terry's path and he had to lift and fall back behind Burroughs.  Burroughs did a great job of keeping to the low groove after that and Terry could not make the pass.  The two had closed some distance on the leader Cook and it would have been interesting to see if Terry could have caught him if he could have gotten by the 121 of Burroughs.

5/28/11 - There were 26 late models on hand for the $3,000 to win Super Series race at Winchester Speedway Saturday night.  Terry had the fastest qualifying time in the third group.  This gave him the third starting spot in the feature.  Terry ran strong but came up one spot short as he finished second to Daniel Miller and ahead of Corey Posey in the feature.  Terry and the team will head to Duck River Speedway Sunday night for the $4,000 to win Super Series event.

5/21/11 - At Clarksville Speedway Terry set fast time, won the dash, and won the feature by a full straight away.  Finishing behind Terry were Chuck Proctor, Jeff Walston, Chris Shelton, and Josh Harris.  There were 20 late models on hand for the event.

5/15/11 - Due to a couple of light rain showers, officials at Clarksville Speedway eliminated qualifying Sunday night.  Hear races were aligned based on a pill draw.  Terry started fourth in the third heat behind Brian Singleton, Levi Ashby, and Caleb Ashby.  Terry was fast from the start and had taken the lead by the time he exited turn two on the first lap on his way to the heat win.  In the feature Terry started third behind Tim Brown and Tanner English.  Terry ran third for several laps before passing Brown for second.  Terry then moved in behind son Tanner.  The two raced for several laps before Terry took the lead and headed to win number four on the year.

5/7/11 - Terry picked up win number three at Clarksville Speedway.  Terry started on the pole for the feature after winning his heat race over Jeff Walston.  Terry took the lead at the start but was racing side-by-side with Charles Zimmerman in the early going.  Zimmerman took the lead at one point but Terry was able to race back by him a few laps later.  Tim Brown eventually took second from Zimmerman to finish second.  The motor was running on seven cylinders during the feature.  A broken rocker arm was found after the race.  Walston set fast time with a very fast lap of 12.276.  Brown was second fast with a time of 12.413.  Terry was third with a 12.585.

4/23/11 - The Burr Motorsports team went to Summertown, TN for the $3,000 to win Southern Regional Racing Series event on Saturday.  Terry qualified fourth in his group.  This put him straight to the feature where he would start 8th.  Terry got by a couple of competitors and a couple of more failed to complete the 40 lap event, giving Terry a fourth place finish behind Chuck Proctor, Tanner English, and Mark Fields.

4/16/11 - Terry turned an extremely fast lap of 12.177 at Clarksville Speedway to set fast time Saturday night.  Terry then started the dash on the pole inside of Jeff Walston.  Walston took the lead at the start and lead the whole way with Terry finishing second.  In the feature it was a different story with Terry taking the lead at the start and leading every lap.  Tanner English started fourth and worked his way up to finish second.

4/09/11 - The second event of the Super Series was at Winchester Speedway.  There Terry set overall fast time among 39 late models.  This put Terry on the pole for the $3,000 to win event.  It took quite a while to get the event underway as it took four tries to complete a lap.  Terry took the lead on each and was leading on lap four when the car got loose and spun out in turn two.  Terry had to restart in the rear.  On the restart another car spun out on the back stretch and collected Terry in the process.  Terry took the car to the pits and was officially credited with a 17th place finish.

4/08/11 - There were 40 late models at Duck River Speedway for the first event of the new Super Series paying $3,000 to win.  Terry qualified second overall and first in his group.  Fast time and a new track record went to Bub McCool of Vicksburg, Mississippi.  He broke the existing track record that had been held by Terry.  This put Terry on the front row in the feature outside of McCool.  McCool took the lead with Terry second.  Chris Wall subsequently went around Terry to take second.  Terry then ran third for most of the event before fading somewhat towards the end.  At the finish Terry was in sixth place.  Top six: McCool, Wall, Tim Busha, Dane Dacus, Tony Morris and Terry.

4/02/11 - Terry set fast time and easily won the dash at Clarksville Speedway.  Things didn't go quite as well in the feature.  Terry started on  the pole and took the early lead.  He appeared to be well on his way to another feature win until Carnell Parker closed in midway through the race and dove underneath Terry and briefly took the lead entering turn three.  Terry dove back underneath Parker in turn four to retake the lead.  Parker continued to chase Terry until they approached the flag stand with one lap to go.  Parker took the lead and Terry finished a very close second.

4/01/11 - The Burr Motorsports #33 made an appearance at Paducah International Raceway on Friday night.  Terry started third in his heat and took the win over Tim Brown, Tanner English, Brandon Thrilby, Jason McBride, Kevin Cole, and Josh Harris.  Terry started on the front row of the feature on an extremely rough racing surface.  The team had the car too tight in the feature and Terry dropped back a few positions before dropping out to save the car.  Craig Smith took the win over ninth starting Tanner English.

3/27/11 - The SRRS race was rained out on Saturday night, but Clarksville Speedway ran a regular show on Sunday.  After running up front with a big lead and blowing a motor last week, Terry and the Burr Motorsports team took home the win on Sunday.  Terry qualified third best overall and started the dash in third behind Brandon Thirlby and Jeff Walston.  Terry managed to move past Thirlby for second, but trailed Walston at the checkers.  In the feature Terry started outside of Walston on the front row.  It looked like Terry might beat Walston into turn one for the lead at the start, but Walston held on to the first place spot on lap one.  Walston then pulled out to a three car lenght lead for several laps before Terry closed in on him to challenge for the lead.  Terry tried him on the inside for a couple of laps before moving to the top and making the pass on the outside at the halfway point in the 20 lap feature.  After that Terry pulled away to a full straight away lead over second finishing Walston.  Behind them were Thirlby, Carnell Parker, Caleb Ashby and Tanner English rounding out the top six.

3/19/11 - Terry qualified second out of 18 late models at Clarksville Speedway Saturday night.  Chuck Proctor set fast time with a lap of 12.618 seconds.  Terry's fast lap was 12.642.  Others in the 12 second range were Jeff Walston - 12.724, Jason McBride - 12.724, Steven Ashby - 12.984.  Proctor took the lead in the dash and led until he got sideways exiting turn four midway through the race.  Terry took advantage of the situation and made the pass for the lead.  Terry then went unchallenged for the win in the dash.

In the feature Terry took the lead at the start and, despite several caution flags, pulled out to a big advantage.  With four laps to go Terry had almost a straight away advantage when the crankshaft broke.  Proctor then took the win over Tanner English and Walston.

3/12/11 - Terry had the new Barry Wright Race Cars, Frank O'fria Race Engines, #33 Ford rocking on Saturday at Clarksville Speedway.  Terry was the only one of the field of 52 late models to qualify under the 13 second mark.  This put Terry on the pole for the first heat beside Dennis Erb.  Erb got the jump at the start and Terry gave chase, but was unable to get by Erb.  Terry finished second.  This put him 5th in the starting field for the $5,000 to win feature event. 

Early in the feature Terry moved by Jeff Walston and Brad Looney to take over the third spot.  Terry ran third for much of the race before Wendell Wallace made a charge to the front of the field where he battled Erb for the lead.  After that Terry closed on the third running Ronnie Johnson.  From that point to the finish Johnson, Terry, and Ryan Unzicker battled for the third spot.  At the end it was Erb, Wallace, Johnson, Terry, and Unzicker rounding out the top five.

3/11/11 - Terry and the team took an unfamiliar chassis to Clarksville for the $3,000 to win MARS/UMP event on Friday night.  That unfamiliarity with the Barry Wright Race Cars chassis coupled with a malfunctioning shock resulted in disappointing results. 

There was a terrific turnout for the first of two nights of racing at Clarksville Speedway.  There were 50 late models present along with 28 UMP open wheels.  There was not only a large quantity of cars, but a high quality of cars also.  Terry qualified seventh in his group and finished seventh in his heat.  The finishing order of the heat was Jack Sullivan, Jeremy Payne, Terry Phillips, Dennis Erb, Wendell Wallace, Carnell Parker, Terry, Jason Riggs, Mike Hammerle, Brandon Shepard, Jason McBride, and Brandon Hogenson.

Terry then started sixth in the consi, but was only able to advance to fourth in the race that transferred two to the feature.  The ream will return on Saturday and hope fo7r better results.

3/06/11- Terry English and Burr Motorsports plan to be at Clarksville Speedway for the $3,000 and $5,000 to win shows on Friday and Saturday March 11 and 12.